This is a free website for locating places in Canada using Canada maps hosted by Google, Bing, or Mapquest. “You can review a list of place names by province or territory. From there, you can use links to see places on maps from Google, Bing, or Mapquest. Choose an area by clicking on the map or selecting from the list. … The provinces and territories of Canada are subdivided according to different schemes. Some provinces are subdivided into counties, others by section, township, and range. The subdivisions used on this site my or may not reflect the natural division used by the residents of the province, or by genealogists doing research. The data resources used to construct the information determine how the places are subdivided.”

These Canada Maps are helpful for genealogy research because you can quickly locate an area in Canada, figure out which townships neighbor it, and then look for genealogical records in a neighboring township if none exist where your ancestor is from. People often had to travel to neighboring townships to be married, baptized, etc, when there was no local clergy or no clergy of their faith.


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