CBG Centrum voor familiegeschiedenis (English: CBG Central Bureau for Genealogy or Center for Family History) (also MEB) is an organization that is funded by subsidies from the government of the Netherlands and its own private corporate profits and it promotes genealogy and family history research in the Netherlands.


Some CBG websites and products include:

  • CBG.nl – main site for CBG, digital records primarily from the National Archives at the Hague, free to search, possible charge to view images, downloads, records accessible free at the Hague

  • CBG Library  Search libraries, biographical indexes, genealogical registers online-free to search, fee to view and download images

  • CBG CHARTS/Stamboomnederland – family tree building site, free and subscription options

  • CBG Family Weapons/ Heraldic DataBank (Heraldische DataBank) – free site for searching Dutch heraldry/weapons-free to search, fee for downloads, some images

  • CBG Surnames/familienamen/Dutch Family Bank –  a free site for searching more than 320,000 surnames in the Netherlands-free to search, fee for some downloads, images

  • Who was who/WieWasWie, search multiple archives and institutions for genealogy records, births, marriages, deaths, inheritance, censuses, etc-free searches and scans/subscription advanced searches

  • Gen.magazine a digital genealogy subscription magazine, published 4 times a year

  • Become a Friend – benefits for friends of MEB/CBG


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