The website has been shut down but the same US Immigration records can be searched for free at:


New York Passenger Lists, 1820-1891, index & images,


The records will include:

Card index

    • Full name of immigrant
    • Name of person accompanying immigrant
    • Age, gender, race and occupation of immigrant
    • Nationality of immigrant
    • Last permanent residence (town, country)
    • Destination
    • Port of entry and date of arrival
    • Name of ship

Passenger lists

    • Name of ship and port of departure
    • Ship’s arrival date and port of entry
    • Names of immigrants
    • Immigrants’ age, gender, marital status and occupation
    • Country where immigrant holds citizenship
    • Last place of residence in that country
    • Name of relative or friend living at last residence
    • Name of relative or friend to be visited in this country
    • Final destination of immigrant
    • Physical description
    • Birthplace



All New York Passenger Lists, 1820-1957, FREE,




check FREE index collections at




This is the former listing for was a free website provided by The Battery Conservancy where you can search US Immigration Records online. Searches could be made including:

  • ship name

  • port of departure

  • first name

  • last name

  • occupation

  • country of last residence

  • province of last residence

  • place of last residence

  • date range 1820-1913

“ is an educational project of The Battery Conservancy. This free site offers access to an extraordinary database of information on 11 million immigrants from 1820 through 1892, the year Ellis Island opened. More than 100 million Americans can trace their ancestors to this early immigration period.”


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  1. The sites you listed are not free. You have to join to get the information.

    1. Avis,

      Thanks for pointing that out. I’ve updated the listing with the link to index collections Ancestry allows to be searched for free so when that changes, people can look for only the free collections.

      Best with your research!


  2. Great advice listing these alternatives. Many thanks.

    Such a shame those at ‘The Battery’ in the USA have not the sense & decency, (even now), to point out on their Castlegarden-org website that to save themselves a few Buck$ their search engine no longer works. Wasting our time & effort.
    Not even having the brains to list the Family Search ‘New York Passenger List 1820-1891’ alternative, as this website that luckily was stumbled upon thankfully does.

    Whilst their search engine is no longer functional, they do however maintain their KEEP CASTLEGATE .ORG FREE! SUPPORT TODAY donation link for donations by credit card or bank account.
    Going on to say, “You know the value of Click now to support us.

    Yes, we do know the value of, it is currently ZERO!. No use to anyone. But they still want the $$$ flowing in to pay their Salaries.
    LESS spent on resources = MORE to be spent on Salaries!!, yea, looks like they worked that one out!

    Effort has been put in by diligent transcribers over the years to give us Genealogists an ability to gain information from their time & effort.
    Many receiving no renumeration at all. Such a shame all that hard work over the ages is left in the hands of Genealogy MANAGEMENT.

    We have seen this over at Rootsweb in 2016, all that Rootsweb freepages data loss that some guy describes as, “Absolutely Irresponsible data management”.

    All that hard work Genealogists put in and it is in the hands of Genealogy Management that we see time & time again are just not up to the task. Many it appears are a bit thick!, with many others doing it for the wrong reasons.

    On the whole Genealogy throughout the World is in a poor state, it being mainly all about $$$ and religious fervour, with the transcribers and those seeking this information being USED.

    Would it have killed “The Battery” management to have informed us on their website that it no longer works at all?, that there is not a temporary malfunction giving us a whole page of coding nonsense?, going on to give us the Family Search alternative?.
    NO, of cause not.
    Just another case of Genealogists being treated as Second Class Citizens. And genealogy folks are daft enough to put up with it!, some of the Stockholm Syndrome types even defending those, (in what has become), this Industry of ours. A quite rotten unhealthy Industry on the whole.

    So, I say to all the senior staff & board members over at https://the batteryorg/about-us/staff-board/ GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER!.
    Yes thanks for hosting this info in the past, but if you are going to discontinue hosting it. TELL US ABOUT IT ON YOUR WEBSITE!.


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