The official website for the California State Archives. The online catalog for the California State Archives is Minerva. They have manuscript collections, oral histories and prison records online and you can search the digitized collections by subject.





Residence records census land migration voting taxation #OnGenealogy

California Residence Records


Diseños Collection – Diseños collection Within the Diseños Collection there are 493 hand-drawn sketch maps, or diseños, that were created from approximately…



Land Records

Diseños Collection – Diseños collection Within the Diseños Collection there are 493 hand-drawn sketch maps, or diseños, that were created from approximately…

Spanish and Mexican Land Grants – onsite






Daily Life Records school work church court government library social life #OnGenealogy

California Daily Life Records



Courts & Legal

Supreme and Appellate Court Records – onsite




California State Government & the Incarceration of Japanese Americans During World War II – These materials document the State’s cooperation with the Federal government in the incarceration of Japanese-Americans and permanent residents of…




Family History Resources – onsite



Government Records

California Constitutions

Governor’s Records

Legislative Resources

State Agencies and Constitutional Officers Records


“Old Series” Trademarks – This collection highlights California’s early years of trademark filings under the state’s Trademark Registration Act (Chapter 129, Statutes of 1863).…

Local Government Records



Robert F. Kennedy Assassination Investigation Records



Libraries, Museums, & Archives

Minerva is the Archives’ online descriptive catalog. It contains thousands of entries describing the records. The catalog is keyword searchable.

The Online Archive of California contains finding aids from many repositories, large and small, across California. It is keyword searchable and has the added advantage of being cross-repository searchable.

Root Cellar–Sacramento Genealogical Society, genealogy library housed at the Archives,  onsite collections include:

Census Schedules 1852 State, 1860 and 1880 Federal – Filed alphabetically by county name. Includes name, age, sex, occupation, birthplace and last residence. Indexes available.

County Records 1850–1987 – Includes probate court case files, wills, naturalizations, deeds, homesteads, and vital records for 28 counties. Not all records are available for all counties.

Mental Health Records* 1856–1934 – Records may include patient registers and case files for Agnews (located in Santa Clara), DeWitt (located in Auburn), MendocinoModestoSonoma and Stockton State Hospitals. Some indexes are available.

Military Records 1850–1942 – Includes organization papers, muster rolls, and other records relating to Independent Militia Units, Indian Wars, Civil War, Spanish–American War, World War I and II. Name indexes available for Independent Militia Units, 1851–1866 and Civil War Volunteers, 1861–1867. For United States military records contact the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA).

Prison Records* 1850–1979 – Includes San Quentin and Folsom prison registers, inmate photographs, inmate case files (samples only) and pardon files. Name indexes, 1850–1979. Also available are Youth Authority registers and some case files for Whittier (1891–1948), Ventura (1909–1963, girls), and Preston (1894–1914); names indexes are available for records dated through 1930.

Supreme and Appellate Court Cases 1850–1970 – Filed numerically by case number. Includes briefs, transcripts and opinions. Plaintiff and defendant name indexes, 1850–1930, are available.

Common School Reports 1862–1960 – Filed chronologically by school year and then alphabetically by county name. Includes school districts, student attendance figures, grade taught, length of school year, school finances, names of teachers and condition of schools.

Articles of Incorporation 1850–1959 – Filed alphabetically by company name. Includes company name, purpose, place of business, names of officers and amount of capital invested.

Trademarks 1861–date – Filed numerically by trademark number and chronologically by date of filing. Includes name of claimant, type of product, label specimen or written description and occasionally business address. Claimant and trademark name indexes available.

Department of Professional and Vocational Standards/Consumer Affairs – Licensing Files* 1885–1968 – Filed by type of profession and then alphabetically by name. Includes biographical data, letters, photographs, newspaper clippings relating to: Architectural Examiners, 1901–1947; Civil and Professional Engineers, 1930–1966; Cosmetologists, 1928–1960; Dental Examiners, 1885–1959; Medical Examiners, 1902–1981; Pharmacy Board, 1894–1994; Chiropractic Examiners, 1928–2000; and Social Work Examiners, 1940–1967.



Manuscript Collections

Manuscript and Government Collections – 400+ collections searchable by subject



Oral Histories

California Oral History Program



Paintings & Drawings

Alfred Eichler Collection – The digitized architectural drawings and paintings presented are drawn from the Alfred Eichler Collection, within the Architecture Division of the…




William M. McCarthy Photograph Collection

Capturing the rich history of the early twentieth century, the William M. McCarthy Photograph Collection (Identification #96-07-08) highlights…

Photograph Collections –  onsite



Prison Records

Prison Records* 1850–1979 – Includes San Quentin and Folsom prison registers, inmate photographs, inmate case files (samples only) and pardon files. Name indexes, 1850–1979. Also available are Youth Authority registers and some case files for Whittier (1891–1948), Ventura (1909–1963, girls), and Preston (1894–1914); names indexes are available for records dated through 1930.




Root Cellar–Sacramento Genealogical Society, housed at the Archives





Onsite Collections


Inventory of County and City Records Available at the California State Archives

Inventory Key

  • * Microfilmed records produced by the Genealogical Society of Utah available at the California State Archives and through local LDS Family History Centers.
  • ** Uncataloged records – dates and types of records only generally accurate.
  • # Check with California State Archives reference staff for actual holdings.

Records bearing no notations are available in hard copy or microfilm only at the California State Archives.

  • Alameda County – Marriage, 1854–1955
  • Amador County – Probate, 1854–1921*; Naturalization, 1854–1950*; Deeds, 1886–1901*; Homesteads, 1860–1936*; Marriage, 1905–1925*; Great Register, 1866, 1880–1896*
  • Butte County – Probate, 1850–1918*; Naturalization, 1850–1930*; Deeds, 1850–1910*; Homesteads, 1860–1927*; Birth, 1873–1918*; Death, 1888–1939*; Marriage, 1851–1933, 1949-1959*; Great Register, 1866–1909*
  • Colusa County** – Probate, 1851–1930*; Naturalization, 1855–1930*; Deeds, 1844–1911*; Homesteads, 1861–1927*; Death, 1878–1921*; Marriage, 1907–1922*; Declaration of Intention, 1866–1909
  • Contra Costa County – Fiscal Records, 1873–1908
  • El Dorado County – Probate, 1850–1920*; Bonds, Letters and Wills, 1867–1920*; Naturalization, 1850–1986*; Deeds, 1851–1902*; Homesteads, 1860–1937*; Birth, 1878–1922*; Death, 1907–1928*; Marriage, 1859–1932*
  • Fresno County – Probate, 1880–1920*; Naturalization, 1856–1934*; Deeds, 1875–1900*; Birth, 1873–1950*; Death, 1878–1950*; Marriage, 1856–1919*
  • Glenn County – Superior Court, 1891–1973
  • Humboldt County – Probate, 1853–1898*; County, Judicial and Superior Court, 1853–1883
  • Imperial County – Deeds, 1851-1907*; Marriage, 1903–1923*
  • Marin County – Probate, 1850–1924*; County, Judicial and Superior Court, 1850–1939; Bonds, Letters and Wills, 1853–1914*; Marriage, 1873–1936 (1873–1919*); Great Register, 1866–1908*; Miscellaneous, 1870–1950#
  • Mariposa County – Miscellaneous, 1866–1892#
  • Mendocino County – Probate, 1854–1942 (1854–1922*); County, Judicial, and Superior Court, 1858–1901; Miscellaneous, 1858–1967#
  • Napa County – Probate, 1851–1919*; Bonds, Letters and Wills, 1849–1919*; Naturalization, 1856–1939*; Marriage, 1893–1939*; Declaration of Intention, 1856–1936*
  • City of Napa – Assessment Books, 1890–1969
  • Nevada County – Probate, 1880–1924*; Townsite Notes, n.d.
  • Orange County – Naturalization, 1889–1944*; Homesteads, 1889–1926*
  • Placer County – Probate, 1850–1937*; Bonds, Letters, and Wills, 1879–1929*; Naturalization, 1852–1986*; Deeds, 1851–1907*; Homesteads, 1861–1920*; Marriage, 1852–1938*; Declaration of Intention, 1863–1926*
  • Sacramento County – County Court Index, 1850–1879*
  • San Diego County – Probate, 1886–1918*; Wills, 1880–1920*
  • Santa Barbara County – Probate, 1862*; Wills, 1852–1936*; Naturalization, 1856–1939*; Deeds, 1844–1922*; Homesteads, (dates unknown); Declaration of Intention, 1850–1906*
  • Santa Clara County – Probate, 1850–1920*; Wills, 1866–1912*; Birth, 1873–1905*; Death, 1873–1905*; Marriage, 1846–1919*; Index to Obituaries, 1877–1901*; Declarations of Intention, 1850–1930*
  • Sierra County – Assessors Map, 1966
  • Sonoma County – Probate, 1857–1921*; County, Judicial and Superior Court, 1848–1906; Wills, 1852–1955*; Naturalization, 1850–1903*; Declaration Of Intention, 1891–1935
  • Stanislaus County – Probate, 1854–1941*; Bonds, Letters, and Wills, 1911–1921*; Naturalization, 1856–1978*; Deeds, 1854–1902*; Homesteads, 1860–1904*; Birth, 1873–1905*; Marriage, 1854–1920*; Declaration of Intention, 1854–1976*
  • Sutter County** – Probate, 1872–1926*; County, Judicial and Superior Court, 1871–1927; Naturalization, 1854–1927*; Deeds, 1849–1904*; Homesteads, 1851–1937*; Birth, 1905–1926*; Death, 1905–1921*; Marriage, 1889–1930*
  • Tulare County – Deeds, 1854–1913; Homesteads, 1879–1923
  • Yolo County** – Probate, 1850–1923*; Naturalization, 1850–1941*; Deeds, 1874–1901*; Homesteads, 1861–1914*; Death, 1863–1913*; Marriage, 1906–1920*
  • Yuba County** – Probate, 1850–1932*; Naturalization, 1851–1941; Deeds, 1888–1906*; Marriage, 1897–1923*; Miscellaneous, 1850–1927#


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