Awsm is a private social app for families and groups. It’s an alternative to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube with none of the negative aspects of those apps. Find the Awsm app in the iOS app store.


Features include:

  • Digital notes, send and save meaningful messages

  • Photos, take or upload photos, add a caption then share with friends and family

  • Video Messages, record or upload video messages to family

  • Voice Messages, record and share voice messages

  • Prompts, select from over 1,000 prompts that assist you in sending positive messages to thank, motivate, compliment, and build others up

  • Questions, send and answer questions designed to help you strengthen your relationships

  • Message Mob, after you’ve sent a positive message to someone who could use support, invite others to send that same person a message

  • No App Required, messages you share with friends and family who don’t have the app will still reach them via SMS

  • No Ads

  • Data Privacy

  • No Fake Profiles

  • No Hate Allowed




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