Rhode Island is divided into 39 towns and cities with a Town/City Clerk or Manager overseeing government offices. Bristol was established in 1680 and incorporated in 1746. Bristol is part of Bristol County, Rhode Island.


The Bristol Town Clerk has online access to helpful databases. Here are some Bristol Public Records sites where you can look up property addresses & owners, tax values, land records, and learn about accessing vital records information.


  • Bristol Tax Assessor – determines the value of all taxable property including real estate, autos, & tangible personal property.



  • Bristol Town/City Clerk – The Town Clerk’s Office handles requests for all Town Clerk, Town Council, Municipal Court, Probate Court, and Land Evidence Records.

    • Land Evidence Records Database

    • Vital Records – The Town Clerk’s Office can provide certified copies of vital records. These include birth, death, and marriage records of Bristol residents from 1680 to the present.

      These include records of all births, deaths, and marriages which occurred in Bristol and:

      • Birth records of those persons born in Rhode Island from 1960 to present

      • Birth records of those persons born in Rhode Island to Bristol-resident parents prior to 1960

      • Marriage records of Bristol residents married elsewhere in Rhode Island

      • Death records of Bristol residents who died elsewhere in Rhode Island

      Vital records that are less than 100 years old may be obtained only by immediate family members. Those records greater than 100 years old are open to the public.



Villages include:

  • Beach Terrace

  • Bristol Highlands

  • Bristol Narrows

  • Castle Island

  • Popasquash Point

  • Seal Island

  • Walker Island


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