“On May 1, 1845, Buckingham, Prince Edward, Charlotte, and Campbell Counties each surrendered portions of their territory for a new county named Appomattox in honor of the river springing from the heart of the territory.”

“The village of Clover Hill, located in the center of the new county along the Richmond-Lynchburg Stage Road, was renamed Appomattox Court House and became the seat of government. Clover Hill was originally settled around 1815 with the construction of the Clover Hill Tavern, across from which the brick courthouse building for the new county was built.”

In April of 1865, Appomattox Court House played a pivotal role in the history of the United States [in the American Civil War]. …a large part of the hostilities ended when General Robert E. Lee, Commanding General of the Army of Northern Virginia, accepted the generous terms of surrender offered by Lieutenant General Ulysses S. Grant, General-in-Chief of all United States forces, in the parlor of a home owned by Wilbur McLean. Though fighting raged on elsewhere for several more weeks, General Lee’s surrender effectively ended the Southern States’ attempt to create a separate nation, and made Appomattox a symbol of peace and unity.”

“In February 1892, fire destroyed the courthouse building. Two months later, the County held a special election that resulted in the decision to move the county seat closer to the railroad at Appomattox Depot, two miles to the southwest. Old Appomattox Court House was left to deteriorate until being taken over by the National Park Service in the 1930s.”

“Appomattox Depot was settled with the coming of the railroad in 1852. According to one legend, in that same year, a family headed for the frontiers of Nebraska stopped on its way west. They never left the little railroad village, but began calling the place “Nebraska” instead. Regardless of the origin of the name “Nebraska,” a post office under this name was soon established, and Nebraska became the official name of the settlement until shortly after the county seat moved here in 1892, at which time the name Appomattox was chosen. The village was incorporated in 1925 and remains the seat of county government today.”

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