The Belknap County Register of Deeds keeps land records and probate records for the towns and city in Belknap County: Alton, Barnstead, Belmont, Center Harbor, Gilford, Gilmanton, Laconia, Meredith, New Hampton, Sanbornton, and Tilton.

“Recorded documents, plans and indices, dating back to 1765 are available for viewing at Please visit this link for more information.”

“If at any time you need assistance with your on-line search, do not hesitate to call our office at 603-527-5420.”

“If you prefer to come to our office in person, the experienced Registry staff would be happy to assist you. We are located in the Belknap County Superior Court Building, 64 Court Street, Laconia, New Hampshire 03246.”

“The Register of Deeds is the office that tracks the ownership of every parcel of land and building(s) in Belknap County. Each piece of property is represented in a recorded document at the Registry; types of documents would include deeds, mortgages, assignments, discharges of mortgage, liens, covenants, plans and many more.”

“The Registry provides information to the 10 towns and 1 city in Belknap County, regarding the sale of properties for tax purposes. The recording of important documents is one of the oldest functions performed by the government. Anyone with an interest in genealogy will find the volumes at the Registry of Deeds of interest.”


Prior to 1 January 2015, documents involving a trust were indexed under the name of the trust only. Beginning 1 January 2015, the name of the trust and the name(s) of the Trustee(s) are indexed.

Writs of Attachment: The writs are available for examination from 1914 to present. Prior to 1967, separate books were kept for recording of attachments. 1967 through 2006, writs were stored in file cabinets in number sequence. From 2007 to date, writs have been recorded in deed books.

Federal Tax Liens: The liens are available for examination. Since 1967, liens are recorded in deed books.

Old Age Assistance Liens: OAA liens are available for examination from 1949, more recent liens are recorded in deed books.

Real Estate Tax Liens: Prior to 2006, tax information filed by Tax Collectors from the Towns in Carroll County is kept in designated Tax Books and includes detailed copies of Advertised Tax Sales, Collector’s Sales, Paid Prior to Sale reports and Redemptions. These books can be viewed at the Registry. Since 2006 tax information can be found and viewed in deed books.

Daybooks: From 1866 to present, available for viewing at the Registry.


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