AsynjaArt is a family tree art company based in Sweden owned by Anna Edin. “The niche I have chosen is to paint personal family tree. Both because I slälv are genealogists and because I love to paint. I want to combine my ability to paint and interpret with your very own wishes. I want to make art that lives up to the expectations you may have.”

“The technique I mostly use my paintings are a combination of tuschlavyr and watercolor. It is a legacy of my mentor Rolf Lidberg but also inspired by other masters such as Carl Larsson, Elsa Beskow and Ilon Wikland. For larger paintings on the walls and I use acrylic paint as a medium.”

AsynjaArt has a webshop where you can see and purchase hand-painted originals and she has a page of genealogy resource links for those interested in family history research.


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