The Center Harbor Historical Society collects and preserves objects and facts of historical interest to the Town of Center Harbor, New Hampshire. There is no membership fee but all donations are welcome.


The  Village Schoolhouse is owned by the Town and leased to the Society for $10 per year. Children began attending classes in this one-room schoolhouse in 1886.  A second classroom, the “little room”, was added in 1902.  First, second and third grade students were taught in the “little room”, and grades 4 through 8 were held in the 1886 classroom.  (Eventually, grades 7 and 8 were moved to the Humiston School in nearby Meredith, NH).  In 1970, the school closed. Now it serves as the Schoolhouse Museum and contains the Society’s collection of documents and artifacts. It is open during July and August on Saturdays from 10am to 2pm. It is located at 94 Dane Road (Route25B), a short walk from the Town docks, past the Kona Fountain and the Nichols Library. 

The Centre Harbor Historical Society hosts educational programs of historical and cultural interest at its meetings on the 4th Thursday of the month from April through October. These programs are open to the public and are offered free-of-charge. Donations are greatly appreciated.


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