Ballymoney Ancestry is a website dedicated to the present and former inhabitants of Ballymoney, Antrim, Northern Ireland. This site has a historical map, a timeline for Ballymoney, a list of famous emigrants, and 55,000 records free of charge.

From the site:

“For generations, Ballymoney folk have left their homes to travel across the world and begin new lives abroad. Many were pioneers who helped to build the New World in North America, New Zealand and Australia. Others travelled across the Irish Sea seeking work in Britain. They all left behind a land that they loved and ensured that their descendents would always be proud of their family origins back in Co. Antrim.

“In recent years, Ballymoney Borough Council has measured a considerable increase in inquiries from families researching Northern Ireland Genealogy in this region. In response to this, and with the assistance of the EU Programme for Building Sustainable Prosperity, we have provided this website as a free, on-line resource.”


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