The Bisbee Mining Historical Museum is dedicated to preserving the town of Bisbee, a copper mining town whose mines closed in the 1970s.


The Bisbee Mining Historical Museum website has several online collections:


The Museum also has a Research Library with onsite collections:

  • 100 years of local newspapers on microfilm

  • Bisbee City Directories from 1899 through the 1970s

  • Early 20th century censuses on microfilm

  • Extensive vertical files (subject-based files containing monographs, newspaper clippings, correspondence, and miscellaneous manuscripts)

  • Biographical files

  • Obituary files

  • 7,000 historic photographic reprints from the Museum’s archival collections

  • Mining annual reports & bulletins

  • Bisbee High School annuals Cuprites from 1916 onward


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