Albany County New York Naturalization Records is a free online Naturalization index at the Albany County Hall of Records.

Naturalization Index Search Tips:

  • These records are for naturalizations that took place in Albany County only.
  • Please remember that our records start in the year 1821 and run through 1991, when the federal government took over the recording process from local governments.
  • You do not need to enter information in every box.
  • You can enter partial names, or first initials.
  • The more information you enter, the narrower your results will be.
  • Capitalization doesn’t count, spelling does.
  • When searching for a particular name please check for various spellings.
    There are several reasons why a name may not appear in our database with the spelling you expect:
    • Family names change spellings over the years;
    • The name may have been entered incorrectly in the written records, or the handwriting may be difficult to read;
    • Although great care was taken while entering the names into the database, there may be typographical errors.”


One response to “Albany County NY Naturalization Records”

  1. My grandfather was Edward Hickford from England. Your index shows him as Edmond Hichford (Hickford). When I searched for the Hickford spelling, it said there were no results.

    I already have the intention (1874) and naturalization (1876) papers from your office, showing his name as Edward Hickford. I’d like to know if you’re able to make corrections in your database?

    Sue Schwinn


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