Sankofagen Wiki run by Karmella Haynes has a list of Arkansas Plantations and Slave Names listed by county, for counties formed prior to 1865. Currently, there are only plantations listed for Chicot County, Jefferson County, Ouachita County, and Phillips County.

SANKOFA is an Akan word meaning “go back and take.” Good and useful things can be taken from the past to drive positive progress in the present through the benevolent use of knowledge.”

“Sankofa-gen Wiki is a growing collection of freely accessible genealogical and historical data pertaining to U.S.A. antebellum plantations, farms, factories, manors, etc. that used African slave labor. This site is a wiki which means that you, the slave genealogy researcher, can add and update information instantly. This website aims to summarize plantation-related data in a way that allows the genealogist to better visualize the lives of our enslaved ancestors within a historical context…

  • Was the slave buyer a relative of the seller?

  • Did the buyer relocate?

  • Were plantations connected by slave holder marriages?

  • Was my ancestor sent away to another plantation because the planter’s family owned plantations in other states?”


9 responses to “Arkansas Plantations and Slave Names”

  1. Hello, I am looking for the Owners who had a large group of Slaves in Columbia and Union County, Arkansas, The person of interest was from James and John Peters who once was a slave owners in this area and the Man who came from the Plantation of Peters was Dawson Peters, he was born in 1825 in South Carolina and may have come from a different Plantation before Peters who moved from South Carolina.

  2. Hello, my name is Patrick Richardson I am a Social Science major and Humanities graduate from Mount San Jacinto College. In California of course, I in search of my male ancestor who was born in Arkansas County Arkansas under the name: Newman Crenshaw born in 1860. I am a fourth generation Crenshaw; I was born Kansas City Kansas 1964. I would like information on what plantation Newman Crenshaw was born in 1860, because he died in 1937. He was married to a woman Lila Crenshaw from Texas; she was born 1870-1911. Yes, any information will be helpful at this crucial point in African American history. Thanks Again

  3. Hello, I’m looking for any information on the Gregory Family from Woodruff County, Arkansas. My 2nd great grandmother Jane Bell was sold to this family from Georgia.

  4. Hi! Im looking for a Plantation in Rural, Arkansas by the name of Ramsey Camp; Austin Plantation. Estella Barner resided there. And so did Cal Barner…

  5. Hello I’m looking for any plantation in Arkansas that had the last name of HARDNETT

    1. My great grandma, zellie wofford earls Hubbard. Had a brother named Benton Wofford who had his own plantation, in Arkansas county Arkansas. He may have bought his plantation from the person you mentioned?….I don’t know, because I don’t know the name of his plantation. I think Chinese may have worked for him on his plantation. He paid with his own made coins and people he paid bought from his own store.

  6. Hi looking for Terrell in Arkansas, All I know from family is Terrell Farm


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