Bistum Bamberg is the Diocese of Bamberg in Bavaria, Germany. Contact the Diocese for record collections. “The Archive of the Archdiocese of Bamberg, as the central archives of the Archdiocese, is divided into two large sections, one of which is the historical archives of the ecclesiastical authorities of the princely bishopric of Bamberg until the construction of the Archbishopric of 1818-1821. The other section comprises the registries of the ecclesiastical authorities of the Archbishopric of Bamberg with the archives of ecclesiastical associations and associations, the dean, parish and curate archives, estates and collections.”

German privacy rules:

  • Christening books: 120 years after birth/baptism

  • Marriage books: 100 years after marriage

  • Death books: 40 years after death (You can’t be presented with the whole death book until 100 years after the date of the last entry but you can request individual death information from a book.)

Use this link to look up a parish name within the Diocese with a link to the parish website.


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