AGOFF Sensburg is a Sensburg genealogy research center for Arbeitsgemeinschaft Ostdeutscher Familienforscher, an East German Genealogy Society with research centers throughout Eastern Europe. Sensburg is currently in Poland but was part of East Prussia. This group is also part of the AGOFF East and West Prussia research center.

The district of Sensburg ( Polish: Mrągowo ) was a Prussian district in East Prussia, which existed between 1818 and 1945 …In the 18th century, Sensburg became a garrison town. In the Seven Years’ War and in 1805 and 1807 and 1812 the inhabitants suffered from hostile crews. The economic growth continued after the expansion of the country roads and after the connection to the railway network. Sensburg became a railway junction, when the routes to Rastenburg in 1897, to Bischofsburg and Johannisburg in 1898 and 1911 to Arys were finished. During the First World War, Sensburg was less affected by destruction than the villages of the county. Founded in 1915 in the Arnsberg district of the Arnsberg region, the War Help Association provided valuable assistance during reconstruction. In recent decades, several industrial enterprises, particularly sawmills, brickworks, cement, stonewood and machinery factories, and sugar factories, have also settled in Sensburg.”

“In 1939 the city had 8,757 mostly ev. Inhabitants. In January 1945 numerous treks were taken from the circle because of the late escape and the blocked roads through refugees from neighboring Russia, killing and abducting numerous inhabitants. Sensburg was occupied by the Russians on 29 January and destroyed in 45 per cent. On January 1, 1945, the district of Sensburg encompassed the cities of Nikolaiken, Sensburg. The county included 121 rural communities in 14 parishes. The area was 1231.5 km². 54.7%, forestry 25.8%, water 12.5%, other usable area 7%. Agriculture, crafts, commerce and transport have developed rapidly. In 1939 the county of Sensburg already had 53443 inhabitants.”

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