The City of Sydney Australia has online collections for Sydney family history and genealogy separate from the City of Sydney Archives.

  • Sydney Oral Histories

  • Discover Sydney’s Aldermen “biographical information on aldermen and councillors elected to serve on the City of Sydney Council since 1842”

  • Newtown Project “historical information about the Municipality of Newtown”

    “Check out a list of links drawn from the National Library’s subdivision map collection for the period 1841 through to  1907. Including estates such as Northwood, O’Connell Town, Kingston, Reiby House, Stanmore House, Thornby, Kingsbury, Kingston, Hansons Paddock, Mount Eagle, Kettle, Burren, Copeland’s Paddock, Yarraville, Linthorpe, Gowrie, Pines, Smith’s, Islington, Camden College McKechnie,  Camdenville, Holmwood, Goodsell’s, Bello Retiro, Lynton and Stanmore Road. Plus allotments at Newtown Chruch, St Peters Church, Newtown Railway Station, The Toll Bar, the late Fran. King’s properties, the late Dr. Wardell’s properties and Judge Josephson’s grounds.”

  • Assessment and Rate Books “The Newtown Assessment Books (CRS602) record details of ownership, occupation, construction and value for buildings in Newtown between 1863 and 1892.  They provide valuable information for family and property history which is not available from any other source.”

    Camden Ward 1887-1892

    Enmore Ward 1863-1892

    Kingston Ward 1863-1892

    O’Connell Ward 1863-1892

    Rate Books “Newtown Rate Books was created to provide a record of the issuance of rating notices (local property taxation) and the receipt of the rates payments. Information recorded includes property address and brief description, names of owner, occupier, and person responsible for paying the rate, and financial details relating to the assessment, levying, and collection of the rate. Not all this information is necessarily recorded every year or for every entry.” 1867 Rate Books, 1938 Rate Books, 1947 Rate Books

  • Family Histories

  • Barani “The Barani website provides histories of people, places and events in the City of Sydney local government area that are associated with the histories of Sydney’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.”

  • City of Sydney Employees (1842-1900) “contains some 15,000 entries covering: year, surname, first name, position, salary, notes, source reference number, further notes.

  • City of Sydney Employees downloads

  • Dictionary of Sydney “Universities, cultural institutions, historical societies and historians, including the City’s History Unit, are all contributing to this amazing resource. The site details the history of the entire Sydney metropolitan area, not just areas covered by the City. More than 700 suburbs are covered, with each entry complete with demographic information and precise boundary maps.”

  • Past in Print project a community wiki scrapbook

  • Sydney Reference Collection


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