Connecticut Funeral Home Records online may include funeral home or mortuary records, funeral programs, burial insurance records and more. These records contain information related to death and burial such as:


  • name of the deceased

  • death certificate

  • death date and place

  • burial date and place

  • birth date and place

  • copy of the obituary

  • name of informant (often a relative)

  • residence of deceased

  • list of surviving relatives

  • residences of relatives

  • funeral program including speakers and pall bearers

  • biographical information for the deceased

  • burial insurance


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Connecticut Funeral Home Records online at the federal level

US – Mortuary Records – United States, Panama Canal Zone, Index to the Gorgas Hospital Mortuary Registers, 1906-1991, index, at FS



Connecticut Funeral Home Records online at the city level

Durham – Cemeteries – Sermon Delivered at Durham, Feb. 24, 1822 : at the Funeral of Mr. Isaac Prentiss, of Boston, [and] Mr. John T. Palmer, from Europe; Who Were Drowned, in Consequence of the Fall of a Bridge, While the Stage-coach Was Passing over It

Killingly – Church Records – Record of Marriages, Funerals, and Baptizings, First Christian Church (Killingly, Connecticut)


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