Collectionaire is a  web portal that uses your family tree as a direct link to all the photos and memories you’ve stored at online sites including:

  • Google Photos

  • Apple Photos

  • SmugMug

  • Flickr and others

  • YouTube

  • Dropbox

  • Google Drive

  • and Vimeo.


With Collectionaire, you don’t move your photos and videos, instead, Collectionaire is a way to curate your collections and search by a name or keyword to find where that photo or video is stored.

You’ll add unlimited “Entries” to each Collection page. Clicking an Entry’s preview image links you directly to the photos and videos in the cloud site where they are stored.


Collections can include photos, photo albums, home movies, stories, recordings, news articles and journals… anything memorable that can be digitized for future viewing.


[su_heading size=”24″]Free and Fee Plans[/su_heading]
Free plans include up to 20 linked albums
Basic plans include 21 to 300 linked plans for $2.99/month
Pro plans include 301 or more linked albumbs for $4.99/month


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