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OnGenealogy includes obituary collections in many of our listings. Obituaries are death notices usually published in newspapers after a person dies. They often contain many helpful details for family history research including:

  • Name of the deceased person

  • Birth date and place

  • Death date and place

  • Burial date and place

  • Residences

  • Name of spouse

  • Names of children

  • Possibly the names of parents

  • Names of some close, deceased family members

  • Biographical information such as work, military service, etc

  • Cause of death

  • Name of the funeral home and/or officiator

  • Religious identification/church service

  • Newspaper name, date, and place of publication

Researchers can add information found in obituaries to their family trees and then use the new details to locate birth, marriage, or death certificates, church records, census records, and trace other family members named in the obituary. You can also use biographical details to help you build a timeline for this person’s life and assess other work, military, and daily life collections that will help you outline the person’s life history.


At OnGenealogy, obituary collections have been included in listings for substitute birth, marriage, and death records. We’ve treated them as secondary records created after the death event (the official death certificate or record being the primary record). They’re valuable but may contain errors.


How To Search

If you’re looking for online obituary records for a specific locale, try using the search window on the homepage.


OnGenealogy Search window

Type “obituaries” in the Find window, and start typing the locale in the Near window and then choose from the autosuggested locations that match what you’ve typed in. Select the magnifiying glass in the Search window to start your search with these filters.


You’ll get a list of any listings for that location that include obituary records. You can then use the Refine Results menu in the right menu bar and increase or decrease the search radius to receive more or fewer results.