Bremen Passenger Lists is a free website which hosts passenger lists from Bremen that were saved, after many were destroyed for lack of space or due to loss in World War II. “These saved lists had been stowed away in a salt mine at Bernburg an der Saale in 1942 together with other archives for the purpose of protection, and were transferred into the custody of Moscow Archives at the end of WW II. In 1987 and 1990 those lists were given back to the Bremen Chamber of Commerce.”

Free Bremen records include:

  • Passenger lists from 1920-1939
  • Bremen shiplists from 1907-1908
  • Bremen shiplists from 1913-1914
  • 1832-1949 Friedrich Spengemann: The voyages of the Isabella, Pauline, Meta, and Uhland.
  • 1834 Bodo Heyne: Passengers of the Ferdinand and the Wallace
  • 1849-1850 Karl W. Klüber: Bremen and Hamburg emigration lists
  • 1858 Fanny Kirchner to Sydney, Australia
  • 1796 Marriages on the way to America

There database contains 690,591 passengers.


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