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image of a book with birth and death registersThere are many types of birth records in genealogy and at OnGenealogy we’ll include in the Birth Category, at a minimum, these birth records:

  • church records of births, such as baptisms and christenings

  • other religious records of births

  • civil records of births

  • birth certificates

  • birth affidavits

  • delayed registrations

  • birth records from hospitals

  • adoption records

  • and any significant collection that appears to have been created around the time of a birth event. For example, if there’s a curated collection of birth notices in newspapers, it will be placed in both the Birth category and the Newspaper category.

If you feel we need to include more subcategories for the Birth event, please email [email protected] with any suggestions.

Below is an image of a Birth Affidavit, one type of birth record included in this category.

Image of a Birth Affidavit for Edward Moore Vernon - a substitute birth record acceptable when birth or baptismal certificate was not obtainable