AlleDrenten is the Drenthe Archive (Dutch: Drents Archief) Netherlands Online Genealogy Records website. All their records are free. They have digitized birth, marriage, and death records for Drenthe from 1600 to 1962. They have Drenthe censuses, tax records, inheritance records, and much more.

At AlleDrenten you can either Search records or Browse scans. The scans will indicate if they are also searchable.

Online records are divided into availability by time period.


SEARCH RECORDS options include:

After 1811 online records:


Before 1600:



  • Browse the Public Records (scanned records by community)

  • Browse other Scans 

    • Tax Registers

    • Population

    • Civil status

    • Miscellaneous

    • Land tax

    • Tickets

    • Church Registers

    • Newspapers

    • Benevolent Society

    • Notaries

    • Provincial government

    • Sources of law

    • Rijkswerkinrichting Devices Veenhuizen / Ommerschans

    • Succession Memories

    • Entrances

You can order copies of scans and they will be emailed to you free of charge as a downloadable high-resolution file. If you need copies of pleadings/inheritance/deeds they have instructions for requests and payments.



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