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Colonial Wars SEARCH ALL


Life and Times of Lt. David Randol (1724-1763)

Unit Histories and Rosters

Opelousas Militia, 1770 Muster Roll, St. Landry Parish, Louisiana

Papers Relating to Captain Thomas Lawrence’s company: Raised in Groton, Massachusetts, During the French and Indian War, 1758, Remarks Made Before the Massachusetts Historical Society, May 8, 1890

Rhode Island in the Colonial Wars: A List of Rhode Island Soldiers & Sailors in King George’s War, 1740-1748

Roll and Journal of Connecticut Service in Queen Anne’s War, 1710-1711; Ed. for the Acorn Club

Woburn Men in the Indian and Other Wars Previous to the Year 1754

Battles and War

Indian Conspiracy and War of Pontiac


Revolutionary War SEARCH ALL


An Account of a Part of the Sufferings and Losses of Jolley Allen, a Native of London

To Provide for the Common Defense: Alexander Hamilton

Honor Roll of Massachusetts Patriots Heretofore Unknown: Being a List of Men and Women Who Loaned Money to the Federal Government During the Years 1777-1779

James Thompson (1747-1818)

John Paul Jones Commemoration at Annapolis, April 24, 1906

To Provide for the Common Defense: Nicholas Gilman

Private David Randol (1765-1835): Revolutionary War Veteran

Private Henry Shideler, Sr. (1744-1830): Captain Miar’s Company, 5th Pennsylvania Battalion, Revolutionary War Militia

To Provide for the Common Defense: Richard Bassett

To Provide for the Common Defense: Richard Dobbs Spaight

To Provide for the Common Defense: Rufus King

Yale and Her Honor Roll in the American Revolution, 1775-1783 Including Original Letters, Records of Service, and Biographical Sketches


Revolutionary War Veterans Buried in Spring Grove Cemetery, Cincinnati, Hamilton County, Ohio

General Works

The American Revolution: A Selected Reading List

Marines in the Revolution: A History of the Continental Marines in the American Revolution, 1775-1783


Blair, John, Massachusetts Infantry

Blizard, John, Revolutionary War Patriot, Virginia

Burnett, Williamson, Private of Virginia

Crytser, John, 7th Virginia Regiment

Dowden, James, Maryland Line

Dowden, Zepheniah, Montgomery County Militia, Maryland

Dunham, Dennis, Capt. Anderson’s Company, Maryland

Hutchins, John, Revolutionary War Patriot, Virginia

Hutchins, Strangeman, Revolutionary War Patriot, Virginia

Johnstone, Peter, 8th Pennsylvania Regiment

Karr, James, 7th Virginia Regiment

Koons, Devault, Northampton County Militia, Pennsylvania

Krick, Johannes, Capt. Joseph Bowman’s Company, Virginia

Lawson, William, Montgomery County Militia, Virginia

Meason, John, 3rd Battalion, Westmoreland County Militia, Pennsylvania

Moody, William, Fluvanna Militia

Patee, Eliphalet, Massachusetts

Pattee, Edmond, 7th Massachusetts

Penrod, David, Revolutionary War Patriot, Pennsylvania

Ricketts, Cheney, Bedford County Militia, Pennsylvania

Satterlee, Nathaniel, Revolutionary War Patriot, New York

Taylor, Moses, Albemarle Guards, Virginia

Vickrey, Marmaduke, Revolutionary War Patriot, North Carolina

Wayne, Gen. Anthony

Post-war Activities and Lineage Societies

Daughters of the Revolution Magazine

Indiana Society of the Sons of the American Revolution Register for Nineteen Hundred and Eight with Roll of Members and Their Revolutionary Ancestors and Other Information of Interest to the Society

Manual of the Rhode Island Society of the Sons of the American Revolution, 1900-1910 Inclusive

Register of Members of the Society of Sons of the Revolution in the Commonweath of Indiana

Register of the District of Columbia Society Sons of the American Revolution, 1896

The Sons of the American Revolution: New York State Society, 1893-94

Year Book of the Ohio Society Sons of the American Revolution, 1898

Year Book of the Oregon Society Sons of the American Revolution, 1903

Year Book, Kentucky Society Sons of the American Revolution, 1896

Unit Histories and Rosters

Colonel James Scamman’s 30th Regiment of Foot. Also Captain Johnson Moulton’s Company

Complete Roster of Colonel David Waterbury Jr.’s Regiment of Connecticut Volunteers: The First Regiment of Infantry Responding to a Call for Volunteers for the Defence of New York City Against the British in the American Revolution

History of Colonel Edmund Phinney’s Thirty-first Regiment of Foot

A List of Officers of the Illinois Regiment, and of Crockett’s Regiment, Who Have Received Land for Their Services

Revolutionary War Veterans and Patriots, Caldwell County, Kentucky

Battles and War

The Annapolis Convention

Colonials and Patriots: Historic Places Commemorating Our Forebears, 1700-1783, Vol. VI

Constant Defender: The Story of Fort Moultrie

Mud & Guts: A Look at the Common Soldier of the American Revolution

Valley Forge Orderly Book of General George Weedon of the Continental Army Under Command of Genl. George Washington



War of 1812 SEARCH ALL


The Citizen Soldiers at North Point and Fort McHenry, September 12 & 13, 1814


Lucas, Robert. The Robert Lucas Journal of the War of 1812 During the Campaign Under General William Hull

Sholes, Stanton, Journal


Aldrich, Samuel, New York Militia

Battreall, William, 2nd Ohio Militia

Cretser, John, New York Militia

Custar, Abraham, Ohio Militia

Custar, Isaac, Ohio Militia

Custer, William, Kentucky Mounted Militia

DeGraft, Abraham, Capt. Baer’s Cavalry Co., 1st Dist.

Delph, Cornelius, Virginia Militia

Donahoe, William, Virginia Militia

Edmonds, Thomas, Ohio Militia

Evans, William B., Virginia Militia

Fairchild, Benjamin

Fancher, Henry

Flint, Benjamin, Vermont Militia

Games, Robert, Virginia Militia

Graves, Jacob, Tennessee Militia

Hemingway, Isaac, New York Militia

Hemingway, James, New York Militia

Hemingway, Needham, New York Militia

Jameson, Daniel, New York Militia

Jones, William, Virginia Militia

Kreiger, George, 1st Ohio Militia

Lewellen, Asa, Virginia Militia

Lewellen, Philip, Ohio Militia

Lightner, Henry, Cumberland Co. Light Infantry

Lightner, Isaac, Pennsylvania Militia

Lightner, William, Pennsylvania Militia

Miller, James, Ohio Militia

Mitten, Isaac, Capt. Hooker Co., Ohio Militia Cavalry

Mitten, Joshua, Capt. Miller Mounted Co., Ohio Volunteers

Orr, John

Patten, Thomas, Midshipman

Peatt, James, Virginia Militia

Racer, George M., Virginia Militia

Racer, John, Virginia Militia

Racer, Thomas, Virginia Militia

Rider, Reuben, New York Militia

Rider, Samuel, New York Militia

Sanderson, Alexander, Ohio Militia

Serfoss, John

Shetterly, Henry, Ohio Militia

Shetterly, Jacob, 19th Regiment

Simon, George, Capt. Gilbert’s Company, Ohio Militia

Slaughter, Jeremiah, Ohio Militia

Smith, Daniel S., Ohio Militia

Smith, Ezekiel, Virginia Militia

Smith, Solomon, Virginia Militia

Taft, Daniel, New York Militia

Thompson, Richard

Watts, John

Wells, Joel, 3rd Ohio Volunteers

Willison, James, New York Militia

Wyman, Abel, Vermont Volunteers

Pension Records

Pensioners Roll, 1883, St. John Parish, Louisiana

War of 1812 Pensioners in Indiana, 1883

War of 1812 Pensioners in Michigan, 1883

War of 1812 Pensioners in Minnesota, 1883

War of 1812 Pensioners in Wisconsin, 1883

Post-war Activities and Lineage Societies

The Military Society of the War of 1812: Annals, Regulations, and Roster

Unit Histories and Rosters

Index to Certified Copy of List of American Prisoners of War, 1812-1815: As Recorded in General Entry Book, Ottawa, Canada. List of American Prisoners of War, Who Died at Princetown, Dartmoor, England, 1812-1815

Battles and War

The Battle of Plattsburgh: What Historians Say About It

Chalmette National Historical Park Louisiana

Claims of Citizens of Florida for Losses Sustained by the Operations of the American Army in 1812-1814

A Journal, Containing an Accurate and Interesting Account of the Hardships, Sufferings, Battles, Defeat and Captivity of Those Heroic Kentucky Volunteers and Regulars, Commanded by General Winchester, in the Years 1812-13. Also, Two Narratives, by Men That Were Wounded in the Battles on the River Raisin and Taken Captive by the Indians

The Naval War of 1812, Part I

The Naval War of 1812, Part II

Under the Red Jack: Privateers of the Maritime Provinces of Canada in the War of 1812


Mexican-American War SEARCH ALL


A Hoosier in the Mexican War

Ripley, Roswell Sabin


Critser, Eli, 5th Indiana Infantry

Custer, William, 3rd Indiana Infantry

Piatt, Admiral, 3rd Indiana Infantry

West, Marcus, 4th Indiana Infantry, Pension Record

Pension Records

Critser, Henry, 5th Indiana Infantry, Survivors’Pension Record

Critser, Henry, 5th Indiana Infantry, Widow’s Pension Record

Unit Histories and Rosters

Indiana in the Mexican War





Charles Byron Burley, Company C, 141st Regiment Ohio Volunteer Infantry

Colonel Sion S. Bass, 1827-1862

Forgotten Freedom Fighters: Indiana Blacks in Massachusetts Regiments

Francis Cordrey, 126th Ohio Infantry

Francis Marion Sisson, Jacob Gould, Orin Gould in the American Civil War

Frederick Emory: Promise Unfulfilled

John Washington Leighty, Company I, 92nd Regiment Ohio Volunteers Infantry

Knees in the Civil War

Personal Reminiscences of the War of 1861-5; in camp–en bivouac–on the march–on picket–on the skirmish line–on the battlefield–and in prison

Report of the Unveiling and Dedication of Indiana Monument at Andersonville, Georgia (National Cemetery) Thursday, November 26, 1908

Ripley, General Roswell Sabin, CSA

Sergeant Isaac McFaddin (1834-1863)

Soldiers’ and Citizens’ Album of Biographical Record

With Diplomas of Patriotism: African American Civil War Veterans in Ohio

Woman’s Work in the Civil War: A Record of Heroism, Patriotism and Patience




Allen County, Indiana Roll of Honor, 1882

Cedar Hill Cemetery, GAR Section, Newark, Licking County, Ohio

Confederate Circle, Evergreen Cemetery, Murfreesboro, Rutherford County, Tennessee

Federal Stewardship of Confederate Dead

Indigent Soldiers and Sailors, Allegan County, Michigan

Louisiana Soldiers Killed in the 1st and 2nd Battle of Manassas, Buried in Manassas Cemetery, Warrenton, Fauquier County, Virginia

Oak Grove Cemetery, Delaware, Ohio, Memorial to Unknown USCT Soldiers




Andrus, Henry, 95th Illinois Infantry, September 1864 – August 1865

Best, Robert E., 36th Indiana Volunteer Infantry, Diary

Civil War Diary of Corporal Benjamin F. Helms, Company I of the 59th Indiana Regiment, From January 18, 1862 to January 5, 1865

McDonald, Colonel I. B., Diary, January 1 – December 12, 1863

Newton, Joseph B., 14th Ohio Infantry [?]

Sawtell, Zephaniah, Diary, May 10, 1861 – December 30, 1862




Albee, Eleazer, 50th New York Engineers

Albright, Samuel, 100th Indiana Infantry

Aldrich, Aden T., 34th New York Infantry

Aldrich, Garner, 141st New York Infantry

Aldrich, Mijaman T., 14th New York Infantry

Aldrich, Truman, 141st New York Infantry

Allyn, Isaac, 25th Indiana Infantry

Alspaugh, Reuben, 100th Indiana Infantry

Andrews, Moses, 120th Ohio Volunteer Infantry

Archer, John, 32nd Ohio Infantry

Austin, Nelson, 100th Indiana Infantry

Babb, Henry, 13th Ohio Cavalry

Babb, James, 13th Ohio Cavalry

Bailey, Charles Wesley, 5th Wisconsin Infantry

Baker, Amos H., 36th Indiana Infantry

Ballenger, Valentine, 7th Indiana Infantry

Ballinger, Abner G., 4th Kentucky Infantry

Ballinger, Andrew J., 33rd Indiana Infantry

Ballinger, Joseph, 132nd Indiana Infantry

Bancroft, Asa P., 207th Pennsylvania Infantry

Bane, James, 5th Pennsylvania Provisional Cavalry

Bane, Zephaniah, 16th Pennsylvania Cavalry

Barkalow, George D., 134th Ohio Volunteer Infantry

Barkalow, George W., 148th Indiana Infantry

Barkalow, James, 134th Ohio Infantry

Barks, John, 100th Indiana Infantry

Barton, Alfred, 10th Indiana Cavalry

Bean, John, 100th Indiana Infantry

Beck, James, 100th Indiana Infantry

Beebe, Marcus Martin, 4th Michigan Cavalry

Bennett, David, 100th Indiana Infantry

Bernard, George, 79th Ohio Infantry

Bigelow, James, 8th and 11th Connecticut Infantry

Biggerstaff, Isaac, 64th Ohio Volunteer Infantry

Bird, Daniel, 23rd Indiana Infantry

Bird, Daniel E., 42nd Indiana Infantry

Bird, Wesley, 36th Indiana Infantry

Bishop, Charles, 100th Indiana Infantry

Blackston, John, 100th Indiana Infantry

Booker, Robert, 100th Indiana Infantry

Bowen, James, 7th Indiana Cavalry

Boyd, James, 100th Indiana Infantry

Bradley, Enoch Elijah, 25th Indiana Infantry

Bradley, Maggie, Allen County, Indiana

Bradley, Thomas Jefferson, 60th Indiana Infantry

Brady, David, 100th Indiana Infantry

Brady, John, 100th Indiana Infantry

Brower, Henry, 100th Indiana Infantry

Brown, Theodore, 100th Indiana Infantry

Bunton, William, 148th Indiana Infantry

Burk, George, 43rd Indiana Infantry

Butler, Charles, 100th Indiana Infantry

Butterfield, Joseph, 39th Ohio Infantry

Case, Hiriam, 99th Indiana Infantry

Chaffee, Ezra, 100th Indiana Infantry

Chappell, Shedrach, 48th Illinois Infantry

Clare, George, 59th Ohio Infantry

Clark, George, 100th Indiana Infantry

Clark, John, 100th Indiana Infantry

Clark, John M., 46th Indiana Infantry (Pension)

Clark, John M., 46th Indiana Infantry (Service Record)

Clark, William B., 46th & 35th Indiana Infantry (Pension Record)

Clark, William B., 46th Indiana Infantry (Service Record)

Cleland, James, 100th Indiana Infantry

Coil, William, 31st Ohio Volunteer Infantry

Collins, James, 100th Indiana Infantry

Conrad, Jeremiah, 100th Indiana Infantry

Constant, Newton, 2nd Indiana Cavalry

Constant, William, 66th Ohio Infantry

Cook, Jared, 100th Indiana Infantry

Coomer, Justus, 100th Indiana Infantry

Coon, Cyrus Franklin, 14th Michigan Infantry

Coon, Daniel H., 34th New York Infantry

Coon, James G., 34th New York Infantry

Coon, Julius S., 141st New York Infantry

Copeland, Benjamin Franklin, 11th Indiana Infantry

Copeland, James T., 11th Indiana Infantry and 9th Indiana Cavalry

Cranson, Frederick, 22nd New York Cavalry

Cranson, George W., 91st New York Infantry

Cranson, James, 170th New York Infantry

Cranson, James W., 1st U.S. Artillery

Cranson, John, Illinois Light Artillery

Cranson, John B., 29th Indiana Infantry

Cranson, Milford, 52nd Massachusetts Infantry

Cranson, Myron B., 19th New York Infantry and 3rd New York Light Artillery

Cranson, Samuel, 3rd Michigan Infantry

Cranson, Sylvester, 1st Minnesota Heavy Artillery

Cranson, William, 1st Michigan Light Artillery

Criteser, Samuel, 134th Indiana Infantry

Critser, Lewis, 150th Indiana Infantry

Crocker, Harley, 100th Indiana Infantry

Crowl, George W., 34th New York Infantry and 64th New York Infantry

Crowl, Willard H., 50th New York Engineers

Culley, Spenser, 80th Indiana Infantry

Cullifer, William R., 1st Indiana Heavy Artillery

Cummings, Daniel, 107th New York Infantry

Davis, Caleb, 150th Indiana Infantry

Davis, James A., 87th Indiana Infantry (Pension Record)

Davis, James A., 87th Indiana Infantry (Service Record)

Davis, Tillman, 87th Indiana Infantry (Pension Record)

Davis, Tillman, 87th Indiana Infantry (Service Record)

Davis, Van, 40th Illinois Infantry

Dawson, Joseph, 19th Iowa Infantry

Deady, Jeremiah, 82nd Ohio Infantry

Decker, William, 78th and 115th Indiana Infantry

DeGarmo, George, 16th Kentucky Infantry

Dohoney, Samuel H., 7th Indiana Cavalry

Donham, Jacob, 34th Ohio Infantry

Downen, David R., 25th Indiana Infantry

Drake, Elmer, 11th Ohio Cavalry

Drake, James, 27th Ohio Infantry

Durnel, Booker, 113th Ohio Volunteer Infantry

Eaton, John, 129th Indiana Infantry

Edmonds, Ellis, 23rd Iowa Infantry

Edmonds, Robert, 23rd Iowa Infantry

Edmonds, Wilkenson, 23rd Iowa Infantry

Erb, Joseph, 47th Indiana Infantry

Evans, Alfred H., 174th Ohio Volunteer Infantry

Evans, Alfred, 130th Indiana Infantry

Evans, David, 116th Indiana Infantry

Evans, David, Kansas Volunteers

Evans, George W., 79th Indiana Infantry

Evans, George W., 84th Indiana Infantry

Evans, James J., 130th Indiana Infantry

Evans, James, 54th Indiana Infantry

Evans, John P., 10th Indiana Infantry

Evans, Joseph M., 10th Indiana Infantry

Evans, Stephen D., 137th Ohio Infantry

Evans, Zophar, 130th Indiana Infantry

Fauntleroy, Edmund, 8th U.S. Colored Heavy Artillery

Fifer, Benjamin, 89th Indiana Infantry

Fifer, John C., 90th Ohio Volunteer Infantry

Fifield, George, 1st Michigan Cavalry

Findley, Cyrus, 100th Indiana Infantry

Finney, Daniel, 100th Indiana Infantry

Finney, Isaiah, 100th Indiana Infantry

Flint, Joseph Swain, 141st New York Infantry

Fobes, Edward, 100th Indiana Infantry

Frizzell, Henry F., 6th Missouri Infantry

Fuller, James, 100th Indiana Infantry

Funk, Boone, 70th Ohio Volunteer Infantry

Gale, William, 9th Iowa Infantry

Games, Robert E., 74th Ohio Infantry

Games, Thomas B., 26th Indiana Infantry

Gillett, Francis, 100th Indiana Infantry

Glenn, James A., Confederate Soldier, 6th Mississippi Cavalry

Gossett, Newton, 12th Ohio Infantry

Greeley, Benjamin, 35th Massachusetts Infantry

Green, John, U.S. Army

Gurley, Laban, 25th Indiana Infantry

Guthridge, William, 134th Ohio Infantry

Hall, Henry, 100th Indiana Infantry

Hammers, James, 77th Illinois Infantry

Hammers, William, 77th Illinois Infantry

Hancock, Alexander D., 60th Indiana Infantry

Hand, Charles, 100th Indiana Infantry

Hand, Henry, 100th Indiana Infantry

Harding, Daniel, 100th Indiana Infantry

Harding, Henry, 100th Indiana Infantry

Harding, Mathias, 100th Indiana Infantry

Harmon, James, 12th Ohio Infantry

Haskins, Aris, 137th New York Infantry

Haybaugh, Andrew J., 1st Arkansas Cavalry

Hazelbaker, Andrew J., 9th Indiana Infantry

Heistand, Samuel, 100th Indiana Infantry

Hemingway, George Smith, 1st Michigan Light Artillery

Hemingway, James A., 12th Michigan Infantry

Hemingway, Joseph Flint, 1st Michigan Light Artillery

Herman, Thomas J., 32nd Iowa Infantry

Hibbs, Stephen A., 7th Iowa Infantry

Hime, Henry, 100th Indiana Infantry

Hinkle, William, 44th Indiana, 26th Pennsylvania, and 152nd Pennsylvania

Holbert, Jeremiah, 18th Illinois Infantry

Holbert, Joel C., 18th Illinois Infantry

Holbert, John, 2nd Tennessee Infantry

Howard, William, 100th Indiana Infantry

Hulbert, George, 100th Indiana Infantry

Hull, Aaron, 119th U.S. Colored Troops

Hunt, Washington, 195th Ohio Infantry

Hunt, William, 100th Indiana Infantry

Johnson, George, 100th Indiana Infantry

Johnson, Merritt, 117th U.S. Colored Troops

Jones, Lafayette, 22nd Illinois Infantry

Julian, Ira, 11th Indiana Cavalry

Kain, William, 153rd Ohio Infantry

Kelly, Allen, 18th Indiana Infantry

Kenworthy, Martin, 79th Indiana Infantry

Kenworthy, Milas, 21st Indiana Infantry and 1st Indiana Heavy Artillery

Kingsley, James, 100th Indiana Infantry

Krinn, Daniel, 151st Ohio Infantry

Krinn, Daniel, 151st Ohio Infantry (pension)

Lampy, Christopher, 35th Iowa Infantry

Lazenby, Robert, 100th Indiana Infantry

Legg, Peter, 100th Indiana Infantry

Legg, Thomas, 100th Indiana Infantry

Leib, Daniel, 100th Indiana Infantry

Linville, Ellis, 45th Ohio Infantry

Lockard, Samuel, 35th Indiana Infantry

Longsworth, John, 32nd Ohio Infantry

Lovengier, Andrew, 46th Indiana Infantry

Lovingier, John, 3rd Missouri Cavalry

Maddux, John N., 101st Indiana Infantry

Mathewson, Amasa L., 1st Rhode Island Cavalry

Mathewson, Charles E. A., 5th Rhode Island Artillery

Mathewson, Chauney B., 21st New York Infantry

Mathewson, George, 10th Minnesota Infantry

Mathewson, Gilbert B., 2nd Pennsylvania Heavy Artillery

Mathewson, Harley P., Surgeon, U.S. Volunteers

Mathewson, James, 4th Ohio Light Artillery

Mathewson, James M., 154th New York Infantry

Mathewson, John, 114th New York Infantry

Mathewson, Josiah L., 56th Massachusetts Infantry

Mathewson, William R. T., 2nd Rhode Island Infantry

Matterson, Edward H., 10th Minnesota Infantry

Matterson, Hendrick R., 152nd New York Infantry

Matterson, Philander, 186th New York Infantry

Matteson, Alfred S., 10th Missouri Infantry

Matteson, Algenon S., 24th New York Infantry

Matteson, Allen, 121st New York Infantry

Matteson, Amos H., 111th Pennsylvania Infantry

Matteson, Andrew, 184th New York Infantry

Matteson, Andrew J., 4th Wisconsin Infantry

Matteson, Archibald E., 178th Ohio Infantry

Matteson, Benjamin F., 121st New York Infantry

Matteson, Benjamin J., 59th Illinois Infantry

Matteson, Calvin L., 184th New York Infantry

Matteson, Charles, 189th New York Infantry

Matteson, David A., 36th Wisconsin Infantry

Matteson, Dennis M., 58th Illinois Infantry

Matteson, Edwin A., 1st Rhode Island Light Artillery

Matteson, Fayette A., 189th New York Infantry

Matteson, Frederick W., 1st Illinois Sharp Shooters

Matteson, George H., 3rd Rhode Island Cavalry

Matteson, George M., 8th Wisconsin Light Artillery

Matteson, George W., 76th New York Infantry

Matteson, George W., 74th New York Infantry

Matteson, Guy C., 147th Illinois Infantry

Matteson, Hallett, 121st New York Infantry

Matteson, Herbert, 67th Illinois Infantry

Matteson, Jacob, Rhode Island Infantry

Matteson, James, 1st Rhode Island Light Artillery

Matteson, James A., 1st Rhode Island Light Artillery

Matteson, Jesse, 189th New York Infantry

Matteson, John P., 4th Wisconsin Cavalry

Matteson, John W., 29th Ohio Infantry

Matteson, Laban B., 4th Michigan Infantry

Matteson, Lafayette, 5th Iowa Cavalry

Matteson, Leroy W., 10th New York Cavalry

Matteson, Lewis J., 12th Rhode Island Infantry

Matteson, Luther, 2nd Pennsylvania Cavalry

Matteson, Marcellus, 111th New York Infantry and 4th New York Heavy Artillery

Matteson, Norman S., 16th Michigan Infantry

Matteson, Oscar, 1st California Infantry

Matteson, Rhodes E., 4th Rhode Island Infantry

Matteson, Robert F., 2nd Rhode Island Infantry

Matteson, Spicer W., 137th New York Infantry

Matteson, Stephen W., 36th Illinois Infantry

Matteson, Theodore B., 148th Illinois Infantry

Matteson, Thomas P., 36th Illinois Infantry

Matteson, Wakeman P., 1st Ohio Light Artillery

Matteson, William, 1st Wisconsin Light Artillery

Matteson, William H., 8th New York Heavy Artillery

Matteson, William H., 116th New York Infantry

Matteson, William L., 2nd Minnesota Cavalry

Matteson, William O., 57th Pennsylvania Infantry

Matthewson, Edmond T., 10th Vermont Infantry

Mattison, Andrew J., 126th New York Infantry

McFadden, Harrison, 42nd Ohio Infantry

KcKinnon, Samuel, 57th Ohio Infantry

McNabb, James M., 29th Indiana Infantry

McNeilage, Daniel, 45th Illinois Infantry

McVay, Robert, 55th Illinois Infantry and 23rd Veteran Reserve Corps

Medkser, Enoch, 2nd Indiana Cavalry

Medkser, Jacob, 79th Indiana Infantry

Medsker, John, 10th Indiana Infantry and 58th Indiana Infantry

Middleswart, James, 193rd Ohio Infantry

Middleton, John, 66th Ohio Infantry

Miller, Alonza, 100th Indiana Infantry

Miller, Samuel, 100th Indiana Infantry

Miller, William, 100th Indiana Infantry

Milnes, William, 100th Indiana Infantry

Moody, George, 19th Massachusetts Infantry

Moody, George H., 46th Massachusetts Infantry

Morrow, John, 100th Indiana Infantry

Mullendore, Jacob, 2nd Indiana Cavalry

Nichols, Thomas, 100th Indiana Infantry

Old Sam, Loomis 1st Battery

Olinger, Anthony, 100th Indiana Infantry

Oliver, Thomas, 100th Indiana Infantry

Owen, George W., 75th Indiana Infantry

Palmer, Leonidas, 6th Kansas Cavalry

Palmer, Perry, 30th Illinois Infantry

Parkes, Richard, 37th Kentucky Infantry

Payton, William W., 19th and 20th Indiana Infantry

Phillips, Hector, 100th Indiana Infantry

Phillips, Jack, 12th U.S. Colored Troops

Phillips, John, 100th Indiana Infantry

Phillips, Solomon, 100th Indiana Infantry

Phipps, Isaiah, 24th Indiana Infantry

Piatt, Benjamin, 67th Indiana Infantry

Pickels, Joseph, 100th Indiana Infantry

Pickett, Cyrus, 143rd Indiana Infantry

Pickett, Jerome R., 6th Ohio Cavalry

Pidgeon, Charles B., 23rd Ohio Volunteer Infantry

Pierce, James P., 51st Illinois Infantry

Plum, Henry, 100th Indiana Infantry

Pontius, Jacob, 100th Indiana Infantry

Potts, John C., 95th Ohio Volunteer Infantry, Pension Record

Potts, John C., 95th Ohio Volunteer Infantry, Service Record

Powell, John, 100th Indiana Infantry

Pratt, John, 100th Indiana Infantry

Provin, Samuel Lathrup, 150th Pennsylvania Infantry

Pyatt, Andrew J., 15th Iowa Infantry

Pyatt, James W., 9th Indiana Infantry

Pyatt, James William, 10th Indiana Infantry

Pyatt, John H., 15th Indiana Infantry

Ralston, William H. (alias of David S. Smith), 110th Pennsylvania Infantry and 4th Wisconsin Cavalry

Rasler, John, 100th Indiana Infantry

Rathwell, John, 100th Indiana Infantry

Ream, Thomas, 95th Ohio Infantry

Reed, Amos, 100th Indiana Infantry

Reynolds, Joseph, 84th Indiana Infantry

Rhodes, Paul, 100th Indiana Infantry

Richardson, Beniah T., 2nd Indiana Cavalry

Richmond, Benjamin, 100th Indiana Infantry

Rider, Elias, 34th New York Infantry

Rider, Truman, 9th Michigan Cavalry

Robertson, Allen, 20th Indiana Light Artillery

Robertson, Charles, 154th Indiana Infantry

Robertson, Joseph, 67th Indiana Infantry

Robson, Richard, 1st Indiana Cavalry

Rose, John, 74th Ohio Infantry

Rose, Samuel, 22nd Iowa Infantry

Rowan, David, 100th Indiana Infantry

Rowe, Lewis, 100th Indiana Infantry

Roys, Joel, 100th Indiana Infantry

Ruff, William, 100th Indiana Infantry

Ryan, Patrick, 91st Indiana Infantry

Ryason, John, 100th Indiana Infantry

Saxon, William L., 13th Indiana Light Artillery

Segar, John G., 36th Indiana Infantry

Seger, Gerret, 73rd Indiana Infantry

Sharp, William, 100th Indiana Infantry

Shelley, Isaac, 17th Indiana Light Artillery

Shelley, William, 99th Indiana Infantry

Shelly, Daniel, 117th Indiana Infantry

Shelly, Samuel, 117th Indiana Infantry and 43rd Indiana Infantry

Sherry, John W., 2nd Indiana Cavalry

Sherry, William H., 134th and 147th Indiana Infantry

Sherry, William P., 36th Indiana Infantry

Shetterly, Edwin B., 3rd Iowa Infantry

Shetterly, Oscar E., 164th Ohio Infantry

Short, Edmund W., 6th U.S. Cavalry

Shorter, John Freeman, 55th Massachusetts Infantry

Shrack, William M., 84th Indiana Infantry

Sigler, Jacob, 6th West Virginia Infantry

Sigler, John, 5th and 6th Indiana Cavalry and 90th Indiana Infantry

Slaughter, Moses, 13th U.S. Colored Infantry

Smith, David S. (alias William H. Ralston), 110th Pennsylvania Infantry and 4th Wisconsin Cavalry

Smith, Enoch W., 89th Ohio Infantry

Smith, George W., 79th Ohio Infantry

Spangler, George, 100th Indiana Infantry

Squire, Miles, 100th Indiana Infantry

Stark, Thomas L., 22nd Indiana Infantry

Starr, Hulbert, 100th Indiana Infantry

Stephens, Hugh A., 36th Indiana Infantry

Sturgis, James, 100th Indiana Infantry

Swartz, Joseph Godfrey, Miller’s Company, Rockbridge Co. Virginia Reserves

Swing, Randolph, 12th Ohio Cavalry

Taft, Ethan W., 207th Pennsylania Infantry

Taft, James B., 107th New York Infantry

Taylor, Daniel, 4th West Virginia Cavalry

Teets, Alexander, 5th Indiana Cavalry

Temple, Andrew, 34th Ohio Volunteer Infantry

Temple, George, 89th Ohio Infantry

Tharp, James, 8th Kansas Infantry

Thompson, George, 26th Indiana Infantry

Thorne, Albert, 100th Indiana Infantry

Thrapp, Abraham, 24th Ohio Volunteer Infantry

Thrapp, Bennet, 130th Illinois Volunteer Infantry

Thrapp, Elias, 155th Ohio Volunteer Infantry

Thrapp, James, 63rd Illinois Volunteer Infantry

Thrapp, Simeon, 4th U.S. Artillery

Tippett, James, 100th Indiana Infantry

Todd, John, 100th Indiana Infantry

Tooker, Orrin C., 15th United States Regular Army Infantry

Topper, John, 144th Indiana Infantry

Treace, Jacob, 32nd Ohio Volunteer Infantry

Treece, Isaac, 9th Michigan Infantry

Treece, Joab, 31st Illinois Infantry

Treece, John, 38th Indiana Infantry

Tucker, Granville, 100th Indiana Infantry

Watts, John, 87th Indiana Infantry

Watts, William, 73rd Indiana Infantry

Weaver, John, 100th Indiana Infantry

Weaver, Phillip, 100th Indiana Infantry

Weaver, Samuel, 100th Indiana Infantry

Weir, Andrew N., 6th Indiana Cavalry

West, Albert, 48th Ohio Volunteer Infantry

West, Andrew J., 43rd Ohio Volunteer Infantry

West, Andrew, 59th Ohio Volunteer Infantry

West, Fairfax, 13th Ohio Cavalry

West, George, 63rd Indiana Infantry

West, Henry, 36th Ohio Infantry

West, Hugh, 4th & 6th Iowa Infantry

West, Isaac, 56th Illinois Infantry

West, Isaiah, 40th Indiana Infantry

West, James C., 148th Ohio Infantry

West, John, 79th Ohio Infantry

West, Leslie, 148th Ohio Infantry

West, Perry, 150th Indiana Infantry

West, Reason, 79th Ohio Infantry

West, Russell, 162nd Ohio Infantry

West, Thomas, 148th Ohio Infantry

West, William H., 71st Indiana Infantry

West, William W., 148th Ohio Infantry

Whitlock, John, 100th Indiana Infantry

Whitney, Edward, 100th Indiana Infantry

Wilcox, Clark L., 11th Indiana Battery

Willis, William, 84th Illinois Infantry and 7th Illinois Cavalry

Wilson, Elijah, 1st Ohio Volunteer Infantry

Wolford, Aaron, 100th Indiana Infantry

Woodruff, David, 100th Indiana Infantry

Young, Alonzo, 100th Indiana Infantry

Young, John Townsend, 152nd Indiana Infantry

Zimmerman, Anton, 12th Indiana Infantry

Zook, Joseph, 100th Indiana Infantry




Best, Robert E., 36th Indiana Volunteer Infantry, Letters

Cramer, George. “The Civil War Letters of George Cramer” (11th Pennsylvania Infantry)

Kendrick, William G., His Letters Home from the Civil War

Letters Written by William Beaird, Jr. (1833-1914) Concerning His Louisiana Confederate Pension Application

Owen, Thomas. “Dear Friends at Home…” The Letters and Diary of Thomas James Owen Fiftieth New York Volunteer Engineer Regiment, During the Civil War

Parker, William B., 2nd Michigan Infantry, Letters

Potts, John C., 95th Ohio Volunteer Infantry, Letters

Silvis, John, 11th Pennsylvania Infantry

Wonsey, Alvin, 27th Michigan Infantry, Letters



Other Documents

52nd Kentucky Mounted Infantry, Company A, Pensioners

Allen County, Indiana Soldiers Receiving Pensions, October 1883

Bugle Call, Exhibits of War Relics, Fort Wayne, Indiana, 1886



Pension Records

Pensioners Roll, 1883, St. John Parish, Louisiana




154th Indiana Infantry, Reunion, Frankfort, Indiana 1911

160th Indiana Infantry, Company B

Civil War Soldiers of Allen County: Images from the Mark Weldon Collection



Post-war Activities and Lineage Societies

Abstract of General Orders and Proceedings of the Twenty-sixth Annual Encampment, Department of New York, G.A.R.

Admiral Foote Post, No. 17, Department of Connecticut, Grand Army of the Republic, New Haven

Fortville, Hancock County, Indiana Grand Army of the Republic, Post #228

Journal of the Annual Convention of the Woman’s Relief Corps, Department of Michigan, Auxiliary to Grand Army of the Republic, 1925

Post-Bellum Campaigns of the Blue and Gray, 1881-1882

Proceedings of the Thirty-Third Annual Encampment of the Department of Ohio, Grand Army of the Republic

Roster of Lawton-Wayne Post No. 271 of the Dept. of Ind. G.A.R., Fort Wayne, Ind.

Roster of the Department of Pennsylvania, Grand Army of the Republic, 1894

S.U.V. Memorial, Ann Arbor, Michigan

Women’s Relief Corps Auxiliary to the Grand Army of the Republic, Department of Indiana, Scrapbook, 1971



Unit Histories and Rosters

100th Indiana Infantry, Company C

30th Ind. Veteran Regiment Assn. Reunion Programme, 1911

30th Regiment Indiana Infantry Volunteers, Nineteenth Annual Reunion

52nd Kentucky Mounted Infantry

Brown Paper Rams and Horse Marines: The History of the United States Ram Fleet and the Mississippi Marine Brigade in the American Civil War

The Civil War Cavalry from St. Joseph County: 12th Indiana – 127th Regiment

Dedication of the Monument at Andersonville, Georgia, October 23, 1907: In Memory of the Men of Connecticut Who Suffered in Southern Military Prisons, 1861-1865

The Forty-third Regiment of Indiana Volunteers: An Historic Sketch of Its Career and Services

History of the 121st New York State Infantry

History of the 160th Regt. O.V.I.: Read at the Thirteenth Annual Reunion, Held at Rehoboth, Ohio, Sept. 23, 1903

History of the 88th Regt. Ind. Vol. Inf., in Poetry

History of the Eighty-First Regiment of Indiana Volunteer Infantry in the Great War of the Rebellion, 1861 to 1865

History of the Seventy-ninth Regiment Indiana Volunteer Infantry in the Civil War of eighteen sixty-one in the United States

Military History of the Third Division, Ninth Corps, Army of the Potomac

Militia, 1865-1869, Anderson County, Kentucky

New History of the 99th Indiana Infantry

Records of Indiana Rangers in the Civil War, Montpelier, Indiana Men

Register of the Members of the “Artillery Corps, Washington Grays” of the City of Philadelphia Who Served in the War of the Rebellion, 1861-1865

Roster of the 30th Indiana Regiment Veterans Association, 1911

Roster of the 60th Regiment Ohio Volunteer Infantry

Roster of the Eighth Regiment Conn. Vols. 1861-1865

Roster of the Surviving Members of the Eighty-eighth Regiment, Indiana Volunteer Infantry, Corrected to August 1st, 1889

U.S. Colored Troops, Anderson County, Kentucky

The War for the Union, 1861-1865. A Record of Its Defenders, Living and Dead, from Steuben County, Indiana; and History of Veteran Organizations and Kindred Associations



Battles and War

Account of the Battle of Mansfield

Battle of Pleasant Hill

Constant Defender: The Story of Fort Moultrie

Indiana at Chickamauga, 1863-1900. Report of Indiana Commissioners, Chickamauga National Military Park

Indiana at Shiloh: Report of the Commission




Indian Wars SEARCH ALL

Unit Histories and Rosters

Marches of the Dragoons in the Mississippi Valley: An Account of Marches and Activities of the First Regiment United States Dragoons in the Mississippi Valley Between the Years 1833 and 1850

Battles and War

The Black Hawk War, Including a Review of Black Hawk’s Life




Spanish-American War SEARCH ALL


A Chaplain’s Experience Ashore and Afloat: The Texas Under Fire

Michael Joseph O’Brien of Bartoose, Ireland and Sackets Harbor, New York: an Irish Immigrant’s Odyssey


Bigley, Roy, 160th Indiana Infantry

Bunton, William Tice, 4th Tennessee Infantry

Dennis, William, 38th Company Coast Artillery

Fravel, Clement, 17th U.S. Infantry

Kuhn, Edward, 202nd New York Infantry

McVay, Daniel A. H., 16th Pennsylvania Infantry

Shetterly, Frank, 31st Michigan Infantry

Shetterly, Joseph E., 4th Ohio Infantry


Our Gallant Volunteers: 28th Light Battery Indiana Volunteers

Unit Histories and Rosters

History of the Ohio National Guard and Ohio Volunteers

Log Book of USS Badger by John W. Klinger, 1899

Michigan Volunteers of 98

Roster of the Soldiers and Sailors Who Served in Organizations from Maryland During the Spanish-American War

Vermont in the Spanish-American War



Philippine-American War SEARCH ALL

Unit Histories and Rosters

From Iowa to the Philippines: A History of Company M, Fifty-first Iowa Infantry Volunteers






An Honor Roll Containing a Pictorial Record of the Gallant and Courageous Men from Nobles County, Minn., U.S.A., Who Served in the Great War, 1917-1918-1919

Honor Roll of Wapello County, Iowa

Honor rolls Containing a Pictorial Record of the Gallant and Courageous Men from Cascade County, Mont., U.S.A. Who Served in the Great War, 1917-1918-1919

Milford in the Great War: Memorial Book

Overseas Sketches: Being a Journal of My Experiences in Service with the American Red Cross in France

Hillman, Robert F., World War I

Working for Uncle Sam for One Dollar Per Day (Less Insurance, Allotments and Liberty Bonds)

The World War Book: Being a Record of the War Activities of This Community [Richfield Springs, NY] and a Brief Personal History of Those Who Entered the Service of Their Country


A Second Class Private in the Great World War

Discharge Records

Cothrun, Pope M., Quartermaster Corps, Discharge Record


Boerger, Alfred, U.S. Army

Carling, Howard, 27th Engineers

Coon, Marvin, U.S. Navy

Frary, Harold, 316th Engineers

Fraser, Fred Louis, U.S. Army

Gearhart, William L., 310th Supply Train

Govansky, Lawrence, U.S. Army

Greenhagen, Henry, U.S. Army

Guernsey, Joseph Ray, 168th Infantry, A.E.F.

Hannie, Adolph, 34th Field Artillery

Jozwiak, Ernest, 328th Field Artillery

Jozwiak, Maryan Anthony, 33rd Regiment

Kaptur, Vincent Daniel, 339th Infantry

Longstreth, Warren, U.S. Army

Martin, Nicholas J., 310 Engineers

Morken, Edward Francis, 314th US Cavalry

Oliszewski, William J., 3rd Company Munitions Battalion

Quick, Carl, U.S. Navy

Roadifer, Harvey

Schultz, Edward Paul, U.S. Navy

Schultz, John Frank, 160th Depot Brigade

Siemowski, Vincent, 10th Infantry

Siemowski, Walter, 78th Infantry

Suiter, Fred, U.S. Army

Wood, Wilf, 49th Infantry


Buck, Clifford Wilbur, Signal Corps, Rainbow Division (78th Division)

Dawson, Talmage Edward, U.S. Army

Masbaum, Alois, U.S. Army

Tursman, William F., Letters

With a Field Ambulance at Ypres, Being Letters Written March 7 – August 15, 1915

Monuments and Memorials

Loudonville, Ohio Veterans Monument (World War I)


36th Infantry, “I” Recruit Co., Fort Snelling, Minn. 1918

4th Co., 1st Battalion, 159 Depot Brigade

Camp Zachary Taylor — Quarter Masters Detachment, 28 October 1917

Camp Zachary Taylor — Wagon Train Remount Depot, 28 October 1917

Feagans Brothers of Daviess County, Indiana

Lutheran War Workers

Preview of 12th Division, Camp Devens, Sept. 14, 1918

Purdue University Unit, 1918

Walter Brase Photograph Collection

375 Co., 409 M.S.T., Lt. Morris Knapp, Commanding

Post-war Activities and Lineage Societies

11th Annual Convention, Department of Indiana Veterans of World War One and Auxiliary: Terre Haute, Indiana, July 24, 25, 26, 1964

Unit Histories and Rosters

The 151st Field Artillery Brigade

The 302nd Engineers: A History

The Auxiliary Patrol

History of Battery “C,” 148th Field Artillery, American Expeditionary Forces

The History of the 102nd M.P.

History of the 27th Engineers, U.S.A. 1917-1919

History of the 353rd Infantry Regiment, 89th Division, National Army, September, 1917-June 1919

History of the First Battalion, 5th Regiment U.S. Marines, June 1917-August 1919

History of the Pennsylvania Hospital Unit (Base Hospital No. 10, U.S.A.) in the Great War

History of the Yankee Division

A History of Troop A: Cavalry, Connecticut National Guard and Its Service in the Great War as Co. D, 102d Machine Gun Battalion

The Iron Division, National Guard of Pennsylvania, in the World War: The Authentic and Comprehensive Narrative of the Gallant Deeds and Glorious Achievements of the 28th Division in the World’s Greatest War

The “Little Peter” Papers, Comp., Ed., and Issued by Bulletins to 275 Past Members Co. D.I.C.C., 101st. Engineers “at Home” and “Overseas” During the “World War” from August 25, 1917 to April 20, 1919

The Machine Gunners of the Blue and Gray Division (Twenty-Ninth)

Military Personnel from Allen County, Indiana Serving in World War I

Official History of 82nd Division American Expeditionary Forces “All American” Division

Official War History of Ozaukee County, Wisconsin

The Propeller: Dedicated to the Members of the 840th Aero Squadron

The Second Division, American Expeditionary Forces

Smashing Through the “World War” with Fighting Battery C, 102nd F. A. “Yankee Division,” 1917-1918-1919

Story of the Thirty-Third Division “The Prairie Division”

Third Squadron Air Service: September 15th, 1918 to January 24, 1919

Battles and War

The United States Navy in the World War




Album of Basha Members, China Burma India Veterans Association, Anthony Wayne Basha, Fort Wayne, Indiana

Doyne L. Ferris, 1924-2006

The Good Ol’ Days: Remembering Our Time in Pearl Harbor and Between the Tours of Duty (Frank Zwolinski)

Hicksville, Ohio in World War II

Hidden Memories of World War II

John E. McNerney, Colonel USA: Military Career 1942-1973, World War II Letters, 1941-1945

Memoirs of a World War II Combat Engineer, Sgt. Frederick Peters

Once There Was a Sailor

Service Record Book of Men and Women of Albion, Indiana and Community

T5 Paul S. Grieb with the 709th Tank Battalion in World War II

The Unique Navy Career of Sheldon H. Hine, Lt. Comdr., U.S.N.R. 1942-1948

World War II, Local Men and Women of Vernon Twp., Hancock County, Indiana


Luxembourg American Cemetery


Diary of George P. Martin, United States Purchasing Commission, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 1943-1944

Service Diary of Robertson B. Clarke [U.S. Navy]

A Short Story of the Attack (Pearl Harbor), James W. Dittoe, U.S.N. (USS West Virginia)


Abbonizio, Fred J., 44th Engineer Combat Bn

Allgeier, Daniel, 423rd Infantry Regiment, U.S. Army

Allyn, Abijah, American War Dads Charter

Archer, Paul Walter, U.S. Navy

Boyle, Roland, US Army

Cantrell, Sidney L., 8th Infantry, 4th Division

Carbone, John R., U.S. Army

Corush, Saul L., U.S. Navy

Curtis, John, 22nd Regiment, 4th Division

Donley, Edwin John, U.S. Marine Corps

Fenn, Wendell Wayne, 101st Airborne, 327th Glider Infantry, U.S. Army

Gorden, James A., 301st Infantry, 94th Division

Graft, Kenneth Otto

Hawkins, Harold Talmage, 602nd and 609th Field Artillery Battalion, U.S. Army

Hawkins, Robert Eugene, U.S. Navy

Herman, Elder, 358th Infantry, 90th Division

Jerves, William C., 134th Infantry, 35th Division

Johnson, Delmer G., 347th Infantry, 87th Division

Knappenberger, Allan F., 358th Infantry, 90th Division

Lepowitch, Philip, 319th Infantry, 80th Division

Mackey, Frank E., U.S. Army

Miller, Clarence S., U.S. Navy

Moore, Kyle Campbell, US Navy

Mossburg, Louis G., U.S. Army Air Forces

Myers, George V., 353rd Infantry

Myers, Jim Carr, US Army

Padgett, Charles, World War II Documents

Perrey, John, U.S. Navy

Phillips, Murray S.

Ponder, Charles E., Air Corps

Putt, Robert J., Air Force

Quidort, Eugene, U.S. Merchant Marines

Saxon, Arthur R., U.S. Army

Seibold, Robert, 141st and 36th Infantry Division, U.S. Army

Siff, Stanley, 110th Infantry, 28th Division

Snyder, Lelon A., 346th Infantry, 87th Division

Stauffer, Ornell, U.S. Army Air Corps

Swartz, Carlyle Ochiltree, U.S. Army

Swartz, Joseph Gibboney, U.S. Army

Swartz, Paul Rudolph, RM2, U.S. Navy

Swink, Floyd, U.S. Army

Thompson, John W., 424th Infantry, 106th Division

Van Quekelberghe, Arnold H., 347th Infantry, 87th Division

Vorndran, George H., U.S. Army

Weber, George Anthony, U.S. Army

Werner, Walter, 9th Armored Division

Wilson, William, Jr., 2nd Infantry, 5th Division

Wiseley, Allen Henry, U.S. Navy

Wiseley, Walter Emil, U.S. Navy

Wolfe, Donald, U.S. Army Air Corps

The World War II Letters of Maxwell P. Smith

Young, Arthur James, U.S. Army

Young, Charles Eugene, Company K, 326th Infantry, 82nd Division

Zessar, Roy, 47th Infantry, 9th Division


Another Side of War: Soldiers Letters to Miss Ann Adang

Letters of Glenn and Ellen Baker and Letters from Home, World War II

Charles Harris Collection

Charles Harris Collection: Lynn Killen Letters

Dear Blanche: World War II Letters Received by Blanche Esther (Perry) Sylvester, 1943-1946

Dear Junior: Letters to Sgt. Ralph Sylvester, Jr., Returned After His Death

Garrett, DeKalb County, Indiana, World War II Letters

George Miller and Mabel Poth Letters

George Mountz Collection — WWII Letters

Richard Wells Shorter Letters

W.A. Clarke Family of Crown Point, New York V-Mail

World War II Letters & Papers of Jack Raymond Oxley

World War II Letters of Alden Meredith Shaw

Monuments and Memorials

8th Air Force Memorial, Royal Air Force Museum, London, England

Beth Jacobs Cemetery, World War II Memorial, Columbus, Ohio

Loudonville, Ohio Veterans Monument (World War II)

Memorial to the Lost U.S. Army and U.S. Army Air Force, Luxembourg American Cemetery and Memorial

Original Documents

Aro Equipment Corporation, Bryan, Ohio

First Day Cover, Honorable Discharge Emblem, Washington, DC, May 9, 1946

North Side High School, Fort Wayne, Indiana, War Efforts 1942-1944

Scouting, Patrolling, and Sniping

Seabreeze, Vol. 1, Num. 33, June 23, 1945

The Stout Fielder, 1943-1944, Stout Field, Indianapolis, Indiana

World War II Medical Exam Card

Other Documents

World War II Casualties, St. John Parish, Louisiana


31st Regiment Personnel, 6 April 1945, U.S. Navy Training Center, Great Lakes, Illinois

Alvin Kleber Scrapbooks

Co. 1743, 20 December 1943, U.S. Naval Training Station, Great Lakes, Illinois

Co. D, 61st Medical Training Battalion, A.S.F.T.C., Camp Barkeley, Texas, June 16, 1944

Company C, 31st Infantry Training Battalion, Camp Croft, South Carolina, March 1944

Company K, 326th Infantry, 82nd Division, Camp Claiborne, Louisiana, June 1942

Fred Christ Buuck Collection

George Mountz Collection — Yamashita Trial Photographs

Harold Edward DePrey and Merlin Francis Hillman Records

John P. Griggs, Jr. Photographs and Scrapbook

Kiles, Robert A., U.S. Navy

Men of Diehard: 2nd Platoon Company, 309th Infantry Regiment, 78th Infantry Division

USS Colorado Photographs

World War II Images of Samuel L. Catanzaro

WWII Military Air Crew Photo


Headquarters Battery, 244th AAA Searchlight Battalion

Unit Histories and Rosters

290th Combat Engineers

5th Army Antiaircraft: Salerno to Florence, 9 September 1943 – 8 September 1944

6th Marine Division, Thanksgiving and Christmas, 1945

Battalion Review, Special 34th Battalion, U.S.N., 1944-1945

Battery Adjust

Battle History 473rd United States Infantry, World War II, Italy 1945

Company C, 31st Infantry Training Battalion, Camp Croft, South Carolina, Roster, December 1943 – April 1944

Flaming Bomb: The Story of Ordnance in the ETO

Flight Lines 42-I

Fort Sam Houston, Texas Telephone Directory, December 1944

The Fourth United States Infantry

Informal History of the 280th Field Artillery Battalion, May 1943 to May 1945

Landing Force Task Group 31.3: Intelligence Study of Yokosuka Area, Honshu, Japan, August 22, 1945

Pilot Briefing Folio, Troop Carrier Command, Baer Field, Fort Wayne, Indiana

The Story of the 100th Infantry Division

The Story of the 101st Airborne Division

The Story of the 104th Infantry Division

The Story of the 106th Infantry Division

The Story of the 10th Armored Division

The Story of the 11th Armored Division

The Story of the 1st Infantry Division

The Story of the 3rd Infantry Division

The Story of the 45th Infantry Division

The Story of the 4th Armored Division

The Story of the 50th Troop Carrier Wing

The Story of the 6th Armored Division

The Story of the 75th Infantry Division

The Story of the 78th Infantry Division

The Story of the 80th Infantry Division

The Story of the 82nd Airborne Division

The Story of the 87th Infantry Division

The Story of the 8th Armored Division

The Story of the 94th Infantry Division

The Story of the 95th Infantry Division

The Story of the 97th Infantry Division

The Story of the 99th Infantry Division

The Story of the 9th Armored Division

The Story of the First Armored Division

The Story of the Signal Corps

The Story of the WAC in the ETO

USS Colorado Scrapbook

We Too Were There: Company C, 353d Infantry


The American Veteran: B-26 Pilot Keith Freeman

The American Veteran: Don Theurer, Army Air Corps

American Veteran: Fort Wayne, IN WASP in WWII

The American Veteran: Vicki Khouli, Ominous Odyssey

Tuskegee Airmen: Harold Gaulden and Walter Palmer

Tell America: USS Indianapolis Disaster

Battles and War

Going Back to Civilian Life

Images of War: The Pacific Theater

The Light Still Shines: Amid th’ Encircling Gloom

P-47s vs. the GAF

Warships Associated with World War II in the Pacific: National Historic Landmark Theme Study

Welcome to the States: Boston Port of Embarkation, Camp Myles Standish





Allen, Donald, U.S. Navy

For Country, Corps and Korea: The Military Service of Sgt. Donald J. Litzer, USMC, 1950-1953

Haste, William E., US Army

Nicks, Milton Eugene, US Army

Schultz, Frederick, US Army

Schultz, James, US Army

Swartz, Francis Aubrey, U.S. Air Force

Witcher, Charles Robert, U.S. Air Force


From Kinsmoor to Korea: The Korean War Letters of Walter Harrison Sprunger

Vaun darling, I love you!: The Korean War Letters of Maxwell P. Smith

Monuments and Memorials

Loudonville, Ohio Veterans Monument (Korean War)


Alvin J. Kleber Korean War Records

Co. F, 155 Inf. Regt., 31 Inf. Div., Camp Atterbury, Ind., May 1953

Unit Histories and Rosters

31st Dixie Division, Camp Atterbury

3rd and 14th Field Hospital

We Can Do It: The 503d Field Artillery Battalion in the Korean War


The American Veteran: Atomic Bill

The American Veteran: Chuck Layton, POW

Tell America–The American Veteran

Battles and War

Anything, Anywhere, Any Time: Combat Cargo in the Korean War

The Chinese Intervention, 3 November 1950 – 24 January 1951

Down in the Weeds: Close Air Support in Korea

The Outbreak: 27 June – 15 September 1950

Restoring the Balance: 25 January – 8 July 1951

Steadfast and Courageous: FEAF Bomber Command and the Air War in Korea, 1950-1953

The UN Offensive: 16 September – 2 November 1950

The USAF in Korea: A Chronology, 1950-1953

Years of Stalemate: July 1951 – July 1953




Vietnam War SEARCH ALL

Deaths and Casualties

Indiana Vietnam War Deaths

General Works

Gradual Failure: The Air War over North Vietnam 1965-1966


Gray, Jerry Douglas, SP4, US Army

Spangler, Robert

Tuttle, Lawrence K.

Monuments and Memorials

Loudonville, Ohio Veterans Monument (Vietnam)

Unit Histories and Rosters

U.S. Marines in Vietnam: The Advisory & Combat Assistance Era, 1954-1964


3 Tales of Vietnam

The American Veteran: Bernie Lee, 22-Year Marine Corps Veteran

The American Veteran: Bob Ihrie, U.S. Marine Corps

The American Veteran: Dana Failor, U.S. Navy

The American Veteran: Dave Jones, U.S. Army

The American Veteran: Gary Becker, Paratrooper






Certain Victory: The United States Army in the Gulf War

Mobilizing for the Storm: The Army National Guard in Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm

War in the Persian Gulf: Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm August 1990 – March 1991




Afghanistan & Iraqi Wars SEARCH ALL


Military Deaths from Operation Iraqi Freedom, Operation Enduring Freedom, and Operation New Dawn, Through 12 September 2011


Among the People: U.S. Marines in Iraq

Iroquois Warriors in Iraq

The National Guard and the War on Terror: Operation Iraqi Freedom

Red Devils: Tactical Perspectives From Iraq

U.S. Marines in Iraq, 2004-2005: Into the Fray


Comley, Chase Johnson, USMC

Gibson, Derek

Gibson, Jay S.

Grella, Devin James

Temby, David

Trusty, James William, Jr.

Woodward, Ryan

Zimmerman, Ernest Bernard, Jr.


The American Veteran: Phil Plasterer, 82nd Airborne

The American Veteran: Ted Blanford, U.S. Army






Peacetime Service SEARCH ALL


Cardullo, Samuel, US Navy

Hawkins, Phillip Ardath, U.S. Air Force

Hoskins, Edmund F., Massachusetts National Guard

Kaess, LCpl. Brian, U.S. Marines

McBride, James Andrew, U.S. Navy

McMillan, Fray

Morris, Alexander Cecil, U.S. Navy

Schelling, Richard, US Air Force

Weber, Donald Allen, U.S. Navy

Weber, Richard Walter, U.S. Air Force

Williams, Francis Wesley (AKA William Williams), U.S. Navy

Original Documents

Letter from Secretary of War to Indiana National Guard, November 20, 1916


10th BN, 4th TNG Regt. 2d Platoon, November 1958

Naval Leadership Management Education Training, Great Lakes, Illinois, Graduation, December 13, 1985


Company D, 4th Battalion, 2nd Training Regiment, Basic, Fort Wood, Missouri, March 1957

Unit Histories and Rosters

122nd Fighter Wing





Yearbooks & General Works SEARCH ALL

General Works

50th Anniversary: 1943 – McAlester AAP – 1993

Commissioning of the USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN 72) November 11, 1989, Norfolk, Virginia

The History of Dover Air Force Base and the Heritage of the 436th Airlift Wing

Hospice Memorial Service, Dayton, Ohio VA Medical Center, September 17, 1995

Names of Invalid Pensioners of the United States Who Have Been Admitted to the Rolls Since March 3, 1849

Welcome to Fort Riley


Lewis, Melvin Arthur, U.S.S. Arizona


USS Abraham Lincoln Photographs

Unit Histories and Rosters

92nd Bombardment Wing: Sentinel of the Pacific Northwest

A Brief History of the 12th Marines

A Brief History of the 2d Marines

A Brief History of the 4th Marines

Fifty Years in Fighters: A Tribute to the 122nd Fighter Wing Indiana Air National Guard

History of the 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault) Fort Campbell, Kentucky

A History of the 4th Infantry Regiment

Naval Forces Indiana From 1921

Our Early Navy: A Chronology of the Sea Service

USS Everglades (AD24) Mediterranean Cruise, 1952-1953: Commander Service Force Sixth Fleet Embarked


The Adjutant, Washington High School, 1944

The Adjutant, Washington High School, 1946


The Lucky Bag, 1906

The Lucky Bag, 1913

Mess Kit (Camp Knox, Ky.)




General Military Organizations SEARCH ALL

American Legion

U.S.S. Jacob Jones Post No. 2, Washington, DC

Veterans Administration

Veterans Administration Hospital, Lexington, Kentucky, Employees Bulletin

Veterans of Foreign Wars

35th National Encampment, Veterans of Foreign Wars, Louisville, Kentucky, Sept. 30 to Oct. 5, 1934


The American Veteran: Gerard Willis, Allen County Council of Veterans






Fred J. Abbonizio, WWII

Nahame Abraham, World War II

  1. Ross Adair, World War II

Harry D. Adair, World War II

Max Adair, World War II

Ann Adang, World War II

Leroy B. “Lee” Adang, World War II

Joseph J. Addabbo, World War II

  1. M Adkins, Civil War

Donnie H. Agler, World War II

Kerney J. Akins, World War II

Eleazer Albee, Civil War

Charles W. Albert, World War II

Conrad Albert, World War II

Howard K. Albert, World War II

Samuel Albright, Civil War

Sidney J. Albright, World War II

Frank W. Alderman, Spanish-American War

Loring W. Alderton, World War II

Aden T. Aldrich, Civil War

Garner Aldrich, Civil War

George B. Aldrich, Spanish-American War

Mijaman T. Aldrich, Civil War

Samuel Aldrich, War of 1812

Truman Aldrich, Civil War

James Alford, World War II

Isaac N. Alfry, Civil War

Donald Allen, Korean War

Hugh M. Allen, Jr., World War II

  1. W. Allen, Civil War

Jolley Allen, Revolutionary War

Phebe Allen, Civil War

Kenneth W. Aller, World War II

Lawrence Stanley Alleyne, World War II

Daniel Allgeier, World War II

Abijah Allyn, World War II

Isaac Allyn, Civil War

Reuben Alspaugh, Civil War

James E. Altic, World War II

James H. Altizer, World War II

Carl D. Altomonte, World War II

Isom Ampey, Civil War

Don Anderson, World War II

Ed Anderson, Civil War

Lester J. Anderson, World War II

Philip D. Anderson, World War II

Thomas Anderson, Civil War

Walter A. Andrasik, World War II

Moses Andrews, Civil War

  1. E. Andruman, Civil War

Henry Andrus, Civil War

Alfred J. Antonacci, World War II

John C. Appel, World War II

Apple W. M., Civil War

George S. Apple, Civil War

James Applegate, World War II

Wayne Applegate, World War II

John Archer, Civil War

Paul Walter Archer, World War II

Calvin Ardis, Civil War

Joe M. Arnett, World War II

Owen Arnett, World War II

  1. W. Arnold, Civil War

William Arnold, Civil War

Russell E. Arthur, World War II

Harry M. Aukerman, Jr., World War II

Nelson Austin, Civil War

Frank Aveline, Civil War




Henry Babb, Civil War

James Babb, Civil War

William H. Backes, Spanish-American War

Charles Wesley Bailey, Civil War

Lemuel Bailey, Civil War

Edgar Bainter, World War II

Milton A. Bainter, World War II

Howard F. Bair, World War II

Ralph L. Bair, World War II

A.E. Baker, WWII

Amos H. Baker, Civil War

Delphine P. Baker, Civil War

Ferrell A. Baker, World War II

Glenn Baker, World War II

Kenneth R. Balfour, World War II

Isaac Ball, Civil War

Herman B. Ballard, World War II

  1. F. Ballard, Civil War

George F. Ballauf, World War II

Valentine Ballenger, Civil War

Abner G. Ballinger, Civil War

Andrew J. Ballinger, Civil War

Joseph Ballinger, Civil War

Asa P. Bancroft, Civil War

James Bane, Civil War

Zephaniah Bane, Civil War

Harvey S. Banks, Spanish-American War

James W. Banks, Military Burial

Robert S. Banks, Military Burial

Charles Henry Barber, Military Burial

Everett Barbour, Jr., Military Burial

James Wayne Barcus, World War II

John Barcus, Civil War

George D. Barkalow, Civil War

George W. Barkalow, Civil War

James Barkalow, Civil War

Mrs. Stephen Barker, Civil War

Philip C. Barker, World War II

John Barks, Civil War

Arabella Griffith Barlow, Civil War

Carl Barnard, World War II

Thomas C. Barnes, World War II

Jack Barnett, World War II

Kinzy H. Barnett, World War II

Chas. S. Barneycastle, World War II

William Barnum, World War II

Frank J. Barr, Spanish-American War

Lewis H. Barrett, World War II

Stuart Barrett, World War II

John F. Bartels, Spanish-American War

Alfred Barton, Civil War

Clara Barton, Civil War

  1. M. Barton, Civil War

Edward J. Barzydlo, World War II

Carl F. Basenburg, World War II

Carl Basey, World War II

Sion S. Bass, Civil War

Benjamin Bassett, Revolutionary War

Richard Bassett, Revolutionary War

  1. W. Batchelor, Civil War

Isaac Bates, Revolutionary War

Onie Bates, World War II

William Battreall, War of 1812

Jos. Baughman, Civil War

Paul Bauman, Spanish-American War

William Beaird, Jr., Civil War

Bean Barks, Civil War

  1. Beard, Civil War
  2. B. Beasley, Civil War

Donald Beaty, World War II

Thomas F. Beaver, Civil War

Albert E. Beck, World War II

Elmer S. Beck, World War II

Jack Beck, World War II

James Beck, Civil War

Levitt C. Beck, Jr., World War II

Gary Becker, Vietnam War

Earl C. Beckley, World War II

Hollis Beckley, World War II

Wilbur L. Beckner, World War II

Percy W. Bedson, Spanish-American War

Marcus Martin Beebe, Civil War

Alfonso Belanio, World War II

James Bellah, Civil War

Eugene R. Bellene, World War II

John F. Bellis, World War II

James P. Benfield, World War II

Motimer F. Bennet, World War II

David Bennett, Civil War

David W. W. Bennett, World War II

Holcy L. Bennett, Military Burial

Mort Bennett, World War II

  1. L. Bennett, Civil War

Warren Eugene Benson, World War II

George W. Bentley, Civil War

W.G. Bentley, Civil War

Robert C. Benz, World War II

Elmer Benzinger, World War II

Morris P. Berger, World War II

Charles Bergner, Civil War

Stanley N. Bergsto, World War II

Howard Leander Berkes, World War II

Robert J. Berkes, World War II

Sam N. Berliner, World War II

George Bernard, Civil War

John P. Bernardich, World War II

Abraham Bernstein, World War II

Arvid W. Besola, World War II

Robert E. Best, Civil War

James Bevil, Civil War

George Biancaniello, World War II

Mary A. Bickerdyke, Civil War

William Bierbaum, Spanish-American War

James Bigelow, Civil War

Mrs. R. M. Bigelow, Civil War

Isaac Biggerstaff, Civil War

Roy Bigley, Spanish-American War

Josephus Bills, Civil War

Daniel Bird, Civil War

Daniel E. Bird, Civil War

Eugene K. Bird, World War II

Henry C. Bird, World War II

Wesley Bird, Civil War

Andrew L. Birdsong, World War II

Milton Birnbaum, World War II

Charles Bishop, Civil War

Earl Bishop, Military Burial

Black Hawk, the Black Hawk War

Frederick E. Black, World War II

John A. Black, World War II

Porter R. Black, World War II

Rad. Blackburn, Spanish-American War

Miss Blackmar, Civil War

John Blackston, Civil War

Charles Blackteer, World War II

  1. K. Blackwood, Civil War

John Blair, Revolutionary War

Victor H. Blaising, Spanish-American War

Arden G. Blake, World War II

Ted Blanford, Iraqi War

Karl R. Blank, World War II

John Blanton, Civil War

Robert Blanton, World War II

Carl H. Blayborne, Military Burial

Paul J. Blessinger, World War II

John Blizard, Revolutionary War

Ralph H. Bode, World War II

Alfred Boerger, World War I

Leslie Boggs, Military Burial

Max E. Bolander, World War II

Peter Bolander, Civil War

Leslie Maurice Bolton, Military Burial

Ferdinand F. Boltz, Civil War

Alfred B. Bonds, World War II

Robt. W. Bone, Civil War

Robert Boner, Sr., World War II

Joe R. Bonisa, World War II

Robert Bonisa, World War II

Robert Booker, Civil War

George O. Boos, World War II

George D. Booth, Jr., World War II

Donald L. Bortner, World War II

Howard A. Bortner, World War II

Roy C. Boston, World War II

Oren Botts, Civil War

Robert C. Botzum, World War II

James Bowen, Civil War

Jacob Bowers, Civil War

Charles Bowman, World War II

Merton H. Bowman, World War II

Sallie Bowman, Military Burial

Delmore Bowser, Spanish-American War

James Boyd, Civil War

Merald G. Boyer, Spanish-American War

Walter O. Boyett, World War II

Roland Boyle, World War II

Leif E. Braaten, World War II

Charlotte Bradford, Civil War

Amy M. Bradley, Civil War

Enoch Elijah Bradley, Civil War

Maggie Bradley, Civil War

Richard M. Bradley, World War II

Thomas Jefferson Bradley, Civil War

Frank Bradshaw, Spanish-American War

  1. Bradshaw, Civil War

Herman Bradtmiller, Spanish-American War

David Brady, Civil War

John Brady, Civil War

Tommy Brandom, World War II

  1. T. Brandon, Civil War
  2. Brannan, Civil War

Andrew Brantlinger, Civil War

John Brantlinger, Civil War

Virgil Brantlinger, World War II

Sam Brattain, Civil War

Max H. Bratten, World War II

Margaret Elizabeth Breckinridge, Civil War

Roy D. Brewer, World War II

Leslie Bricker, Spanish-American War

Charles Edward Bridegan, World War II

William Briggeman, Spanish-American War

Donald W. Briggs, World War II

Paul A. Briggs, World War II

Harold E. Brill, World War II

Jesse H. Brinningsthall, Spanish-American War

Charles Britton, Military Burial

William Broeking, Spanish-American War

Gilbert D. Brookhart, World War II

A G Brooks, Military Burial

William A. Browand, Spanish-American War

Henry Brower, Civil War

Andrew Brown, Civil War

Archibald Brown, Spanish-American War

Charley J. Brown, Military Burial

  1. Clyde Brown, World War II

Geo. Brown, Civil War

  1. Brown, Civil War

James Brown, World War II

Max E. Brown, World War II

Norman Brown, World War II

Quitman Brown, World War II

Roy Jr. Brown, World War II

  1. B. Brown, World War II

Theodore Brown, Civil War

Thomas Brown, Civil War

Will Brown, Military Burial

William Brown, Spanish-American War

Bruce F. Browning, World War II

James W. Browning, World War II

Oman J. Brubacker, Spanish-American War

Richard K. Brubaker, World War II

Arnold C. Brumbaugh, World War II

Joseph A. Brunelle, World War II

Clarence L. Bruner, World War II

Homer H. Bryan, World War II

Rich… Bryan, Civil War

Cyrus Bryant, Civil War

Gilman Bryant, Civil War

Clifford Wilbur Buck, World War I

Edwin C. Buck, Spanish-American War

John Buckhannan, Civil War

Andy V. Buckner, World War II

Lorenzy W. Buckner, World War II

Thomas F. Budd, World War II

Woodward W. Budd, World War II

Charles B. Bullard, World War II

William E. Bullard, World War II

William J. Bundrock, Jr., World War II

Charles Andrew Bunker, Civil War

William Bunton, Civil War

William Tice Bunton, Spanish-American War

Harold Burack, World War II

John C. Burger, World War II

George Burk, Civil War

Willis O. Burk, World War II

Arthur J. Burkhart, World War II

Charles Byron Burley, Civil War

Williamson Burnett, Revolutionary War

Charles W. Burtis, World War II

Walter J. Burton, World War II

Woodrow W. Busby, World War II

Edward F. Bush, World War II

Jason Bushnell, Revolutionary War

Glade T. Bushong, World War II

Victor Busz, World War II

Charles Butler, Civil War

Dora H. Butler, Military Burial

Henry A. Butler, World War I

John W. Butler, World War II

Tony Demarco Butler, Military Burial

Walter Lloyd Butler, World War II

William H. Butler, Spanish-American War

Joseph Butterfield, Civil War

Edward C. Butts, World War II

Dale Butz, World War II

Fred Christ Buuck, World War II

William J. Byrne, World War II




  1. J. Call, Civil War
  2. T. Calvert, Civil War

John Cameron, Civil War

Charles Campbell, World War II

Charles A. Campbell, World War II

Robert E. Campbell, World War II

Robert Wayne Campbell, World War II

  1. C. Campbell, Civil War
  2. A. Martha Canfield, Civil War

Charles R. Cannon, World War II

Wyatt Canteen, Military Burial

Sidney L. Cantrell, WWII

Dwight W. Caplinger, World War II

Michael Carbin, World War II

John R. Carbone, World War II

Jos. H. Carder, Civil War

David M. Cardon, World War II

Samuel Cardullo, Peacetime Service

  1. A. Cargill, Civil War

Pearle Carle, Spanish-American War

Roy Carlile, World War II

Geo. W. Carling, Civil War

Howard Carling, World War I

Herbert N. Carmichael, World War II

  1. Dean Carmichael, World War II

Leo D. Carmichael, World War II

Herbert C. Carney, World War II

Silas W. Carpenter, Spanish-American War

Douglas C. Carptenter, World War II

John D. Carr, World War II

Leon A. Carr, World War II

William B. Carson, Spanish-American War

James Carter, Military Burial

  1. C. Carter, Civil War
  2. J. Carter, Civil War

Christopher Cary, Revolutionary War

Hiriam Case, Civil War

F.W. Castle, WWII

John C. Caston, Spanish-American War

Kenneth Castor, World War II

Samuel L. Catanzaro, World War II

  1. C. Cathey, Civil War

Ted Cauldwell, World War II

  1. L. Cayce, Civil War

Yaro J. Cerny, World War II

Dominic T. Cerreto, World War II

Ezra Chaffee, Civil War

Paul D. Chamberlain, World War II

N.H. Chamberlin, Civil War

Harry Chamness, World War II

Bracy Champion, World War II

Robert Champs, Military Burial

William Champs, Military Burial

Lucius Chapin, Revolutionary War

William P. Chapman, World War II

Abraham Chase, Revolutionary War

James B. Childs, World War II

Charles Chisley, Military Burial

Robert Chitwood, Civil War

Andrew F. Christen, Spanish-American War

James L. Christopher, Military Burial

Robert F. Christopher, Military Burial

Frank A. Chrzanowski, World War II

Donad D. Claar, World War II

George Clare, Civil War

Edward H. Clark, World War II

George Clark, Civil War

Henry Clark, Civil War

  1. H. Clark, Civil War

Joe T. Clark, World War II

John Clark, Civil War

John M. Clark, Civil War

John M. Clark, Civil War

Matthew J. Clark, World War II

Ted Clark, World War II

Thomas Washington Clark, Civil War

  1. A. Clark, World War II

William B. Clark, Civil War

William B. Clark, Civil War

Robertson B. Clarke, World War II

W.A. Clarke, World War II

  1. W. Claudy, Civil War

John L. Clay, Military Burial

  1. Clayton, Civil War

William C. Cleary, Spanish-American War

Dick Cleland, World War II

James Cleland, Civil War

Neil D. Cleland, World War II

Nick J. Clementi, World War II

Gustav Clink, Spanish-American War

Bernard Ellwood Clouse, World War II

Donald E. Clouse, World War II

Harry A. Clouse, World War II

James Edward Clouse, World War II

Frederick Coats, World War II

Augustus Coch, Civil War

Walter H. Cochran, World War II

Arthur Cochren, World War II

Thomas R. Cody, World War II

Norman Coglan, World War II

William Coil, Civil War

Max Colchin, World War II

James M. Cole, Civil War

Roy Cole, World War II

Dale F. Coleman, World War II

Harriet E. Colfax, Civil War

Allen Collins, Military Burial

Charles Collins, World War II

James Collins, Civil War

Richard, Sr. Collins, Military Burial

John P. Colson, World War II

James B. Colt, World War II

John S. Colvard, World War II

Samuel E. Colvard, World War II

Rene Comeaux, World War II

Chase Johnson Comley, Iraqi War

Charles Conger, World War II

Clifford Conger, World War II

Gershom Wiley Conger, Civil War

Harold G. Conklin, World War II

Vernon M. Connor, World War II

James M. Conrad, World War II

Jeremiah Conrad, Civil War

Newton Constant, Civil War

William Constant, Civil War

Lloyd E. Conway, World War II

Byron K. Cook, World War II

Dan’l Cook, Civil War

  1. Cook, Civil War

Jared Cook, Civil War

Robert Cook, World War II

  1. B. Cook, Civil War

William P. Cook, World War II

Carl Cooley, World War II

Justus Coomer, Civil War

Cyrus Franklin Coon, Civil War

Daniel H. Coon, Civil War

James G. Coon, Civil War

Julius S. Coon, Civil War

Marvin Coon, World War I

  1. Trent Cooper, World War II

Fay Cooper, World War II

Pete Cooper, World War II

Roy T. Cooper, World War II

Benjamin Franklin Copeland, Civil War

James Taylor Copeland, Civil War

Ralph Copper, Civil War

Joseph Coppersmith, Civil War

Francis Cordrey, Civil War

William A. Corey, World War II

  1. L. Corins, Civil War

Newt Corman, World War II

Joseph Corpier, World War II

Saul L. Corush, World War II

Romolo M. Costa, World War II

Pope M. Cothrun, World War I

John H. Cottrell, Civil War

Charles J. Coury, World War II

Harry A. Cowan, World War II

Harvey Cowell, World War II

Jacob Cox, Civil War

Robert Cox, World War II

Francis J. Coyle, Spanish-American War

William A. Craig, World War II

George Cramer, Civil War

Harold Cramer, World War II

Frederick Cranson, Civil War

George W. Cranson, Civil War

James Cranson, Civil War

James W. Cranson, Civil War

John Cranson, Civil War

John B. Cranson, Civil War

Milford Cranson, Civil War

Myron B. Cranson, Civil War

Samuel Cranson, Civil War

Sylvester Cranson, Civil War

William Cranson, Civil War

James A. Cree, World War II

John Cretser, War of 1812

Delbert F. Crews, World War II

Dave Crick, Vietnam War

Eli Critser, Mexican-American War

Henry Critser’s Survivors, Mexican-American War

Henry Critser’s Widow, Mexican-American War

Moses Croacker, Civil War

Harley Crocker, Civil War

Henry Crofford, Civil War

Edward L. Crosley, World War II

John Crouse, Civil War

  1. Y. Crowell, Civil War

George W. Crowl, Civil War

Willard H. Crowl, Civil War

John Crytser, Revolutionary War

Spenser Culley, Civil War

William R. Cullifer, Civil War

Daniel Cummings, Civil War

  1. W. Cummings, Civil War
  2. W. Cummings, Civil War
  3. J. Cummins, Civil War

Anthony A. Cupano, Jr., World War II

Howard C. Cure, World War II

Harold D. Curl, World War II

James Currey, Civil War

Chester Curry, World War II

Harry E. Curtis, World War II

James H. Curtis, World War II

John Curtis, World War II

Abraham Custar, War of 1812

Isaac Custar, War of 1812

William Custer, War of 1812

William Custer, Mexican-American War




Hattie A. Dada, Civil War

Kenneth J. Dagman, World War II

John III Dale, World War II

Charles E. Dalton, World War II

Gerard J. Dalton, World War II

Roscoe Lee Dalton, Jr., Military Burial

Clarence E. Dancker, World War II

Sam T. Daniel, World War II

Henry Davidson, Civil War

Ormand C. Davies, Spanish-American War

Caleb Davis, Civil War

Cary A. Davis, World War II

Clara Davis, Civil War

Don E. Davis, World War II

Dorsey B. Davis, World War II

Elmer Dale Davis, World War II

Forrest R. Davis, World War II

Francis M. Davis, Civil War

  1. Davis, Civil War

James A. Davis, Civil War

James A. Davis, Civil War

James F. Davis, World War II

Jay K. Davis, World War II

Lawrence D. Davis, World War II

Mrs. G. T. M. Davis, Civil War

Robert R. Davis, World War II

  1. H. Davis, Civil War

Tillman Davis, Civil War

Tillman Davis, Civil War

Van Davis, Civil War

Wilfred E. Davis, World War II

William Davis, Military Burial

William Davis, World War II

William E. Davis, World War II

Joseph Dawson, Civil War

Richard E. Dawson, World War II

Talmage Edward Dawson, World War I

Dominick De Giorgio, World War II

Michael H. De Girolamo, World War II

Alvin F. De Wald, World War II

Jeremiah Deady, Civil War

Melvin Dean, World War II

Robert E. Dean, World War II

Samuel E. DeCamp, Civil War

William Decker, Civil War

George DeGarmo, Civil War

Abraham DeGraft, War of 1812

William H. Dell, Jr., World War II

Orville A. Dellinger, World War II

Cornelius Delph, War of 1812

Joseph L. Dennee, World War II

Pershing F. Dennis, World War II

  1. T. Dennis, Civil War

William Dennis, Spanish-American War

George Denny, Civil War

George J. Depner, Spanish-American War

Harold Edward DePrey, World War II

Leo DeStefano, World War II

Dale C. Detjens, World War II

Frank Deturk, Spanish-American War

John W. Devenney, World War II

David Devoe, World War II

William L. Dewart, World War II

Henry G. Diaz, World War II

Robert H. Dickinson, World War II

Donald F. Didier, World War II

Otto E. Didion, Spanish-American War

Edward J. Dierkes, Spanish-American War

Nicholas D. Digaetano, World War II

Henry M. Digby, World War II

Luther Dingus, World War II

James W. Dittoe, World War II

Dorothea Dix, Civil War

  1. H. Dixon, Civil War

Billy Dobbins, World War II

Jack C. Dobbins, World War II

Samuel H. Dohoney, Civil War

Eugene R. Dolan, World War II

William Donahoe, War of 1812

Jacob Donham, Civil War

  1. Donkin, Civil War

Edwin John Donley, World War II

Joel H. Doss, World War II

Thomas Doty, Civil War

Alvin Double, Spanish-American War

Elwood V. Dove, World War II

Abraham Dowden, World War II

James Dowden, Revolutionary War

William Dowden, World War II

Zepheniah Dowden, Revolutionary War

James E. Dowdy, World War II

David R. Downen, Civil War

Charles Downing, World War II

Donald D. Downing, World War II

Elmer Drake, Civil War

Isaac Drake, Revolutionary War

James Drake, Civil War

  1. B. Drake, Civil War

Leonard Drevikovsky, World War II

Lycurgus Drone, Civil War

Hartman B. DuBarry, Civil War

Paul Ducote, World War II

Bernard Duesler, World War II

Charles J. Duesler, World War II

Patrick D. Dugan, World War II

James Dunbar, Civil War

Dennis Dunham, Revolutionary War

Jack Dunifon, World War II

Ephraim Dunn, Civil War

Robert T. Dunn, Civil War

William E. Dunston, Military Burial

Paul H. Durack, World War II

George T. Durfee, Spanish-American War

Virgil Durham, World War II

Booker Durnel, Civil War

Fred C. Jr. Duzan, World War II

Robert L. Duzan, World War II

John R. Dyer, World War II




Lawrence Eager, World War II

John P. Earley, World War II

Troy R. Earp, World War II

Chris. Eastburn, Civil War

John Eaton, Civil War

Charles J. Eckart, Spanish-American War

Harry Eckart, Spanish-American War

Harry B. Edgar, Spanish-American War

Ellis Edmonds, Civil War

Robert Edmonds, Civil War

Thomas Edmonds, War of 1812

Wilkenson Edmonds, Civil War

William Edrington, Civil War

James B. Edsall, World War II

Pierre Edsall, World War II

William C. Edsall, World War II

Sarah P. Edson, Civil War

Boon Edwards, Military Burial

Hugh Edwards, World War II

  1. L. Edwards, Civil War

Willie J. Edwards, Military Burial

Lucien Eley, World War II

  1. A. Elkins, Civil War
  2. H. Elliot, Civil War

Robert Elliot, Revolutionary War

Melcenia Elliott, Civil War

  1. Ellison, Civil War

Louis Elmore, World War II

Charles W. Elser, World War II

Lucien Ely Sr., World War II

Solomon Ely, Spanish-American War

Allen Emerson, World War II

Allen M. Emerson, World War II

Robert Eminger, World War II

Frederick Emory, Civil War

Joseph Erb, Civil War

Richard W. Erickson, Spanish-American War

Maxine Ernst, World War II

William Ernst, World War II

  1. Marion Erwin, World War II

Francis Marion Erwin, World War II

John Estvanovich, World War II

Annie Etheridge, Civil War

Alfred Evans, Civil War

Alfred H. Evans, Civil War

David Evans, Civil War

David Evans, Civil War

George W. Evans, Civil War

Evans, George W., Civil War

Harry R. Evans, World War II

James Evans, Civil War

James J. Evans, Civil War

John P. Evans, Civil War

Joseph M. Evans, Civil War

Sherman W. Evans, World War II

Stephen D. Evans, Civil War

Wesley B. Evans, World War II

William B. Evans, War of 1812

William M. Evans, Spanish-American War

Wm. P. Evans, Civil War

Zophar Evans, Civil War

Harold F. Everitt, World War II




Dana Failor, Vietnam War

  1. T. Fain, Civil War

Ernest Fair, World War II

Fredrick E. Fair, World War II

William V. D. O. Fair, World War II

Benjamin Fairchild, War of 1812

Almira Fales, Civil War

Henry Fancher, War of 1812

Guy O. Fargnhanson, Spanish-American War

Dougan R. Farlow, World War II

Robert Farr, Civil War

Sam’l W. Farron, Civil War

Jacob L. Farver, World War II

Manuiel Faulkner, World War II

Edmund Fauntleroy, Civil War

James H. Fausset, Civil War

James M. Fausset, Civil War

John Fausset, Civil War

Patrick J. Feehan, World War II

Charles Felts, Civil War

R.B. Femoyer, WWII

Wendell Wayne Fenn, World War II

Glenn Ferrell, World War II

Mars Ferrell, World War II

Doyne L. Ferris, World War II

Harold C. Ferris, Jr., World War II

Maurice J. Fevold, World War II

Benjamin Fifer, Civil War

George Fifield, Civil War

Files, Civil War

Cyrus Findley, Civil War

  1. S. Fing, World War II

Edward C. Finkbine, II, World War II

Daniel Finney, Civil War

Isaiah Finney, Civil War

  1. Finsley, Civil War

Frank J. Firenza, World War II

William Firks, Jr., World War II

William R. Fischer, Peacetime Service

Henry Fisher, Civil War

Jacob Fisher, Spanish-American War

Willard C. Fisher, World War II

Laurence Franklin Flanagan, World War II

Benjamin Flint, War of 1812

Joseph Swain Flint, Civil War

Frederick Florio, World War II

Edward Fobes, Civil War

Isabella Fogg, Civil War

William Harry Fogle, World War II

Thomas Foltz, World War II

Kenneth Forker, World War II

Kenneth E. Forker, World War II

Paul Forker, World War II

Edward J. Forshner, World War II

Edward E. Fort, World War II

Morris Fort, Civil War

William Fort, World War II

Basil Fortner, World War II

David A. Fortney, World War II

William Earl Foster, World War II

  1. Fostie, Civil War

Lloyd Fouts, World War II

Harrison H. Fowler, Civil War

David Fox, Jr., Military Burial

Eugene A. Francis, World War II

Harold Frary, World War I

Fred Louis Fraser, World War I

Clement Fravel, Spanish-American War

Charles C. Fraze, World War II

Isaac Newton Fred, Civil War

William Henry Fred, Civil War

Keith Freeman, World War II

Paul Freeman, World War II

Fred J. Freese, Spanish-American War

Walter Freese, Spanish-American War

Edward T. Freiman, World War II

Lycenius L. Freiner, Civil War

Donald D. (Tony) French, World War II

Harold French, World War II

Jeremiah French, Revolutionary War

Ralph Royal French, World War II

Richard C. French, World War II

Robert French, World War II

  1. C. Freshingcott, Civil War

Juhl E. Friel, World War II

Barbara Frietchie, Civil War

Merlin Edwin Friskney, World War II

Henry F. Frizzell, Civil War

Lawrence M. Frohlich, World War II

John Fromuth, Spanish-American War

William E. Fry, World War II

Jack R. Frymier, World War II

Maurice John (Chink) Frymier, World War II

James Fuller, Civil War

Boone Funk, Civil War

George H. Funk, World War II

Joe Fuqua, World War II

Irvin B. Furman, World War II

John Furste, Spanish-American War




Burt H. Gaff, World War II

Max S. Gaff, World War II

Frances Dana Gage, Civil War

James Gage, World War II

Richard E. Gage, World War II

Robert Gage, World War II

Wallace Gage, World War II

Capt. Galbraith, Civil War

William Gale, Civil War

Gigle P. Galletta, World War II

Abraham A. Gallop, World War II

Gilman E. Gambs, World War II

Robert Games, War of 1812

Robert E. Games, Civil War

Thomas B. Games, Civil War

  1. D. Gandy, World War II

Charles David Gant, Military Burial

Frank James Gardner, unspecified service

Nicholas Gardner, Civil War

William Howard Garner, Military Burial

John C. Garrett, Military Burial

Frank Garrison, World War II

Edward Garst, World War II

Paul P. Garst, World War II

Theodore R. Garst, World War II

James C. Garver, World War II

James Gatchell, World War II

James H. Gatewood, World War II

Charles S. Gatwood, World War II

Robert Gatwood, World War II

Harold Gaulden, World War II

Lawrence E. Gault, World War II

Dan James Gavin, World War II

Charles H. Geake, Spanish-American War

William L. Gearhart, World War I

John J. Geary, Spanish-American War

John Gebhart, World War II

Clarence Geiger, World War II

Earl Geiger, World War I

Layke S. Geiger, World War II

Arthur Gentle, World War II

Isaac C. George, Civil War

  1. H. George, Civil War

Mrs. E. E. George, Civil War

Fritz H. Gess, World War II

  1. C. Geurin, World War II

Jacob H. Gibbons, Civil War

Mrs. A. H. Gibbons, Civil War

Miss S. H. Gibbons, Civil War

Derek Gibson, Iraqi War

Jay S. Gibson, Iraqi War

  1. C. Gibson, Civil War

Marvin Douglas Gilbert, Military Burial

Claude Y. Gill, World War II

John Gill, Civil War

Francis Gillett, Civil War

Nicholas Gilman, Revolutionary War

Helen Louise Gilson, Civil War

George Ginder, Civil War

John Ginder, Civil War

George Girt, Civil War

Denny Lee Givens, Military Burial

William Gladdin, Civil War

Edward M. Gladding, World War II

  1. P. Glascow, Civil War

Alice Black Glass, World War II

Bernard J. Glazier, World War II

James A. Glenn, Civil War

Floyd J. Godbey, World War II

Morris E. Godbey, World War II

Merrill J. Goddard, World War II

Frederick W. Goempel, Jr., World War II

Jim Goff, World War II

William Goforth, Revolutionary War

Albert L. Goins, World War II

Elden S. Goldsmith, World War II

Dominic A. Golski, World War II

Frank Gondek, World War II

Joseph Good, World War II

James Goodin, World War II

Billy Goodpasture, World War II

Jack E. Goodwin, World War II

Vester L. Goolsby, World War II

James A. Gorden, WWII

Robert L. Gore, World War II

Rollie A. Gorroll, Spanish-American War

Newton Gossett, Civil War

D.J. Gott, WWII

Jules Goudy, World War II

Jacob Gould, Civil War

Orin Gould, Civil War

Elvin C. Gouty, Spanish-American War

Lawrence Govansky, World War I

James Gowdy, Revolutionary War

Samuel L. Grabner, Spanish-American War

John B. Graczyk, World War II

Kenneth Otto Graft, World War II

Matthew O. Grannan, World War II

Dean Graves, World War II

Jacob Graves, War of 1812

William P. Graves, World War II

Alfred A. Gray, World War II

Jerry Douglas Gray, Vietnam War

Lewis Gray, World War II

George W. Grayson, Military Burial

Mrs. Edwin Greble, Civil War

Benjamin Greeley, Civil War

Geo. T.W. Green, Civil War

Howard M. Green, World War II

John Green, Civil War

Martin Green, Civil War

Wallace Green, World War II

Eli Greenamyer, Civil War

Thomas A. Greene, World War II

Willie B. Greene, World War II

Henry Greenhagen, World War I

Paul A. Gregg, World War II

Devin James Grella, Operation Iraqi Freedom

Paul Grieb, World War II

Artemus Griffin, Military Burial

Josephine R. Griffin, Civil War

Richard E. Griffith, World War II

John P. Griggs, Jr., World War II

And’w Grim, Civil War

A.J. Griswold, Civil War

Charles Griswold, Spanish-American War

John A. Gross, World War II

Leslie M. Gross, World War II

William H. Gross, World War II

  1. W. Grott, Civil War

Lieut. Grubbs, Civil War

Joseph Ray Guernsey, World War I

Leon P. Guidry, World War II

Edward B. Guillaume, World War II

Arthur E. Gull, World War II

Fred C. Gumpper, Spanish-American War

Laban Gurley, Civil War

Ralph E. Gurley, World War II

William Guthridge, Civil War

Tony P. Guzzi, World War II

John H. Gwinn, Civil War

Ralph H. Gwinn, World War II




Charles Haak, Spanish-American War

Sarah J. Hagar, Civil War

  1. Haggie, Civil War

Ernie J. Haistings, World War II

  1. Halcom, Civil War

Andrew J. Hale, World War II

  1. M. Hale, Civil War

Victor Dean Hale, World War II

James Haley, World War II

Clifford J. Hall, World War II

Daniel F. Hall, World War II

Henry Hall, Civil War

Joseph D. Hall, World War II

Maria M. C. Hall, Civil War

Susan E. Hall, Civil War

Thomas Hall, Civil War

William D. Hall, World War II

Boyd E. Hallagan, World War II

Omer L. Hallman, World War II

John J. Halloran, World War II

Mrs. M. M. Hallowell, Civil War

Luther Halsey, Revolutionary War

Bill Hambrock, Korean War

Alexander Hamilton, Revolutionary War

James Hammers, Civil War

William Hammers, Civil War

Wm. G. Hamrich, Civil War

Alexander D. Hancock, Civil War

Cornelia Hancock, Civil War

Charles Hand, Civil War

Henry Hand, Civil War

Adolph Hannie, World War I

Robert N. Hansen, World War II

  1. J. Harden, Civil War

Ava Marce Hardenbrook, World War II

Dallas Hardenbrook, World War II

  1. A. Hardin, Civil War

Charles Van Hardin, Civil War

Donald R. Hardin, World War II

Joe J. Hardin, World War II

Richard Hardin, World War II

Daniel Harding, Civil War

Henry Harding, Civil War

Mathias Harding, Civil War

William E. Hargus, World War II

Mrs. James Harlan, Civil War

James Harmon, Civil War

Capt. Harper, Civil War

John B. Harper, Spanish-American War

  1. Harper, Civil War

Charles Harris, World War II

David Harris, Military Burial

John K. Harris, World War II

Mrs. John Harris, Civil War

Morgan Harrod, Spanish-American War

Meredith A. Harsh, World War II

Harold Hartman, World War II

Hugh Hartman, Spanish-American War

Cordelia A. P. Harvey, Civil War

Ulysses P. Haskell, Civil War

Aris Haskins, Civil War

Walter D. Hassenfaus, Spanish-American War

William E. Haste, Korean War

Harold L. Hastings, World War II

Abner Hatch, Revolutionary War

Emil R. Hathaway, World War II

Samuel Hathaway, Civil War

James Hathorn, Revolutionary War

Lowell M. Hauk, World War II

Calvin Hawk, World War II

Robert Hawk, World War II

Robert E. Hawk, World War II

Harold Talmage Hawkins, World War II

James M. Hawkins, Military Burial

Phillip Ardath Hawkins, Peacetime Service

Robert Eugene Hawkins, World War II

Harriet Foote Hawley, Civil War

William B. Hawn, World War II

Andrew J. Haybaugh, Civil War

Donald Hayes, World War II

Robert Hayes, World War II

Ralph T. Haynes, World War II

Lewie F. Hayse, World War II

Andrew J. Hazelbaker, Civil War

John C. Hazelet, Spanish-American War

Adrian E. Heche, World War II

Bernard Hedekin, Spanish-American War

Charles E. Heiney, World War II

Samuel Heistand, Civil War

Benjamin F. Helms, Civil War

George Smith Hemingway, Civil War

Isaac Hemingway, War of 1812

James Hemingway, War of 1812

James A. Hemingway, Civil War

Joseph Flint Hemingway, Civil War

Needham Hemingway, War of 1812

Robert M. Hempelman, World War II

Fred C. Hendrix, Spanish-American War

George Hendrix, World War II

Jarvis Hendrix, World War II

Aylum E. Hendryx, Spanish-American War

Bill Hennis, World War II

Lowell Hennis, World War II

Ralph Hennis, World War II

George M. Henry, World War II

Frank Hensel, Spanish-American War

Willaim C. Hepler, World War II

Elder Herman, WWII

John S. Herman, World War II

Thomas J. Herman, Civil War

Veryl R. Herr, World War II

Reyes Herrera, World War II

George T. Hershman, World War II

Dr. Thomas P. Hervey, Civil War

Marshall Hewitt, Spanish-American War

Michael Hexamar, Civil War

Bernard M. Hiatt, World War II

Dallas Hiatt, World War II

Dean L. Hiatt, World War II

James Oliver Hiatt, World War II

James R. Hiatt, World War II

John Hiatt, World War II

Ray Hiatt, World War II

Stephen A. Hibbs, Civil War

Henry H. Hickman, Military Burial

Duane Hiday, World War II

Jacob Hiday, Civil War

Joseph Hiday, Civil War

Thomas Hiday, Civil War

Radean Hile, World War II

Joel A. Hill, World War II

Nell W. Hill, World War II

Norvis Hill, World War II

Merlin Francis Hillman, World War II

Robert F. Hillman, World War I

Henry Hime, Civil War

Sheldon H. Hine, World War II

William Hinkle, Civil War

Edwin Hinnefeld, World War II

Ernest Hite, World War II

Kenneth Hoag, World War II

Clarence S. Hobbs, World War II

Louis Hoch, Civil War

Clyde Hochstedler, World War II

  1. L. Hochstedler, World War II

Chester J. Hodge, Spanish-American War

William V. Hoffstetter, World War II

Thomas Hogarth, Civil War

Mrs. A. H. Hoge, Civil War

Conrad F. Hohnholz, Spanish-American War

Jeremiah Holbert, Civil War

Joel C. Holbert, Civil War

John Holbert, Civil War

Curtis E. Holbrook, World War II

Calvin Hollenback, World War II

Alfred M. Hollopeter, Spanish-American War

Herbert Hollopeter, Spanish-American War

Hiram Hollopeter, Spanish-American War

Michael Holowaty, World War II

Mrs. William H. Holstein, Civil War

Jessie Home, Civil War

Doyle C. Honea, World War II

Eric M. Honeyman, World War II

Edward J. Hook, World War II

Orville Hoover, World War II

Lucious T. Hopkins, Civil War

Francis S. Horgan, World War II

Frederick Horne, Revolutionary War

T.A. Horner, Spanish-American War

Harold Max Horsewood, World War II

Clarence T. Horsman, World War II

Edmund F. Hoskins, Peacetime Service

  1. Hoskins, Civil War

Mrs. O. E. Hosmer, Civil War

William D. Hotz, World War II

Hovorka, World War II

William Howard, Civil War

Chas. Howenstien, Spanish-American War

Mrs. Joseph Howland, Civil War

Mrs. Robert Howland, Civil War

  1. Hownvill, Civil War

John A. Hruby, World War II

Bob Hudson, World War II

John H. Hudson, Revolutionary War

Paul Huefner, Spanish-American War

Gerald E. Hueston, World War II

Kenneth L. Huffman, World War II

David L. Hughes, World War II

L.H. Hughes, WWII

George Hulbert, Civil War

John J. Hulboy, World War II

Aaron Hull, Civil War

Chas. W. Hull, Civil War

Allan R. Hult, World War II

Absolom Humble, Civil War

Robert, Jr. Humfleet, World War II

Ezra D. Hummel, Civil War

Charles P. Hummons, Military Burial

Oliver L. Hummons, Military Burial

Forest R. Humphress, World War II

George Humphrey, Civil War

John W. Humphrey, World War II

Felix Hunt, World War II

Ralph Hunt, World War II

Washington Hunt, Civil War

William Hunt, Civil War

John Hunter, Civil War

Robert H. Huntsman, World War II

Harrison Hurley, Military Burial

Mary Morris Husband, Civil War

  1. Hussey, Civil War

Billie Hutcherson, World War II

John Hutchins, Revolutionary War

Strangeman Hutchins, Revolutionary War

Amos “Tom” Hutchinson, World War II

John Hutchinson, World War II

Amos “Tom” Hutchison, World War II

William Hutsel, World War II

Charles B. Hux, World War II

Eugene S. Hybiak, World War II

John J. Hynes, World War II




  1. W. Ifert, Civil War

Bob Ihrie, Vietnam War

  1. Robert Ihrie, Vietnam War

Edward Ikebe, World War II

Paul F. Innes, World War II

Robert S. Irwin, Civil War

Raymond E. Ische, World War II




Bernard C. Jackson, World War II

Elbridge B. Jackson, World War II

George H. Jackson, Civil War

Haynie H. Jackson, World War II

Hugh O. Jackson, World War II

John Jackson, Revolutionary War

Melvin Jackson, World War II

Thomas P. Jackson, Military Burial

William Jackson, Civil War

William Marvin Jackson, World War II

Albert E. Jacob, World War II

Franklin R. Jacob, World War II

Charles J. Jacobson, World War II

Robert W. Jacobson, World War II

Daniel Jameson, War of 1812

  1. Jammerson, Civil War

Alfred P. Janus, World War II

John Jarratt, Civil War

Bob Jarrett, World War II

Charles W. Jarrett, World War II

Glenn Jarrett, World War II

Lambert Jarrett, Civil War

Leon Jarrett, World War II

Richard Jarrett, World War II

Richard Lee Jarrett, World War II

Noah Jarvis, Civil War

Henry A. Jeancola, World War II

Cecil O. Jefferies, World War II

Robert L. Jefferies, World War II

Ralph Jeffries, World War II

  1. Jenkins, Civil War

John C. Jenkins, Civil War

Fred C. Jenne, Spanish-American War

Dayton H. Jenness, Spanish-American War

J.L. Jerstad, WWII

William C. Jerves, WWII

Russell P. Jett, World War II

Charles L. Jocquel, Spanish-American War

  1. Johns, Civil War

Bill Johnson, World War II

David S. Johnson, Jr., World War II

Delmer G. Johnson, WWII

Ervin N. Johnson, World War II

Frank O. Johnson, Spanish-American War

Gabe Johnson, Military Burial

George Johnson, World War II

George Johnson, Civil War

James R. Johnson, World War II

L.W. Johnson, WWII

Merlyn (Pete) Johnson, World War II

Merritt Johnson, Civil War

Richard Johnson, World War II

Robert Johnson, World War II

Robert C. Johnson, World War II

Rodger E. Johnson, World War II

  1. F. Johnson, Civil War

Stanley L. Johnson, World War II

  1. M. Johnson, Civil War

William E., Sr. Johnson, World War II

William H. Johnson, Spanish-American War

Louis B. Johnston, World War II

Sarah R. Johnston, Civil War

Peter Johnstone, Revolutionary War

Allen C. Jones, World War II

Benjamin Franklin Jones, World War II

Charlie Jones, Military Burial

Curtis L. Jones, World War II

Dave Jones, Vietnam War

George N. Jones, Spanish-American War

Harry W. Jones, Spanish-American War

Hetty A. Jones, Civil War

James Lee Jones, Military Burial

John L. Jones, Spanish-American War

John Paul Jones, Revolutionary War

Lafayette Jones, Civil War

Oliver S. Jones, Spanish-American War

William Jones, War of 1812

James C. Jordan, Civil War

Lunsford Jordon, Civil War

Ernest Jozwiak, World War I

Maryan Anthony Jozwiak, World War I

Julius Juhas, World War II

Ira Julian, Civil War

George Jully, Spanish-American War

Raymond J. Jurgens, World War II

Frank Juricak, World War II




Leonard V. Kacprzak, World War II

Brian Kaess, Peacetime Service

Frederick Kahle, Spanish-American War

Harold H. Kahmann, World War II

William Kain, Civil War

John Kalis, World War II

John J. Kane, World War II

Vincent Daniel Kaptur, World War I

Joseph Kariger, Spanish-American War

Rudolph M. Karlo, World War II

George J. Karmazin, World War II

Bert J. Karney, World War II

James Karr, Revolutionary War

Jess W. Kearse, World War II

Thomas F. Keeley, World War II

Kenneth K. Keeney, World War II

Jos. Kegg, Civil War

Claude Keith, World War II

Warren C. Keith, World War II

Leon Keller, World War II

Paul Keller, World War II

Henry Kellermeyer, World War II

John Kelley, Civil War

Allen Kelly, Civil War

Jack A. Kelly, World War II

Sydney P. Kelly, World War II

Dr. Kelzer, Civil War

Billy Kemerly, World War II

Herschel M. Kemerly, World War II

Leon E. Kemerly, World War II

Murl Glenn Kemerly, World War II

Richard D. Kemerly, World War II

James Kemper, Revolutionary War

Peter Kemper, Revolutionary War

Solomon D. Kempton, Civil War

Wm. Kennedy, Civil War

Velton W. Kenney, World War II

Martin Kenworthy, Civil War

Milas Kenworthy, Civil War

  1. Kessler, World War II

Richard Keys, Revolutionary War

Lloyd D. Keyser, World War II

Donald F. Kielty, World War II

Wayne Dale Kile, World War II

Robert A. Kiles, World War II

Lynn Killen, World War II

Alfred M. King, World War II

Dallas King, World War II

Eldon King, World War II

Eldon King, World War II

Glenn King, World War II

Rufus King, Revolutionary War

Dennis Kingen, World War II

John Kingen, World War II

Orville Kingen, World War II

Cecil Kingery, World War II

Frederick Kingery, World War II

Irvin Kingery, World War II

Lewis Kingery, World War II

Emerson Kingrey, World War II

James Kingsley, Civil War

Joel F. Kinney, Civil War

Frank M. Kinsey, Spanish-American War

Wilbur Kinsey, World War II

Benj. Kirk, Civil War

N.G. Kirk, Civil War

Morris A. Kirkland, World War II

Frank Kirkpatrick, World War II

John Kirkpatrick, World War II

John B. Kirkpatrick, World War II

Albert Kirtley, Military Burial

Torole J. Kismul, World War II

  1. M. Kissack, Civil War

Paul L. Kistner, World War II

Martin P. Kitt, World War II

Raymond W. Klay, World War II

Alvin J. Kleber, Korean War

Alvin J. Kleber, World War II

Louis C. Klepac, World War II

Kenneth K. Kline, World War II

Rodney C. Kline, World War II

John W. Klinger, Spanish-American War

Randall Klinger, World War II

Kenneth Arthur Knafel, World War II

Morris Knapp, World War I

Allan F. Knappenberger, WWII

George Knecht, Spanish-American War

Harry H. Knoll, Spanish-American War

Louis Kohen, World War II

John E. Kohlmeyer, World War II

Devault Koons, Revolutionary War

Edward Kosterno, World War II

Nicholas J. Kostyk, World War II

George Kreiger, War of 1812

Johannes Krick, Revolutionary War

Jack Krigter, World War II

Daniel Krinn, Civil War

Daniel Krinn, Civil War

Richard E. Kroeckel, World War II

Robert Kroeckel, World War II

Marvin H. Kross, World War II

Edward C. Kuhn, Spanish-American War and Peacetime Service

Byron Kurtz, Civil War

Carl H. Kurtz, World War II

Dale H. Kyle, World War I

Ralph E. Kyle, World War II




Hubert A. Lafargue, World War II

Lambert, World War II

Heber E. Lamoureux, World War II

Christopher Lampy, Civil War

Elmer W. Land, World War II

James Landers, World War II

Frank G. Lane, Jr., World War II

Sidney H. Lane, World War II

Sterling J. Lankford, World War II

Harry Largent, World War II

Howard J. Larissey, Jr., World War II

Roy Larney, World War II

Oscar W. Larson, Jr., World War II

Edgar Lasher, Spanish-American War

William S. Latz, World War II

Isadore M. Lauer, Spanish-American War

Thomas J. Lauridson, World War II

W.R. Lawley, Jr., WWII

Thomas Lawrence, Colonial Wars

William Lawson, Revolutionary War

Henry W. Lawton, Civil War

Chuck Layton, Korean War

Robert Lazenby, Civil War

Arthur J. Le Favre, World War II

Daniel T. Leatherman, World War II

Donald Leatherman, World War II

Donald C. Leatherman, World War II

Ernest E. Leatherman, World War II

Everett Daniel Leatherman, World War II

George T. Ledak, World War II

Bernie Lee, Vietnam War

  1. D. Lee, Civil War

Mary W. Lee, Civil War

Robert T. Leeper, Civil War

Peter Legg, Civil War

Thomas Legg, Civil War

Daniel Leib, Civil War

George Leibee, Revolutionary War

Douglas B. Leigh, World War II

John Washington Leighty, Civil War

James J. Leming, World War II

Ben H. Lemmon, World War II

Bert Anthony Lemmon, World War II

Frederick B. Lemmon, World War II

Robert Lemmon, World War II

Robert A. Lemmon, World War II

Carleton Lensky, World War II

Philip Lepowitch, WWII

Arthur M. Lermusiaux, World War II

  1. C. Lesneur, Civil War

Demoind G. Lewark, World War II

William E. Lewark, World War II

Asa Lewellen, War of 1812

Philip Lewellen, War of 1812

Brooks Lewis, Military Burial

Jack H. Lewis, World War II

John Lewis, Civil War

John W. Lewis, World War II

Johnnie E. Lewis, World War II

Melvin Arthur Lewis, U.S.S. Arizona

  1. Lewis, Civil War

Ronald R. Lewis, Peacetime Service

Sherman Lewis, Military Burial

William M. Lewis, Jr., World War II

Jack M. Leyland, World War II

Phrot C. Liggett, Spanish-American War

Henry Lightner, War of 1812

Isaac Lightner, War of 1812

William Lightner, War of 1812

  1. T. Ligon, Civil War

Oris B. Lilly, World War II

Junior Lindamood, World War II

Richard Lindamood, World War II

Harry Lindeman, Spanish-American War

William H. Link, Civil War

Ellis Linville, Civil War

Col. Lithgood, Civil War

Charles R. Little, Military Burial

Donald J. Litzer, Korean War

Mary A. Livermore, Civil War

Arthur O. Livingston, World War II

Samuel Lockard, Civil War

Minor Locust, Military Burial

Ladislao Loera, World War II

Allen Long, Military Burial

Alton L. Long, World War II

Warren Longstreth, World War I

John Longsworth, Civil War

Benjamin Loomis, Civil War

  1. F. Lorance, Civil War

Charles Lord, World War II

Bartholomew C. Loschiavo, World War II

Walter W. Love, World War II

Andrew Lovengier, Civil War

John Lovingier, Civil War

  1. L. Loyd, World War II

Raymond T. Loyd, World War II

John F. Lubben, World War II

Edward M. Lucas, Spanish-American War

Joseph F. Lucas, World War II

Robert Lucas, War of 1812

Joseph Luciano, World War II

James A. Luddington, Spanish-American War

John Ludlow, Revolutionary War

Stanley Luker, World War II

Lawrence B. Lutz, World War II

James F. Lynn, World War II

  1. L. Lyon, Civil War

James Lyon, Revolutionary War




Frank E. Mackey, WWII

John N. Maddux, Civil War

Juan O. Madril, World War II

Louisa Maertz, Civil War

Carmen Mahnesmith, World War II

Lee Mahnesmith, World War II

Melvin J. Mahurin, Spanish-American War

Walter E. Malony, World War II

Milton H. Manburg, World War II

Donald E. Mangan, World War II

Edward Mangason, Spanish-American War

Ted T. Manley, World War II

Maria R. Mann, Civil War

William J. Manning, World War II

Earl Manship, World War II

Raymond F. Manuel, World War II

  1. L. Marberry, Civil War

Herbert Marks, World War II

Evertt J. Marsh, World War II

  1. H. Marshall, Civil War
  2. H. Marshall, Civil War

Harry W. Marshall, World War II

  1. Marshall, Civil War

Frank J. Marth, World War II

George P. Martin, World War II

Gilbert Martin, World War II

John Martin, World War II

John Leroy Martin, World War II

Nicholas J. Martin, World War I

Oliver Martin, Revolutionary War

Thomas E. Martin, Military Burial

Thompson W. Martin, World War II

Virgil E. Martz, World War II

John Maruscok, World War II

Alois Masbaum, World War I

Lt. Col. Mason, Civil War

Norris M. Mastin, World War II

David Matheny, Civil War

Joseph Mather, Civil War

Amasa L. Mathewson, Civil War

Charles E. A. Mathewson, Civil War

Chauncy B. Mathewson, Civil War

George Mathewson, Civil War

Gilbert B. Mathewson, Civil War

Harley P. Mathewson, Civil War

James Mathewson, Civil War

James M. Mathewson, Civil War

John Mathewson, Civil War

Josiah L. Mathewson, Civil War

William R. T. Mathewson, Civil War

Mathies, WWII

J.W. Mathis, WWII

Albert Matteazzi, World War II

Edward H. Matterson, Civil War

Hendrick R. Matterson, Civil War

Philander Matterson, Civil War

Alfred S. Matteson, Civil War

Algenon S. Matteson, Civil War

Allen Matteson, Civil War

Amos H. Matteson, Civil War

Andrew Matteson, Civil War

Andrew J. Matteson, Civil War

Archibald E. Matteson, Civil War

Wray Matteson, World War II

Benjamin F. Matteson, Civil War

Benjamin J. Matteson, Civil War

Calvin L. Matteson, Civil War

Charles Matteson, Civil War

David A. Matteson, Civil War

Dennis M. Matteson, Civil War

Edwin A. Matteson, Civil War

Fayette A. Matteson, Civil War

Frederick W. Matteson, Civil War

George H. Matteson, Civil War

George M. Matteson, Civil War

George W. Matteson, Civil War

George W. Matteson, Civil War

Guy C. Matteson, Civil War

Hallett Matteson, Civil War

Herbert Matteson, Civil War

Jacob Matteson, Civil War

James Matteson, Civil War

James A. Matteson, Civil War

Jesse Matteson, Civil War

John P. Matteson, Civil War

John W. Matteson, Civil War

Laban B. Matteson, Civil War

Lafayette Matteson, Civil War

Leroy W. Matteson, Civil War

Lewis J. Matteson, Civil War

Luther Matteson, Civil War

Marcellus Matteson, Civil War

Norman S. Matteson, Civil War

Oscar Matteson, Civil War

Rhodes E. Matteson, Civil War

Robert F. Matteson, Civil War

Spicer W. Matteson, Civil War

Stephen W. Matteson, Civil War

Theodore B. Matteson, Civil War

Thomas P. Matteson, Civil War

Wakeman P. Matteson, Civil War

William Matteson, Civil War

William H. Matteson, Civil War

William H. Matteson, Civil War

William L. Matteson, Civil War

William O. Matteson, Civil War

Edmond T. Matthewson, Civil War

Andrew J. Mattison, Civil War

Arnold J. Matuszeski, World War II

Mike S. Matvija, World War II

William J. May, World War II

Claud E. Maynard, World War II

Lester E. Maynard, World War II

Kenneth C. Mays, World War II

Ben Mayse, Military Burial

Millard McAtee, World War II

Robert McBane, World War II

James Andrew McBride, Peacetime Service

C. McCannon, Civil War

Johnny McCarthy, World War II

George McCattin, Military Burial

Jason O. McClannahan, World War II

James H. McClay, World War II

Loran E. McClellan, World War II

L. McCollum, Civil War

Christopher L. McConnell, Jr., World War II

Chester, Jr. McCord, World War II

Richard McCord, World War II

Warren G. McCord, World War II

Harry A. McCullom, Spanish-American War

Sherman P. McDaniel, World War II

Charles E. McDonald, World War II

Harold R. McDonald, World War II

B. McDonald, Civil War

John P. McDonough, World War II

Wm. McDowell, Civil War

Charles E. McElyea, World War II

Clyde E. McEntarfer, World War II

Hettie M. McEwen, Civil War

Harrison McFadden, Civil War

Isaac McFaddin, Civil War

John McGee, Civil War

Ruffin S. McGilsky, World War II

Edward McGinley, World War II

Edward R. McGinley, World War II

Carl McGuire, World War II

McGuire, Civil War

Max D. McGuire, World War II

Charlotte E. McKay, Civil War

Marion B. McKay, World War II

R. McKerty, Civil War

Jno. McKim, Civil War

Samuel McKinnon, Civil War

John J. McManus, World War II

Anna C. McMeens, Civil War

Fray McMillan, Peacetime Service

Andrew McMiller, Spanish-American War

T. McNab, Civil War

Elizabeth McNabb, Civil War

Daniel McNeilage, Civil War

John E. McNerney, World War II

H. McNew, Civil War

Henry F. McNutt, Spanish-American War

W. McQueen, Civil War

Daniel A. H. McVay, Spanish-American War

Robert McVay, Civil War

Richard McVicker, World War II

George H. McWilliams, World War II

John C. McWilliams, World War II

Roby Meade, World War II

John Meason, Revolutionary War

Enoch Medsker, Civil War

Jacob Medsker, Civil War

John Medsker, Civil War

Anthony F. Melfi, World War II

Henry Melnick, World War II

John J. Melsop, World War II

Ray Melton, World War II

Charles T. Mendenhall, World War II

Charles T. Mendenhall, World War II

Elizabeth S. Mendenhall, Civil War

Robert W. Mendenhall, World War II

William Mennewish, Spanish-American War

James R. Mensch, World War II

William E. Merrick, World War II

Ward N. Merrifield, World War II

Louis F. Merrillat, Spanish-American War

Francis Herman Merriman, World War II

James K. Merritt, World War II

W.E. Metzger, WWII

Frank J. Meyer, Spanish-American War

Lawrence F. Meyer, World War II

Norris A. Meyer, World War II

Carl O. Meyers, Spanish-American War

E.S. Michael, WWII

Kenneth R. Michael, World War II

Wesley W. Michael, World War II

David R. Michaels, World War II

Chester R. Michalowski, World War II

S. Middlebrooks, Civil War

James Middleswart, Civil War

John Middleton, Civil War

Joseph Milas, World War II

Alonza Miller, Civil War

Carl J. Miller, World War II

Clarence S. Miller, World War II

Donald Miller, World War II

Miller, Civil War

George Miller, World War II

James Miller, War of 1812

Kenyon O. Miller, World War II

Samuel Miller, Civil War

R. Miller, Civil War

William Miller, Civil War

William M. Miller, Spanish-American War

William S. Miller, World War II

Louis W. Milliner, World War II

Roland J. Mills, World War II

William Milnes, Civil War

Berton F. Mitchell, Jr., World War II

Charley Mitchell, Military Burial

Dan Mitchell, Military Burial

Ellen E. Mitchell, Civil War

Kenneth Mitchell, World War II

Levi Mitchell, Civil War

Isaac Mitten, War of 1812

Joshua Mitten, War of 1812

Kenneth J. Mix, World War II

Samuel C. Mock, World War II

Gene Mollenkopf, World War II

Vaughn Mollenkopf, World War II

Morton M. Monasch, World War II

Staley E. Montgomery, World War II

George Moody, Civil War

George H. Moody, Civil War

William Moody, Revolutionary War

Jerry D. Moor, World War II

Kenneth W. Moore, World War II

Kyle Campbell Moore, World War II

Robert L. Moore, World War II

Irvin Moran, Military Burial

John A. Moran, World War II

Andrew S. Morgan, World War II

Derl Morgan, World War II

J.C. Morgan, WWII

Louie F. Morgan, World War II

Thomas H. Morgan, Civil War

H. Morgan, Civil War

F. Morhanan, Civil War

Henry C. Moriarity, Spanish-American War

Edward Morken, World War I

Jerry Dean Morr, World War II

John O. Morr, World War II

Alexander Cecil Morris, Peacetime Service

John Worthington Morris, World War II

Miss Morris, Civil War

Joseph F. Morrison, World War II

John Morrow, Civil War

Stanley A. Morrow, World War II

Charles L. Morse, World War II

Jno. W. Moseley, Civil War

Louis G. Mossburg, World War II

Motherwell, Spanish-American War

Johnson Moulton, Revolutionary War

George E. Mountz, World War II

Argyl D. Mowry, World War II

John P. Mowry, World War II

Nelson M. Mowry, World War II

Wayne F. Mowry, World War II

Sylvester E. Mudloff, World War II

Erwin J. Mueth, World War II

Charles W. Mullen, World War II

Jacob Mullendore, Civil War

Charles C. Mungen, Spanish-American War

Ralph C. Munns, World War II

Jane R. Munsell, Civil War

George J. Murphy, Spanish-American War

James Murphy, Spanish-American War

John H. Murphy, Spanish-American War

John J. Murphy, World War II

William H. Murphy, Spanish-American War

Audrey J. Myers, Civil War

Bernard W. Myers, World War II

Clarence Myers, World War II

George V. Myers, World War II

James H. Myers, Civil War

Jim Carr Myers, World War II




Carlos Nadorff, World War II

Martin F. Nagel, Spanish-American War

Neal, Civil War

Maynard Henney Neal, World War II

Wallace Neal, World War II

Emmett H. Neale, Military Burial

Robert J. Neale, World War II

Joseph L. Neff, World War II

Norman L. Neff, World War II

Graham Neidhardt, World War II

Henry C. Neimeyer, Spanish-American War

R. Nelson, Civil War

P. Nelson, Civil War

John T. Nelson, Civil War

Wendell L. Nelson, World War II

Mathias Nerhood, Civil War

George W. Neuman, Spanish-American War

Daniel J. Newell, World War II

James C. Newman, Jr., World War II

Joseph B. Newton, Civil War

John T. Nichols, Military Burial

Paul E. Nichols, World War II

Thomas Nichols, Civil War

Abraham Nicholson, Civil War

Eugene Willis Nickel, World War II

Ruby W. Nickoles, World War II

Milton Eugene Nicks, Korean War

Joseph Nicoski, World War II

Ernest E. Niehoff, Spanish-American War

Nathaniel J. Niehoff, Spanish-American War

Walter Nies, World War II

George J. Nimmer, World War II

Rudolph R. Niski, World War II

George Noe, World War II

Ray T. Noe, World War II

Thomas Rutherford Noel, Civil War

Charles D. Nolan, Spanish-American War

Clem J. Noll, Spanish-American War

Frank W. Norris, World War II

Jack D. Norris, World War II

Jack R. Norris, World War II

Frank North, Spanish-American War

Margaret North, World War II

Virgil James North, World War II

G. Northrop, World War II




Michael Joseph O’Brien, Spanish-American War

Edward J. O’Connor, World War II

Lester H. O’Dell, World War II

Robert L. O’Donnell, World War II

Donald A. O’Loughlin, World War II

Joseph B. O’Connell, Spanish American War

Ralph Otis Ogle, World War II

Richard L. Ogle, World War II

Anthony Olinger, Civil War

William J. Oliszewski, World War I

Alexander Oliver, Revolutionary War

Harvey J. Oliver, Civil War

Thomas Oliver, Civil War

Robert A. Ollier, World War II

George W. Olmstead, World War II

Thomas Olovich, World War II

Sherwin V. Olsen, World War II

Walter C. Olson, World War II

George Olvey, World War II

Ransom R. Olvey, Civil War

William A. Opp, World War II

John Orr, War of 1812

Donald J. Osborne, World War II

George Owen, Civil War

Thomas James Owen, Civil War

P. Oxendine, Civil War

Marion Oxenrider, World War II

Jack Raymond Oxley, World War II




Charles Early Padgett, World War II

Walter C. Painter, Jr., World War II

Paul T. Pairan, World War II

Donald R. Pallo, World War II

Charles C. Palmer, Jr., World War II

Dolwood B. Palmer, World War II

Leonidas Palmer, Civil War

Perry Palmer, Civil War

Walter Palmer, World War II

John Dwight Parker Jr., World War II

Alton W. Parker, World War II

Donald K. Parker, World War II

Parker, Civil War

Maynard C. Parker, World War II

Maynard E. Parker, World War II

Mildred J. (Cart) Parker, World War II

William B. Parker, Civil War

Richard Parkes, Civil War

Frank W. Parkhurst, World War II

John H. Parks, World War II

James Parman, Civil War

Lydia G. Parrish, Civil War

Emily E. Parsons, Civil War

Paul O. Parsons, World War II

Stephen L. Pascal, World War II

Eliphalet Patee, Revolutionary War

Merle H. Patison, World War II

H. Patrick, Civil War

Edmond Pattee, Revolutionary War

Thomas Patten, War of 1812

Patterson, Civil War

Joseph E. Patterson, World War II

George S. Patton, World War II

Henry C. Paulsen, World War II

William W. Payton, Civil War

Allen H. Pearsall, World War II

Burl Pease, World War II

James Peatt, War of 1812

Mrs. Curtis T. Penn, Civil War

David Penrod, Revolutionary War

Edwin F. Perdue, World War II

James R. Perkins, World War II

Richard Perkins, World War II

Thomas O. Perkins, World War II

John Perrey, World War II

Walter Wayne Perry, World War II

Bradie Peters, World War II

Brady Peters, World War II

Albert B. Peterson, World War II

Mary Dwight Pettes, Civil War

Robert Pettigreen (Pettigrew), Civil War

A. Pettigrew, Civil War

Joseph E. Pettit, Spanish-American War

Ingales Petty, World War II

Charles W. Pfeiffer, World War II

Leland B. Phares, World War II

Mrs. John S. Phelps, Civil War

Hector Phillips, Civil War

Jack Phillips, Civil War

John Phillips, Civil War

Murray S. Phillips, World War II

P. Phillips, Civil War

Solomon Phillips, Civil War

Edmund Phinney, Revolutionary War

Isaiah Phipps, Civil War

Admiral Piatt, Mexican-American War

Benjamin Piatt, Civil War

Joseph Pickels, Civil War

Pickett, World War II

Cyrus Pickett, Civil War

Jerome R. Pickett, Civil War

Daniel Pickle (Pickel), Civil War

Charles B. Pidgeon, Civil War

Emerson B. Pierce, World War II

James P. Pierce, Civil War

Randall A. Pilger, World War II

Elizabeth Pillar, World War II

T. Pitman, Civil War

Harold D. Pittis, World War II

Donald Plain, World War II

Phil Plasterer, Afghanistan

Henry Plum, Civil War

Edward R. Poglitsch, World War II

Lucy Gaylord Pomeroy, Civil War

Charles E. Ponder, World War II

Jacob Pontius, Civil War

Eliza C. Porter, Civil War

George Porter, Military Burial

George Robert Porter, Military Burial

Joseph R. Postrack, World War II

Mabel Poth, World War II

Clayton R. Potts, World War II

John C. Potts, Civil War

Harold O. Poulter, World War II

And’w J. Powell, Civil War

John Powell, Civil War

John Powell, Civil War

Lewis C. Powell, Civil War

Charles Powers, Civil War

Henry Prater, Civil War

Geroge W. M. Pratt, World War II

John Pratt, Civil War

William Mack Pratt, World War II

Henry J. Presley, World War II

Don Price, Peacetime Service

John R. Price, World War II

Louis J. Price, World War II

William E. Price, Military Burial

Forrestt Prickett, World War II

Joseph W. Prickett, World War II

Paul C. Prickett, World War II

Harry Proctor, World War II

Samuel Lathrup Provin, Civil War

Llewelyn E. Pugh, World War II

Robert P. Purcell, World War II

Robert J. Putt, World War II

Andrew J. Pyatt, Civil War

James W. Pyatt, Civil War

James William Pyatt, Civil War

John H. Pyatt, Civil War

Lester E. Pyle, World War II




Carl Quick, World War I

Eugene Quidort, World War II




George Rabel, Spanish-American War

George M. Racer, War of 1812

John Racer, War of 1812

Thomas Racer, War of 1812

Frank Rafert, World War II

E. Raisneur, Civil War

William H. Ralston, Civil War

Wm. J. Ramsey, Civil War

Angelo W. Rancilio, World War II

David Randol, Colonial Wars

David Randol, Revolutionary War

William F. Ranke, Spanish-American War

Frank O. Rankin, World War II

Fred W. Ranney, Spanish-American War

A. Ransom, Civil War

John T. Rash, Civil War

John Rasler, Civil War

Loyd V. Rathbone, World War II

John Rathwell, Civil War

Francis L. Raub, World War II

Elizabeth Maddux Raver, Civil War

Walter Rawleigh, World War II

M. Rawlings, Civil War

Harry Ray, Military Burial

Edward W. Raypole, Spanish-American War

Mead Melvin Rea, World War II

Thomas Ream, Civil War

John Reddick, Civil War

Redelshiemer, Spanish-American War

Amos Reed, Civil War

Charles P. Reed, Military Burial

Hugh B. Reed, Civil War

Philip Reed, Civil War

Thos. Reed, Civil War

Lowell Rees, World War II

Frank W. Reese, Spanish-American War

Wesley J. Reeves, World War II

Robert L. Reichenback, World War II

Henry G. Reifsnyder, World War I

Frank J. Reinking, Spanish-American War

John F. Reinsch Jr., World War II

Richard Rollin Reinsch, World War II

Phillip S. Rensforth, World War II

Michael Reppucci, Jr., World War II

Hubert L. Reusch, World War II

Earl H. Revels, World War II

Joseph Reynolds, Civil War

Paul Rhodes, Civil War

David R. Richards, Civil War

John Richards, World War II

Beniah T. Richardson, Civil War

John W. Richardson, Civil War

Joy B. Richcreek, World War II

Cecil H. Richerson, World War II

Burt L. Richie, Spanish-American War

Benjamin Richmond, Civil War

Leander Richter, World War II

Cheney Ricketts, Revolutionary War

Chester Ricketts, World War II

Fanny L. Ricketts, Civil War

Edward Ricks, World War II

John Riddle, Revolutionary War

William Riddle, World War II

Isaac Ridenaur, Civil War

Merl Oscar Ridenour, World War II

Elias Rider, Civil War

Reuben Rider, War of 1812

Samuel Rider, War of 1812

Truman Rider, Civil War

Tom Ridge, World War II

Thomas M. Ridgeway, World War II

Rozell Riley, Military Burial

William R. Riley, Civil War

Max Aaron Rimmell, World War II

Roswell Sabin Ripley, Mexican-American War and Civil War

Harvey Roadifer, World War I

George M. Roberts, World War II

Harold J. Roberts, World War II

Larry E. Roberts, World War II

Lyle T. Roberts, World War II

Allen Robertson, Civil War

Charles Robertson, Civil War

John P. Robertson, World War II

Joseph Robertson, Civil War

Robert S. Robertson, Civil War

Harold Robinson, World War II

Keith A. Robinson, World War II

Mickel N. Robinson, World War II

Richard Robson, Civil War

James R. Roche, World War II

Henry J. Roder, World War II

John E. Rodgers, World War II

Thomas E. Rodgers, World War II

William H. Roesch, World War II

Albert Roffi, World War II

Edwin B. Rogers, World War II

Samuel L. Rogers, World War II

William C. Rogers, Spanish-American War

Kenneth H. Rohrabacher, World War II

Wayne Romine, World War II

C. Rominer, Civil War

Elmer Rooks, World War II

  1. W. Roper, Civil War

Domenic T. Rosa, World War II

Floyd W. Rosborough, World War II

John C. Roscoe, World War II

John Rose, Civil War

Samuel Rose, Civil War

Abe A. Rosen, World War II

Adolf Rosenzweig, World War II

Anna Maria Ross, Civil War

Carl Thomas Ross, World War II

Marion D. Ross, World War II

Robert Ross, World War II

Robert E. Ross, World War II

Thomas R. Ross, Jr., World War II

Howard Rothgeb, World War II

David Rowan, Civil War

Lewis Rowe, Civil War

Joel Roys, Civil War

William Ruff, Civil War

Calvin Rumbaugh, World War II

Anthony Vantley Rumler, Civil War

Raymond A. Rusch, World War II

Emerson Rush, World War II

Reba L. Rush, World War II

Mrs. E. J. Russell, Civil War

Charles T. Ryan, World War II

Joe M. Ryan, World War II

Patrick Ryan, Civil War

John Ryason, Civil War

Joseph S. Rydelski, World War II




Mary J. Safford, Civil War

Beryl H. Sampson, World War II

Joe R. Sanchez, World War II

Walter W. Sanders, World War II

Alexander Sanderson, War of 1812

Ernest B. Sanderson, World War II

Nathaniel Satterlee, Revolutionary War

Frank Saunders, Military Burial

Floyd Saville, World War II

Max L. Savoie, World War II

Zephaniah Sawtell, Civil War

Arthur R. Saxon, World War II

William L. Saxon, Civil War

James Scamman, Revolutionary War

Anthony Scarano, World War II

James P. Scarbrough, World War II

George H. Schafer, Spanish-American War

Frank Schaffer, Spanish-American War

John C. Scheffer, Spanish-American War

Richard Schelling, Peacetime Service

George A. Schied, Spanish-American War

Franklin D. Schlotterback, World War II

Charles E. Schmid, World War II

Charles R. Schmidt, World War II

Paul J. Schmidt, World War II

Warren W. Schneider, World War II

J.J. Schraner, Civil War

Herman Schroeder, Spanish-American War

Edward Paul Schultz, World War I

Frederick Schultz, Korean War

James Schultz, Korean War

John Frank Schultz, World War I

George Schuster, World War II

Donald K. Schwab, World War II

Phillip Schwab, Civil War

  1. S. Scofield, Civil War

Wm. Seacord, Civil War

Joseph B. Seaman, Spanish-American War

Zachariah Search, Civil War

Billy D. Sears, World War II

Cornelius R. Sedam, Revolutionary War

  1. F. Seders, Civil War

John Segar, Civil War

Gerret Seger, Civil War

Robert Seibold, World War II

Walter Seidel, World War II

Spencer Seigler, Civil War

John Sellman, Revolutionary War

John Serfoss, War of 1812

Lloyd Sergent, World War II

George William Sewell, World War II

Raymond Sewell, World War II

Kieth B. Seymoure, World War II

Hiram Robert Shaffer, Civil War

Edward S. Shantz, World War II

William Sharp, Civil War

Paul D. Sharpe, World War II

Hattie R. Sharpless, Civil War

Alden Meredith Shaw, World War II

Ernest O. Sheffield, World War II

Isaac Shelley, Civil War

William Shelley, Civil War

Daniel Shelly, Civil War

Samuel Shelly, Civil War

Elisha Shepherd, Revolutionary War

Thomas Sheppard, Spanish-American War

Frank Sherbondy, Spanish-American War

Melvin Sherman, World War II

Robert E. Sherman, World War II

  1. C. Sherrard, Civil War

Isaiah Sherrett, Civil War

John W. Sherry, Civil War

William H. Sherry, Civil War

William P. Sherry, Civil War

Edwin B. Shetterly, Civil War

Frank Shetterly, Spanish-American War

Henry Shetterly, War of 1812

Jacob Shetterly, War of 1812

Joseph E. Shetterly, Spanish-American War

Oscar E. Shetterly, Civil War

Henry Shideler, Revolutionary War

John Shields, Civil War

Richard G. Shingleton, World War II

Shipper, Civil War

Stanton Sholes, War of 1812

Edmund W. Short, Civil War

John Freeman Shorter, Civil War

Richard Wells Shorter, World War II

William M. Shrack, Civil War

Charles B. Shreve, Spanish-American War

Freeman Shull, Civil War

John Shull, Civil War

Lester Shull, World War II

Oswald Shull, World War II

Raymond Shull, World War II

Rochelle S. Sidney, Military Burial

Paul Jack Sieber, World War II

Vincent Siemowski, World War I

Walter Siemowski, World War I

Stanley Siff, WWII

Jacob Sigler, Civil War

John Sigler, Civil War

Sherman Silverman, World War II

John Silvis, Civil War

James E. Simmons, World War II

George Simon, War of 1812

John Jackson Sims, Civil War

Hubert E. Singleton, World War II

Francis Marion Sisson, Civil War

Arlis Sizemore, World War II

Benjamin F. Skinner, World War II

Charles Skinner, World War II

Fred Sklar, World War II

Jeremiah Slaughter, War of 1812

Moses Slaughter, Civil War

Philip Sloat, Revolutionary War

Theodore P. Slobodzian, World War II

Mrs. Jerusha R. Small, Civil War

C. Small, Civil War

Lawrence Smarr, Military Burial

Charles F. Smith, World War II

Charles W. Smith, World War II

Daniel S. Smith, War of 1812

David S. Smith, Civil War

Deloss W. Smith, Spanish-American War

Don Gregory Smith, World War II

Enoch Smith, Civil War

Ezekiel Smith, War of 1812

George Smith, Civil War

Glenn W. Smith, World War II

Henry R. Smith, World War II

Irene (Stearns) Smith, World War II

Jesse Smith, Military Burial

John Elmer Smith, Military Burial

John W. Smith, Military Burial

Johnnie E. Smith, World War II

Joseph B. Smith, Spanish-American War

M.H. Smith, WWII

Maxwell P. Smith, Korean War

Maxwell P. Smith, World War II

Morris Smith, World War II

  1. W. Smith, Civil War
  2. Smith, Civil War

Solomon Smith, War of 1812

Thomas C. Smith, Spanish-American War

Troy Smith, World War II

  1. W. Smith, Civil War

Edward J. Smutek, World War II

Lester H. Snodgrass, World War II

Clyde Snowberger, Spanish-American War

Harold A. Snyder, World War II

James E. Snyder, World War II

Jesse Snyder, Spanish-American War

Lelon A. Snyder, WWII

Leroy H. Snyder, World War II

Charles L. Soest, Spanish-American War

Oscar Sollman, World War II

Harold Sorgenfrei Jr., World War II

Max E. Sorgenfrei, World War II

Robert Leroy Sorgenfrei, World War II

Cruz Soto, World War II

Paul R. Soucy, World War II

Roy Southard, Spanish-American War

Fred A. Sovine, Spanish-American War

Richard Dobbs Spaight, Revolutionary War

Donald Hays Spangler, World War II

George Spangler, Civil War

Robert Spangler, Vietnam War

Robert Kent Spangler, World War II

Carl C. Sparks, World War II

Ora E. Sparrow, World War II

Cad Speaker, Military Burial

John P. Spears, Civil War

John W. Spears, World War II

Ernest A. Speliades, World War II

John T. Spencer, Jr., World War II

Mrs. R. H. Spencer, Civil War

Oliver Spencer, Revolutionary War

Walter Harrison Sprunger, Korean War

Thomas D. Spurgeon, World War II

Miles Squire, Civil War

Mirel J. Stabelski, World War II

  1. Stacey, Civil War

Brice L. Stafford, World War II

Simon F. Stallings, World War II

Harold G. Stalnaker, World War II

Don E. Stanger, World War II

John A. Star, World War II

Thomas L. Stark, Civil War

Hulbert Starr, Civil War

Lucy E. Starr, Civil War

Joseph P. Stasior, World War II

Ornell Stauffer, World War II

Mrs. S. Burger Stearns, Civil War

Wilfred A. Stee, World War II

Samuel Steel, Civil War

Joseph Granville Steele, World War II

Joseph P. Steele, World War II

Eugene Stein, World War II

Michael G. Stephany, World War II

Alvin M. Stephens, World War II

Hugh A. Stephens, Civil War

Edward J. Stevens, World War II

Florain E. Stevens, World War II

J.H. Stevens, Civil War

Robert L. Stevenson, World War II

George Stewart, World War II

George H. Stewart, World War II

William E. Stewart, Military Burial

Edward Stimac, Peacetime Service

Earl J. Stockman, World War II

Benjamin Stokes, World War II

Halle D. Stokes, Spanish-American War

Elmer W. Stoll, World War II

Bernard H. Stonestreet, World War II

John Stoops, Civil War

James E. Straley, World War II

Richard Strebig, World War II

Harold R. Streby, World War II

Elizabeth M. Streeter, Civil War

Edwin R. Stribley, Civil War

James Stroble, World War II

Donald Stroebel, World War II

Paul W. Stroup, World War II

David W. Strouse, Spanish-American War

Leland W. Struble, World War II

  1. E. Studebaker, Spanish-American War

Robert D. Stultz, World War II

Rob’t. L. Stump, Civil War

James Sturgis, Civil War

Harry A. Suffron, World War I

Melvin P. Suffron, World War II

Fred Suiter, World War I

John P. Sullivan, World War II

Joseph Sullivan, Spanish-American War

William J. Sullivan, Jr., World War II

Jerry Surfus, Spanish-American War

John L. Surfus, World War II

Arthur Suter, Spanish-American War

Ward C. Swalwell, Jr., World War II

Stephen Swank, Spanish-American War

Robert W. Swann, Civil War

Carlyle Ochiltree Swartz, World War II

Francis Swartz, Korean War

Joseph Gibboney Swartz, World War II

Joseph Godfrey Swartz, Civil War

Paul Rudolph Swartz, World War II

Benjamin Sweeney, Civil War

Daniel Sweeney, World War II

Charles C. Sweetland, World War II

Kennet Swift, Spanish-American War

Marvin Swinford, World War II

Randolph Swing, Civil War

Floyd Swink, World War II

Robinson Sykes, Military Burial

Ralph Sylvester, Jr., World War II




John J. Tafoya, World War II

Daniel Taft, War of 1812

Ethan W. Taft, Civil War

James B. Taft, Civil War

M. Talley, Civil War

Frank Tallie, Military Burial

Charles A. Tallon, World War II

Samuel J. Tannas, World War II

Herschel E. Tanner, World War II

John A. Tarbert, World War II

Charles J. Targgart, World War II

Clark A. Tavener, World War II

Andrew J. Taylor, Civil War

Ben Taylor, Military Burial

Daniel Taylor, Civil War

  1. L. Taylor, Civil War

Moses Taylor, Revolutionary War

Nellie Maria Taylor, Civil War

  1. C. Teel, Civil War

Alexander Teets, Civil War

David Temby, War in Afghanistan & Iraqi War

Andrew Temple, Civil War

George Temple, Civil War

John Terleski, Jr., World War II

Charles R. Tew, World War II

Earl B. Thacker, World War II

James Tharp, Civil War

Don Theurer, World War II

Fred W. Thiebolt, Spanish-American War

Claude E. Thomas, World War II

Jerry Thomas, Military Burial

Mrs. E. Thomas , Civil War

Sherman C. Thomas, World War II

Wilford C. Thomas, World War II

Ernest W. Thompson, World War II

George Thompson, Civil War

James Thompson, Revolutionary War

Jno. Thompson, Civil War

John W. Thompson, WWII

Melvin V. Thompson, World War II

Richard Thompson, War of 1812

Roy S. Thoren, World War II

Albert Thorne, Civil War

James G. Thornton, Jr., World War II

Abraham Thrapp, Civil War

Bennet Thrapp, Civil War

Elias Thrapp, Civil War

James Thrapp, Civil War

Simeon Thrapp, Civil War

  1. J. Thrasher, Civil War

Norbert C. Tice, World War II

Royal Tillbury, Spanish-American War

Robert B. Tinsley, Jr., World War II

James Tippett, Civil War

Frank Tipton, Military Burial

Arthur W. Todd, World War II

John Todd, Civil War

Paul S. Todd, World War II

Ralph Todd, World War II

Edward A. Tomassone, World War II

Cornelia M. Tompkins, Civil War

Orrin C. Tooker, Civil War

John Topper, Civil War

Robert Torrence, World War II

George Tosto, World War II

William B. Toth, World War II

Leonard A. Tracy, World War II

John P. Trafny, World War II

Jacob Treace, Civil War

Isaac Treece, Civil War

Joab Treece, Civil War

John Treece, Civil War

Robert Trickey, World War II

James M. Triplett, World War II

Donald Duane Trittipo, World War II

Herbert E. Trittipo, World War II

Kenneth W. Trittipo, World War II

Charles True, World War II

David Nelson True, Civil War

Robert A. True, World War II

W.E. Truemper, WWII

James William Trusty, Jr., Afghanistan

Norman Trzynka, World War II

Sidney Tuchman, World War II

Earnest G. Tucker, World War II

Granville Tucker, Civil War

Dale Tucker, World War II

Jesse E. Tucker, World War II

James W. Turman, World War II

Joseph W. Turnage, World War II

Lewlie R. Turner, World War II

William D. Turner, World War II

William F. Tursman, World War I

Charles Tuttle, World War II

Charles J. Tuttle, World War II

Lawrence K. Tuttle, Vietnam War

Robert Twitchell, World War II

Adaline Tyler, Civil War




Garrett W. Ulbrich, World War II

Max V. Ullery, World War II

Irwin E. Ungeright, World War II

Edward Urbanik, World War II



Carl Valentine, World War II

Avery Van Laningham, World War II

Arnold H. Van Quekelberghe, WWII

Kenneth E. Van Slyke, World War II

L.R. Vance, Jr., WWII

Mary Vance, Civil War

George H. Vaream, World War II

manuel M. Vasquez, World War II

Charles Vattier, Revolutionary War

Donald A. Venderley, World War II

Gilbert Vendura, World War II

Frank Venus, World War II

Marmaduke Vickrey, Revolutionary War

William P. Villetto, World War II

  1. F. Vondermark, Spanish-American War

George H. Vorndran, Jr., World War II

F.L. Vosler, WWII




David E. Wade, Revolutionary War

Edward George Walburn, World War II

Christopher Walker, Revolutionary War

  1. N. Walker, Civil War

Marcellus B. Walker, Civil War

T. Walker, Civil War

James Wall, World War II

Florian Wallace, World War II

Lewis “Lew” Wallace, Mexican-American War

Wilder E. Walling, Civil War

Claude Wallsmith, World War II

Patrick H. Walsh, Spanish-American War

Fred Walters, Spanish-American War

Robert Walters, World War II

James Walton, World War II

Robert C. Wappes, World War II

Warmack, Civil War

J. Warren, Civil War

Robert Warren, World War II

George Washington, Military Burial

David Waterbury, Revolutionary War

Clarence Watson, World War II

Donald E. Watson, World War II

Ezra Watts, Civil War

John Watts, War of 1812

John Watts, Civil War

William Watts, Civil War

Anthony Wayne, Revolutionary War

Wayne, Civil War

M. Wayt, Civil War

Henry F. Weakley, Civil War

John Weaver, Civil War

Phillip Weaver, Civil War

Samuel Weaver, Civil War

Dean Webb, World War II

Kenneth Webb, World War II

Raymond E. Webb, World War II

Scott Webb, World War II

Sgt. Webb, Civil War

Calvin R. Weber, World War II

Dale H. Weber, World War II

Donald Allen Weber, Peacetime Service

Floyd E. Weber, World War II

George Anthony Weber, World War II

Glenn R. Weber, World War II

Jack Weber, World War II

Kenneth Weber, World War II

Kenneth Carl Weber, World War II

Richard Walter Weber, Peacetime Service

Vaughn L. Weber, World War II

Christ O. Webster, Spanish-American War

George Weedon, Revolutionary War

George M. Weeks, World War II

Kenneth E. Weeks, World War II

William L. Weeks, World War II

Edward Wefel, Spanish-American War

George W. Wehrmeister, Spanish-American War

Arlynn E. Weieneth, World War II

Robert D. Weimer, World War II

Mildred A. Weiner, World War II

Andrew N. Weir, Civil War

Robert H. Weisburn, World War II

William Weldon, World War II

Christ C. Weller, Spanish-American War

Geo. L. Wells, Civil War

Harry Wells, World War II

Harry Wells, World War II

Joel Wells, War of 1812

John T. Wells, Jr., World War II

Mrs. Shepard Wells, Civil War

Walter N. Wenger, Jr., World War II

Walter Werner, World War II

Albert West, Civil War

Andrew West, Civil War

Andrew J. West, Civil War

Fairfax West, Civil War

George West, Civil War

Henry West, Civil War

Hugh West, Civil War

Isaac West, Civil War

Isaiah West, Civil West

James West, Civil War

John West, Civil War

Leslie West, Civil War

Marcus West, Mexican-American War

Perry West, Civil War

Reason West, Civil War

Russell West, Civil War

Thomas West, Civil War

William H. West, Civil War

William W. West, Civil War

Porter G. Western, World War II

M. Wharton, Civil War

Geo. W. Wheeler, Civil War

Joseph W. Whitaker, Civil War

Carl M. White, World War II

Charles S. S. White, Spanish-American War

Howard P. White, World War II

Jean White, World War II

C. White, Civil War

F. Whiteleather, Spanish-American War

John Whitlock, Civil War

Edward Whitney, Civil War

John F. Wiggins, Civil War

Clark L. Wilcox, Civil War

George H. Wilcox, Spanish-American War

Fred E. Wiley, World War II

Orville C. Wiley, World War II

Robert Wiley, World War II

J. Willey, Civil War

Martin Henry Willhide, Civil War

Matthew William, Military Burial

Capt. Williams, Civil War

David B. Williams, World War II

Emil Williams, World War II

Francis Wesley Williams (AKA William Williams), Peacetime Service

Harmon R. Williams, World War II

Isaac Williams, Civil War

James E. Williams, Military Burial

Milton E. Williams, Military Burial

  1. A. Williams, Civil War

Fred’k Williard, Civil War

John R. Willig, World War II

Gerard Willis, Allen County Council of Veterans

William Willis, Civil War

James Willison, War of 1812

John G. Willison, World War II

Ralph A. Wilmot, World War II

Albert Wils, World War II

Elijah Wilson, Civil War

Eugene Wilson, World War II

Geo. W. Wilson, Civil War

Harold C. Wilson, Jr., World War II

Jas. W. Wilson, Civil War

Kellie E. Wilson, Military Burial

Lloyd Wilson, World War II

Richard Wilson, Spanish-American War

Viola Wilson, World War II

William L. Wilson, World War II

William Wilson, Jr., WWII

Guy Winebrenner, World War II

Richard A. Winebrenner, World War II

June Winn, Military Burial

Henry Winston, Military Burial

Alvin Wirick, World War II

Charles Alvin Wirick, World War II

Robert H. Wirick, World War II

Walter J. Wirick, World War II

Franklin Wise, Civil War

Richard Wiseheart, World War II

Allen Henry Wiseley, World War II

Walter Emil Wiseley, World War II

Denvil B. Wiseman, World War II

Sigmund J. Wisniewski, World War II

Hattie Wiswall, Civil War

Charles Robert Witcher, Korean War

Mrs. E. C. Witherell, Civil War

Annie Wittenmeyer, Civil War

Billy P. Wolfe, World War II

Donald Wolfe, World War II

George F. Wolfe, World War II

Aaron Wolford, Civil War

Alvin Wonsey, Civil War

Kwack K. Woo, World War II

Benjamin Wood, Revolutionary War

Wilf Wood, World War I

David Woodruff, Civil War

Gene Woods, World War II

Ryan Woodward, Iraqi War

Georgiana Woolsey, Civil War

Jane C. Woolsey, Civil War

Arthur Worker, Peacetime Service

Katherine Prescott Wormeley, Civil War

Lennes L. Worrel, World War II

Clarence E. Wren, World War II

B. Wright, Civil War

Martin Wright, Spanish-American War

Robert E. Wright, World War II

Robert K. Wright, World War II

Sam H. Wright, World War II

Marty Wyall, World War II

Abel Wyman, War of 1812

Edward J. Wynieski, World War II

W. Wynn, Civil War

David T. Wynn, Civil War




Simeon T. Yancey, Civil War

Samuel B. Yaryan, Civil War

Paul Yoder, World War II

Alonzo Young, Civil War

Arthur James Young, World War II

Carl Gale Young, World War II

Charles Young, Military Burial

Charles E. Young, World War II

Charles Eugene Young, World War II

Harry Young, World War II

Harry J. Young, Spanish-American War

Jas. Young, Civil War

John Townsend Young, Civil War

Walter Goss Young, World War II

William Young, World War II

John Yuricka, World War II




Paul P. Zachar, World War II

Clifford G. Zeller, World War II

Al J. Zelnis, World War II

Roy Zessar, WWII

Victor K. Zickefoose, World War II

Russell M. Zigler, World War II

Robert Zimman, World War II

Anton Zimmerman, Civil War

Ernest Bernard Zimmerman, Jr., Iraq & Persian Gulf

Paul Zimmerman, Spanish-American War

Charles A. Zollinger, Civil War

George W. Zollinger, Spanish-American War

A. Zollinger, Spanish-American War

Joseph Zook, Civil War

Jacob Zuber, Spanish-American War

Robert H. Zwicky, World War II

Frank John Zwolinski, World War II





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Patriot Dead of LaGrange County [Indiana]

The Roll of Honor, Containing the Names of Soldiers, Sailors, and Marines of All the Wars of Our Country Who Are Buried in the Cemeteries of Cook County

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Jewish War Veterans Memorial, Agudas Achim Cemetery, Columbus, Ohio


Maple Grove Cemetery, Edgerton, Williams County, Ohio: Selected Markers

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