Bright Branches is a web-based family tree system that turns your family tree into an interactive digital piece of art. You can upload a GEDCOM file or import a tree from and the site will display an artistic version of your tree with links to ancestors and sources that can be expanded and viewed.

With Chromecast you can upload it to your TV and showcase different ancestors, sources, even video links! There is also an Android app which allows you to view, share, print, and display your family history. 


Services include online family trees, printable family tree charts and displays, and web-based interactive family trees. This a great way to showcase your family history research, share at family reunions, and keep a visual display of your research efforts. Visit their YouTube channel for short video tutorials. There is a one-time cost to upload your tree, $49 US, and this includes the ability to reupload your tree with new research, once a month. 


Also visit their Printing & Framing page for sizes, displays, and prices for family tree charts. All downloads are FREE (high quality .pdf, .png, or .eps) with your one-time $49 purchase and you can take your downloaded file to any copy store to have it printed on various large poster-size displays. Examples are below.

BrightBranches family tree art at OnGenealogy


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