AGOFF Poland is the Polish genealogy research center for Arbeitsgemeinschaft Ostdeutscher Familienforscher, an East German Genealogy Society with research centers throughout Eastern Europe.

“A part of the former Kingdom of Poland, which belonged to the Prussian administration between 1793 and 1807, was proclaimed Prussia by the Vienna Congress as “Grand Duchy Posen” In 1920, the provinces of Poznań – with the exception of Schneidemühl and the network of nets, the counties of Schwerin (Warthe) and Meseritz, as well as parts of the district of Bomst and Fraustadt, belonged to the Province of Grenzmark Posen-Westpreußen.
In 1939, the “Reichsgau Posen” (later “Reichsgau Wartheland”) was formed from the part of Poland, which had been assigned to Poland, and some circles of congress poles, but without the circle of Bromberg and the seat of the Reichsgau of Gdansk-West Prussia. Since 1945, the Poznań country has been part of Poland again.”


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