AKFF, Stolper Heimatkreise eV,  is a genealogy society for Stolp family history research in Germany.

They have online workgroups, archive listings, databases, links, membership options and more.

“In Stolper Heimatkreise e. V., the work group “Heimat- und Familienforschung Stolpersland” and friends especially deals with the family and personal history in the former Stolper city and county.”

“Documents on this are collected and archived, especially in the Stolper Heimatstube Bonn-Auerberg.”

“The working group is at the same time the Pommerschen Greif eV (association for the local and family history of Pomerania).”

“In various projects, the workgroup collects and evaluates relevant documents for family history, eg church books, tax lists, etc.”

“The evaluations and results of our projects, which are made available by the participants, are brought together in a central database (Globalindex), which supports the helpers in the working group in their information activities. Most of the data sets have been accessible online since 8 April 2015 .”


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