Automated Genealogy has free Canadian genealogy records including online census indexes, Moncton Parish Records, military records, and more.


Indexes for the following Canadian Censuses:

  • 1901 Census 
    The 1901 Census was the first census that LAC released images for and the first one we indexed. Transcription has been completed and we are almost 70% through proofreading.
  • 1911 Census
    Transcription is now complete, proofreading is in progress.
  • 1906 Census
    The 1906 Census was a special census of the three prairie provinces of Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba. Transcription is essentially complete, proofreading has not yet started.
  • 1851 Census
    Censuses were planned for 1851 for the then separate colonies of Canada (current day Ontario and Quebec), New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia. The census of Canada was delayed until early 1852 so it is variously refered to as the 1851 or 1852 Census. Indexing of the 1852 census was started in August 2007. Indexing of the 1851 Census of New Brunswick was started in June 2007 and has been completed. Indexing of the 1851 Census of Nova Scotia, which is a head-of-household-only census, has not yet begun.
  • 1921 Census


Automated Genealogy has a linking project that links records between various records bases. Linking projects include:


The linking projects include:


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