Arcanum Adatbázis Kft is a digital publishing company in Hungary. They offer both fee and free services including:

Hungaricana (FREE) – Arcanum helps digitized and publish historic documents and books at Hungaricana which the Hungarian Parliament makes available for free. They have an impressive list of contributors and useful databases for family history research including the registers of the Budapest City Archives, noble registers, the letters and manuscript collections of kings from 1526 to 1918, the 1767 Urbarium Census (peasantry and their possessions from 43 counties), newspapers, yearbooks, church publications, and much more.

Mapire (FREE) – this site publishes historical maps and surveys and has impressive 3D maps, especially from the Hapsburg Empire and the political divides that followed. They also have maps for Moscow and many European cities.

ADT (Arcanum Digitális Tudománytár)  (FEE) “Hungary’s largest and constantly growing database of digital periodicals, which allows hundreds of national scientific and professional journals, as well as weekly and daily newspapers each page number available to the sake of completeness.” Searching is free, browsing the hundreds of page table of contents is free, to view the document requires a subscription


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