Barcos de Agnelli | Agnelli Ships is a free website with passengers from Italy arriving at the Port of Buenos Aires between 1882 and 1920.

“The Agnelli Foundation data does not include information regarding the arrival of passengers from other origins -distinct from Italian-, and those of Italian origin loaded in later stages. Consequently, it covers only:

1. Italian immigrants.
2. It does not include records after 1920 (1921-1931) nor the data subsequently updated by CEMLA (from the period 1882-1920).
3. Does not include arrivals by river, with the steam of the race, or by land means after arriving at a port other than Buenos Aires (Montevideo, Santos). To date we know of arrivals to the Ports of La Plata, Ensenada, La Boca, but there is no news about the records of those ports.”

Barcos de Agnelli is authored by Mauro Risani and Sabrina Lamperti.