Arizona Funeral Home Records online include funeral home or mortuary records and funeral programs. These records contain information related to death and burial such as:


  • name of the deceased

  • death certificate

  • death date and place

  • burial date and place

  • birth date and place

  • copy of the obituary

  • name of informant (often a relative)

  • residence of deceased

  • list of surviving relatives

  • residences of relatives

  • funeral program including speakers and pall bearers

  • biographical information for the deceased


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Arizona Funeral Home Records online at the federal level

US – Mortuary Records – United States, Panama Canal Zone, Index to the Gorgas Hospital Mortuary Registers, 1906-1991, index, at FS



Arizona Funeral Home Records online at the state level

Arizona – Arizona death records: an index compiled from mortuary, cemetery, and church records, at FS



Arizona Funeral Home Records online at the city level

Bisbee – Mortuary Records – Index to cemetery and mortuary records of Bisbee, Arizona, 1897-1926, at FS

Globe – Funeral Homes – Arizona, Gila County, Mortuary Records, 1898-1975, at FS

Prescott – Funeral Homes – Hampton Funeral Home Records, at SHLA

Prescott – Newspaper Obituary Index Project – Also see Obituaries at this link – an ongoing project of Sharlot Hall Museum Archives. The entries are mostly derived from Prescott, Arizona newspapers, and the database is being added to daily. Obituaries may list information about funeral services, burial sites, the deceased’s occupations and their participation in civic and religious organization, or be limited to name and date of death, at SHLA

Tucson – Funeral Homes – Index to Records of Parker Mortuary, Tucson, Arizona, 1897-1912, at FS


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