This is a list of California School Records online. This is a preliminary list. These records include school registers, school censuses, school histories, and more. There is a separate listing for California Yearbooks.


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California School records online by County

Alpine County – Schools – Alpine County, California School Records, Ca. 1890-1970, at FS

Alpine County – Schools – School, Tax, and Other Records, Ca. 1865-1929, at FS

Butte County – Schools – Index Book, History of Various Schools and Index to Students and Teachers and Others of Butte County, CA 1850-1950, at FS

Humboldt County – Schools – Strong’s Station School at Riverside, at FS

Humboldt County – History – History of Humboldt County, California : with Illustrations Descriptive of Its Scenery, Farms, Hotels, Business Houses, Schools, Churches, Etc., from Original Drawings, Including Biographical Sketches, at FS

Placer County – Schools – California, Placer County, Lincoln, School Registers, 1891-1920, Lincoln Area Archives Museum (Lincoln, California), at FS

Yolo County – Schools – Reports : 1867-1907, Yolo County (California). School Census Marshall, at FS



California School records online by City

Berkeley – Schools – The Golden Book of California : a Record of the First Seventy-five Years in the Life of the University of California, at FS

Berkeley – Schools – University of California Graduates, 1864-1905, University of California, at FS

Glendora – Schools – La Palma, at FS

King City – Schools – Yearbooks – Kings’ Log : a Brief, Graphic Chronicle of Eager Youth Striving to Become Composite Pilot-officers in the Army Air Force, the Class of 44-C, at FS

King City – Schools – Yearbooks – Kings’ Log, Mesa Del Rey Primary School (King City, California), at FS

Little Shasta – Schools – Little Shasta School Register – Little Shasta Church – Congregational Records, Misc, at FS

Long Beach – Directories – Resident and Classified Business Directory of Greater Long Beach, California, : Containing a Record of All Business Houses and Private Citizens, a List of All Trades and Professions, City and County Officials, Courts, Churches, Public and Private Schools, and Secret and Benevolent Societies, at FS

Los Angeles – Schools – Cardinal and Gold : a Pictorial and Factual Record of the Highlights of Sixty Years of Progress on the Southern California Campus with Views and News of Some of the 70,000 Students Who Played Their Part in the Growth of a Great University 1880-1940,, at FS

Los Angeles – Schools – The Lincolnian 1924 : Lincoln High School Annual, at FS

Oakland – Schools – Fourscore Years: a History of Mills College, at FS

Pomona – Schools – Pomona High School 15-year Reunion – Class of 1951, Pomona High School, at FS

Sacramento – Schools – Specimens of the Hand Writing of the Pupils of Mormon Island Public School, Beginning April 17, 1863, Mormon Island Public School (Sacramento, California), at FS

San Jose – Schools – Historical Sketch of the State Normal School at San José, California, 1862-1889 : with a Catalogue of Its Graduates and a Record of Their Work for Twenty-seven Years, State Normal School (San Jose, California), at FS

Stanford – Schools – Directories – Alumni Directory and Ten-year Book, Stanford Alumni Association, at FS

Stanislaus County – History – History of Stanislaus County, California : with Illustrations Descriptive of Its Scenery, Farms, Residences, Public Buildings, Factories, Hotels, Business Houses, Schools, Churches, and Mines from Original Drawings by Artists of the Highest Ability, with Biographical Sketches of Prominent Citizens, at FS

Taft – Schools – Gardner Field, Taft, California : Army Air Forces Training Command, Army Air Forces Pilot School (Gardner Field, California), at FS



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