Cognomix is an Italian Surname mapping site. Type a family surname into the search window, filter by location or use Italy as a default, and the site will display the frequency of occurences of that surname on a map of Italy or another region.


Instructions for using the site:

To view the map of a surname, simply enter it in the appropriate form, click on the search icon and after a few moments the map will be populated.
It is possible to search for surnames based on distribution throughout Italy or for individual Regions and Provinces by selecting the appropriate option or by clicking directly on the map.

Surname format:
To facilitate the search, it is necessary to keep in mind some rules relating to the format of the surnames

  • If the final letter is accented, it must be replaced with the unaccented equivalent (e.g. Abbà  Abba).
  • If there is an accent it is necessary to eliminate all the spaces between it and the rest of the surname (ex: D ‘Agostino  D’Agostino).
  • If there is a space, all double spaces between words must be avoided (e.g. De Agostini  De Agostini).


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