“All the baptismal records (1860 to 1911), from all parishes of Madeira Archipelago, are available online, except the following parishes: Porto da Cruz, Curral das Freiras, Santa Cruz, Sao Roque do Faial and Se. Total: 235.202 records. The parishes of Gaula, Camara de Lobos, Ponta do Pargo, Boaventura, Cani …”

Parishes available are included in the image below. For Madeira Ancestry, the Regional Archives of Madeira has free Marriage records, parish records, and passports for the Madeira archipelago. Batismos are baptisms, Matrimônios’ are marriages, Óbitos are deaths, Passaportes are passports, Registos dos Processos Judiciais are Judicial or Court records.

Archivo Regional Madeira parishes



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