AGOFF Pomerania is the Pomerania genealogy research center for Arbeitsgemeinschaft Ostdeutscher Familienforscher, an East German Genealogy Society with research centers throughout Eastern Europe.

“The Prussian province of Pomerania was expanded in 1938 to the north of the nets (Deutsch Krone, Flatow, Schlochau, Schneidemühl, Netzkreis), which belonged to Posen-West Prussia since 1922, and the Neumärkischen circles Arnswalde and Friedeberg. The part of Pomerania, located east of the Oder, including Stettins and its western surroundings, came to Poland in 1945; The remaining part (Vorpommern) was added to the state of Mecklenburg within the German Democratic Republic and belonged from 1952 to 1990 to the districts Rostock and Neubrandenburg. Since 1990 Vorpommern is part of the state Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.”


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