Catholic Cemeteries is a non profit organization that has created a free burial search database for Catholic cemeteries in the Wilmington, Delaware diocese.

“Catholic Cemeteries, Inc. has been in continuous operation since 1876. It was started as the Cathedral Cemetery Company with the opening of Cathedral Cemetery on Lancaster Avenue. It served as the only Diocesan Cemetery until 1958 when All Saints Cemetery was opened in Pike Creek valley. Over the years the cemeteries have evolved and changed from the more traditional facility with in-ground burials to a full-service cemetery with the addition of above-ground entombment facilities at both locations, interment chapel facilities at both locations and double-depth lawn crypts at All Saints Cemetery, and a new section with availability of private mausoleum sites and upright monuments at All Saints Cemetery. On Nov. 2, 2002 Bishop Saltarelli dedicated the third diocesan cemetery, Gate of Heaven, located on Route 26 at Wingate Rd. east of Dagsboro, Delaware. This Cemetery was developed to serve the growing Catholic Population in southern Delaware and the nearby counties in Maryland.”


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