This is a list of free Cape Verde Islands Genealogy Records online at FamilySearch.


Included are Cape Verde birth records, marriage records, death records, immigration records and more. We’ll continue to add more Cape Verde collections available online at FamilySearch. If you’re looking for onsite collections, visit their website & catalog.


These collections are all free to search. Due to contractual obligations, you’ll need to be logged in with a free FamilySearch account to view some of these records.  If you follow the link and find the record is locked, login to FamilySearch on your computer and this may unlock the collection. If you’re logged in and still see a key icon, this collection may require you to view them online at a local library. Use this Locator tool to find a location near you





How to View the Collections

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Birth Marriage and Death records #OnGenealogy

Cape Verde Islands Birth, Marriage, & Death Records


Cape Verde Islands Birth Indexes & Birth Records




Cape Verde Islands Marriage Indexes & Marriage Records




Cape Verde Islands Death Indexes & Death Records



Wills & Probate







Residence records census land migration voting taxation #OnGenealogy

Cape Verde Islands Residence Records





Identification Cards


Land & Property







Daily Life Records school work church court government library social life #OnGenealogy

Cape Verde Islands Daily Life Records














Cape Verde Islands Modern Helps



Cape Verde Islands from Encyclopedia Brittannica 1911

Cape Verde Islands map from Wikimedia Commons



Barlavento Islands (Windward Group)

  • Santo Antão (island)

    • Ribeira Grande (municipality)
      • Nossa Senhora do Rosário (parish)
      • Nossa Senhora do Livramento (parish)
      • Santo Crucifixo (parish)
      • São Pedro Apóstolo (parish)
    • Paul (municipality)
      • Santo António das Pombas (parish)
    • Porto Novo (municipality)
      • São João Baptista (parish)
      • Santo André (parish)


  • São Vicente and Santa Luzia (islands)

    • São Vicente (municipality)
      • Nossa Senhora da Luz (parish)


  • São Nicolau (island)

    • Ribeira Brava (municipality)
      • Nossa Senhora da Lapa (parish)
      • Nossa Senhora do Rosário (parish)
  • Tarrafal de São Nicolau (municipality)
    • São Francisco (parish)


  • Sal (island)

    • Sal (municipality)
      • Nossa Senhora das Dores (parish)


  • Boa Vista (island)

    • Boa Vista (municipality)
      • Santa Isabel (parish)
      • Sao João Baptista (parish)



Cape Verde Islands from Encyclopedia Brittannica 1911

Cape Verde Islands map from Wikimedia Commons



Sotovento Islands (Leeward Group)

  • Maio (island)

    • Maio (municipality)
      • Nossa Senhora da Luz (parish)


  • Santiago (island)

    • Praia (municipality)
      • Nossa Senhora da Graça (parish)
    • São Domingos (municipality)
      • Nossa Senhora da Luz (parish)
      • São Nicolau Tolentino (parish)
    • Santa Catarina (municipality)
      • Santa Catarina (parish)
    • São Salvador do Mundo (municipality)
      • São Salvador do Mundo (parish)
    • Santa Cruz (municipality)
      • Santiago Maior (parish)
    • São Lourenço dos Órgãos (municipality)
      • São Lourenço dos Órgãos (parish)
    • Ribeira Grande de Santiago (municipality)
      • Santíssimo Nome de Jesus (parish)
      • São João Baptista (parish)
    • São Miguel (municipality)
      • São Miguel Arcanjo (parish)
    • Tarrafal (municipality)
      • Santo Amaro Abade (parish)


  • Fogo (island)

  • São Filipe (municipality)
    • São Lourenço (parish)
      • Nossa Senhora da Conceição (parish)
    • Santa Catarina do Fogo (municipality)
      • Santa Catarina do Fogo (parish)
    • Mosteiros (municipality)
      • Nossa Senhora da Ajuda (parish)


  • Brava (island)

    • Brava (municipality)
      • São João Baptista (parish)
        • Nossa Senhora do Monte (parish)


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