This is a guide to Alaska History and Alaska Histories. Alaska became a state on 3 January 1959 and was a territory previous to becoming a state. There are many free Alaska histories and related historical material for Alaska on the internet.





Alaska Histories

Alaska – A Look Back at Alaska, a timeline, at HathiTrust

Alaska – The Works of Hubert Howe Bancroft, Volume XXXIII, History of Alaska, 1730-1885, published 1886, at Google Books

Alaska – An Abridged History of Alaska by John W. Brown, 1909, at Google Books

Alaska – History of Alaska, by Henry W. Clark, 1930, at HathiTrust

Alaska – Alaska, A history of its administration, exploitation, and industrial development during its first half century under the rule of the United States by Jeannette Paddock Nichols, Ph.D, 1963, at HathiTrust

Alaska – A history of the wrongs of Alaska, by the Alaska Historical Society, 1875, at HathiTrust

Alaska – Alaska: Its History and Resources, Gold Fields, Routes, and Scenery by Miner Bruce, 1899, at Google Books

Alaska – Alaska: Its History, Climate, and Natural Resources by Hon. A.P. Swineford, 1898, at Google Books

Alaska – Alaska, Volume II, History, Geography, Resources, by William H. Dall, et al, 1902, at Google Books

Alaska – In Richest Alaska and the Gold Fields of the Klondike, by Ernest Ingersoll, Esq., published 1897, at Google Books

Alaska – The Apostle of Alaska, the story of William Duncan of Metlakahtla, by John W. Arctander, LL. D., 1909, at Google Books

Alaska – Early Views: historical vignettes of Sitka National Historical Park, National Park Service, 2000, at HathiTrust

Alaska – The Legacy of Chignik Bay: yesterday, today, & tomorrow, by Nicole Tompkins & Robert Meinhardt, 2010, at HathiTrust

Alaska – The Wandering Gentile, A Story of Alaska, by Joseph B. Hutchinson, 1914, at HathiTrust

Alaska – Bibliography of research and exploration of Glacier Bay, Alaska, 1798 to 1983, compiled by Doris Howe, 1984, at HathiTrust

Alaska – The Russian Orthodox Church of Alaska and the Aleutian Islands and its relation to Native American traditions: an attempt at a multicultural society, 1794-1912 by Vyacheslav Ivanov, 1997, at HathiTrust

Alaska – The National Survey of Historic Sites and Buildings, Theme XXI, Political and Military Affairs, Special Study, Alaska History, 1741-1910 by US Department of the Interior, 1961, at HathiTrust

Alaska – Alaska, Volumes 1-14,  by Harriman Alaska Expedition, 1901, available for downloads at Biodiversity Heritage Library



Alaska History online by City

Arctic Village – Description and Travel – North-Pole Voyages : Embracing Sketches of the Important Facts and Incidents in the Latest American Efforts to Reach the North Pole, from the Second Grinnell Expedition to That of the Polaris, at FS

Bethel – Genealogy – [Bethel, Alaska and Surrounding Areas], at FS

Bethel – Genealogy – Bethel, Alaska, 1907 Through 1970, Who Did What, when : a Glimpse of History Through the Records of John W. Felder, Diaries, Newspapers, Letters, and Publications of the Time, at FS

Bethel – History – [Bethel, Alaska and Surrounding Areas], at FS

Bethel – History – Bethel, Alaska, 1907 Through 1970, Who Did What, when : a Glimpse of History Through the Records of John W. Felder, Diaries, Newspapers, Letters, and Publications of the Time, at FS

Homer – Social Life and Customs – Homer Fair, August 23, 24, & 25, 1963 at the Fairgrounds, Homer, Alaska, at FS

Kotzube – Genealogy – Rachel Craig Collection : Family Histories of Inupiaq Elders, Kotzebue, Alaska and the Surrounding Villages, at FS

Sitka – History – The Story of Sitka : the Historic Outpost of the Northwest Coast; the Chief Factory of the Russian-American Company, at FS

Skagway – Societies – Alaska, Skagway Arctic Brotherhood Records, 1899-1914, at FS

Skagway – Societies – Alaska, Skagway, Fraternal Order of the Eagle Records, 1899-1957, at FS

Yakutat – History – Under Mount Saint Elias : the History and Culture of the Yakutat Tlingit, at FS


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