CemeteryRegistry.US is a FREE genealogical database that provides a means of locating a cemetery in the United States for genealogical purposes. The registry contains over 140,000 cemetery listings throughout the United States, searchable by State, County, City, or Name. Each verified listing may include the date of establishment, affiliation, type of access, contact information, photographs, videos, links to interment sites, and other possible resources.


Four features that set us apart from other sites. We focus solely on the cemetery’s location, while others focus on the interments. With our focus solely on the cemetery location, we can take the time to verify the information and its location. Our goal is to get you to the cemetery.


1. Verification
We pride ourselves in researching and gathering information to ensure the cemetery name and location are current and accurate.


2. Accuracy
We use our researched information to clear up any discrepancies in various cemetery details.


3. Cemetery Profile
We compile the verified information into a simple, comprehensive page with GPS location.


4. GPS Location
Our GPS coordinates will get you to the cemetery gates, whether a visible church graveyard or a long-lost family plot.


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