Centro Altreitalie | Italian Migration Center, is an association in Italy that focuses on Italian migration and Italian culture and influence around the world.

The site allows you to register and then you can search online records for Italian ancestors. Registration “By registering, you can consult the databases online, comment on the essays of the magazine “Altreitalie” and take advantage of the service Search for your roots.

“Searching for your roots offers you the chance to consult Italian landing lists in Argentina, Brazil and the United States. Databases are mainly based on the information recorded in the embarkation logs of vessels from Italy and relate to certain historical periods: Argentina from 1882 to 1920, USA from 1880 to 1891, Brazil from 1858 to 1899.”

Search in the Libraries of Foreign Affairs

You can search using the documentation that is collected at the Library of the Publishing House. Over 2,500 publications related to the themes of migratory phenomena are divided into two catalogs: books and magazines.

Centro Altreitalie Italian Migrations records and links OnGenealogy

Centro Altreitalie also has links to other associations, sites, etc  with Italian emigration resources.



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