Charles City County Records Available (not online):

Charles City County land records: from 1789 (Bentley) or 1689 (Everton Pub)

Charles City County naturalization records: none

Charles City County vital records: births from 1850; deaths from 1850; marriages from 1850 (possibly from 1762 (Everton Pub))

Charles City County probate records: from 1790 (Bentley) or 1689 (Everton Pub)

Charles City County census records: from 1810 (1790, 1800, and 1890 censuses lost)

Bentley, E. P. (1995). County Courthouse Book (2nd ed.). Baltimore, MD: Genealogical Publication Co., Inc., p. 367

Everton Pub. (2002). Handybook for Genealogists: United States of America (10th ed.). Draper, UT: Everton Pub, p. 711


Charles City County Departments Contact Information

Charles City Genealogical Databases including African American databases

Charlotte County History

“The idea that people should be represented by their government is the idea that made America – an idea born at Jamestown and in Charles City in 1619. Charles City County is one of the oldest governmental units in America. Named after the son of King James who later became King Charles I of England, it was one of four “boroughs” or “incorporations” created by the Virginia Company in 1619. The first Charles City County courthouses were located along the James River at Westover and City Point. It was to those courthouses that the Virginia Colonists came to cast their ballots for representatives in the House of Burgesses, applying that extraordinary notion, that people should be represented by their government.”

“Charles City’s colonial-era courthouse was constructed in the 1750’s and is one of only five courthouses in America that have been in continuous use for judicial purposes since before the Revolutionary War.”

“History.” Charles City County. Accessed February 27, 2017.


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