This is the official site for the Alaska State Archives. “The following types of government records possess permanent archival value: legislation, governor speeches, major policy meeting minutes, annual reports, birth/death, naturalization, land plats, Supreme Court decisions, and attorney general opinions [not an exhaustive list]. State Archives’ records date from 1874 – present, with the majority of records created in the 20th century. The five major record groups necessary to service 85% of our research queries are: Alaska State Legislature, Alaska Court System, Office of the Governor, Department of Law, and Commissioners’ Offices. The Archives does not collect personal manuscript records.”

For specific genealogical records at the Alaska State Archives visit their Genealogy site. Online records include:

  • Naturalization records (1888-1972)
  • Probate Index (1883-1960)
  • and more records that are useful for genealogy which are not currently online


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