Alaska Voter Records online consist of voter registration lists. Indexed collections will be the easiest to search; image-only collections will contain the most information.


In the United States voting rights have always come with limitations. In the 1700s and early 1800s, voting rights were restricted primarily to white men who owned property and some states restricted voting rights even further.


During the 1800s voting rights restrictions were gradually reduced and voters didn’t need to own property and, after 1870, race was not a qualification to vote but some states still restricted voting through poll taxes (a tax paid to vote which affected the less affluent), literacy tests, all-white primaries, and language requirements.


The 1900s saw the greatest expansion of voting rights including:

  • rights were extended to women (1920)

  • the Voting Rights Acts to prevent additional prohibitive voting laws (1965)

  • poll taxes were banned in the U.S. by the Supreme Court (1966) 

  • the right to vote for anyone 18 years old or older (1971)

  • protection for language minorities (1975)

  • protection for people with disabilities (1982)

  • and simplified voter registration (1993).


Voting records may include:

  • name

  • physical description of person

  • age

  • gender

  • registration date

  • dates voted

  • residence

  • marital status

  • property ownership

  • occupation

  • place of birth

  • citizenship status, if naturalized, date, court



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US Voter Records online for Alaska

Aleutian Islands – Voting Registers – Alaska, Aleutian Islands, Voting Records, 1950-1955, at FS

Bristol Bay – Voting Registers – Alaska, Bristol Bay, Election Notices, 1903-1958, at FS

Cape Nome – Voting Registers – Alaska, Cape Nome Precinct, Voter Records, 1906-1956, at FS

Circle – Voting Registers – Alaska, Circle, Voter Records, 1901-1950, at FS

Cordova – Voting Registers – Alaska, Cordova, Miscellaneous Records, 1911-1958, at FS

Fairbanks – Voting Registers – Alaska, Fairbanks, Voting Records, 1906-1950, at FS

Ketchikan – Voting Registers – Alaska, Ketchikan, Voter Records, 1918-1958, at FS

Kvichak Precinct – Voting Registers – Alaska, Kvichak, Miscellaneous Records, 1912-1960, at FS

Naknek – Voting Registers – Alaska, Kvichak, Miscellaneous Records, 1912-1960, at FS

Seward – Voting Registers – Alaska, Seward, Election Records, Property Transactions, Certificates of Naturalization,, 1901-1958, at FS

Talkeetna – Voting Registers – Alaska, Knik, Palmer, Cook Inlet, Talkeetna, Miscellaneous Records, 1908-1946, at FS




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