image of a book with birth and death registersAt OnGenealogy we share online death records from various websites and archives. There are many types of death records in genealogy and we’ll include at a minimum, these death records:

  • death certificates

  • church records of deaths and burials

  • Social Security Death indexes

  • obituaries

  • cemetery records

  • family bibles

  • mortality schedules from federal censuses

  • probate records

  • newspaper clippings with death information

  • and any significant collection that appears to have been created around the time of a death event.


We are in the process of dividing United States Birth, Marriage, and Death collections into separate birth collections, marriage collections, and death collections and here are our most updated listings:


Alabama Death Records online

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If you’re looking for online death records for a specific locale, try using the search window on the homepage.


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Type “death” in the Find window, and type the locale in the Near window. Select the magnifiying glass in the Search window to start your search with these filters. You’ll get a list of any listings for that location that include death records.