Alexander Street Press is a subscription site offering “a number of resources focused on personal letters, diaries, oral histories, and other first-person narratives, available via annual subscription or one-time purchase of perpetual rights, including:

  • North American Women’s Letters and Diaries

  • British and Irish Women’s Letters and Diaries

  • The American Civil War: Letters and Diaries

  • North American Immigrant Letters, Diaries, and Oral Histories

  • Black Thought and Culture

  • Oral History Online

  • Manuscript Women’s Letters and Diaries from the American Antiquarian Society”

  • The Ellis Island Oral History Project’s 35,000 pages of interviews, including audio links, published for the first time and available exclusively through Alexander Street;

  • More than 2,000 Black Panther oral histories, available nowhere else;

  • Letters and diaries from London’s Imperial War Museum, written by women who served in both world wars, online exclusively from Alexander Street;

  • An Alexander Street-commissioned translation from Yiddish of the diary of a teenage boy who arrived in Philadelphia from Lithuania in the early nineteenth century, describing his personal coming of age and five years of his observations of American culture during the Roaring Twenties;

  • Access to the oral histories that are free on the Web but impossible to search efficiently without the Letters and Diaries Online unified search index.

“Please click here for information about these projects, and request a free trial here.”



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