CensusTools sells genealogy spreadsheets for the US, Canada, England, Ireland, Scotland, and many US state censuses. They also sell “Your Story” helps and prompts for writing a personal history.

“CensusTools provides researchers with quality tools to electronically record, preserve and archive family history data.

“This 40 Spreadsheet Pack includes census spreadsheets and trackers for the US 1790-1940, Canada 1851-1901, England 1841-1901, Ireland 1821-1911, and Scotland 1841-1891. The pack includes state spreadsheets for Iowa 1836-1925, Kansas 1865-1925, Massachusetts 1855-1865, Minnesota 1849-1895, New Jersey 1855-1915, New York 1825-1925, Rhode Island 1865-1935, and Wisconsin 1836-1905. Each set collection features the main spreadsheet as well as a Tracker and Checklist. Also included are a research log, a cemetery log, a ship manifest log, and a family group report.

“Using a spreadsheet is a great way to record your genealogy data in a format similar to the original source. All of the census spreadsheets reproduce actual census document formatting, providing you with a professional appearing product suitable for printing or including in your published family history. CensusTools spreadsheets are also valuable analysis tools. The Tracker series allows a researcher to analyze all available census data for an individual on a single worksheet! At a glance and in a very professional appearing report, you can trace the important aspects of your ancestors’ lives. Your pile of census data,difficult to analyze and evaluate scattered about in a pile of extraction sheets, comes alive when properly organized!”




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