Alabama Probate Records, 1809-1985 is a free collection at FamilySearch of online Alabama Probate Records in a browsable collection with more than 300,000 images. This collection includes wills, administrations, guardianships, inventories, bond, and other probate records.


“This collection covers probate records created 1809-1985, but the content and time period of the records will vary by county.”


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What Can I Learn from Alabama Probate Records?

Probate records may include:

  • Name of testator or deceased
  • Event year
  • Event place
  • Names of heirs such as spouse, children, and other relatives or friends
  • The date of death

“Probate records are used to legally dispose of a person’s estate after his or her death. The probate process transfers the legal responsibility for payment of taxes, care and custody of dependent family members, liquidation of debts, and transfer of property title. The transfer is to an executor or executrix if the deceased had made a will, to an administrator or administratrix if the deceased had not made a will, or to a guardian or conservator if the deceased had heirs under the age of twenty-one or if heirs were incompetent due to disease or disability.”



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