Browse through 8,476 free “Digital images of an obituary card index and the obituary section of selected periodicals located in the RCMP Heritage Collections Unit, Regina, Saskatchewan. Contains the obituary sections from the following Royal Canadian Mounted Police publications: Royal Canadian Mounted Police quarterly (title varies), 1933-2007; Pony express : Staff Relations Branch newsletter, 1976-1994; and Scarlet and gold (Royal Canadian Mounted Police Veterans’ Association. Vancouver Division), 1919-1997. Includes the honour roll section, p. 250-253, covering deaths of those RCMP killed while on duty, 1876-1971, from the following book: The pictorial history of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police / S.W. Horrall ; foreword by W.L. Higgitt. Toronto, Ontario : McGraw-Hill Ryerson, 1973.”


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