Australians in the Boer War, Oz-Boer Database Project is a free website for searching information about Australians who served in the Boer War. The entire database can also be downloaded from this search site but is copyrighted and can’t be used for any commercial purpose.

“The project has three objectives:

  • to provide free online searches of the data on soldiers and nurses who served in Australian (both Colonial and Commonwealth) units that is contained in the ‘Soldiers of the Queen’ index to the names in Murray (the official records of the Australian contingents) compiled by Dr. McLachlan;

  • progressively, to expand the database by including pointers to other hardcopy sources of information on those individuals plus links to relevant web pages (and the email addresses of those researching them), and

  • ultimately, in the process, hopefully to identify and include entries on more of the thousands of other Australians who served in the war in non-Australian units – especially those who died and are buried unrecognised as Australian.”

The site also has Medals, Memorials, Sources, Submissions, and more options.


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