Connecticut Genealogy Research Tips at AmericanAncestors

AmericanAncestors has free Connecticut genealogy research tips and articles available at their website. Some of the topics include:

  • An Annotated Table of Contents for Bailey’s Early Connecticut Marriages
  • Books for the Connecticut Researcher
  • Books for the Connecticut Researcher, Part 2
  • Congregational Church Records in Connecticut
  • Connecticut Microfilms at NEHGS, Part 2
  • Connecticut Oral History Interviews: An Untapped Resource for Genealogists
  • Connecticut Vital Records
  • Connecticut Women: Not Completely Hidden from History, Part I: Seventeenth- and Eighteenth-Century Women
  • Connecticut Women: Not Completely Hidden from History:Part II: Nineteenth- and Twentieth-Century Women
  • Connecticut’s Barbour Collection of Vital Records
  • Histories of Connecticut Written Since 1960
  • Manuscript Family Records in Connecticut
  • Probate Records in Connecticut
  • Research in Connecticut Cities and Towns, Part II: Hartford: The Connecticut Historical Society
  • Research in Connecticut Towns: Part I: Records Kept in Connecticut Town Halls
  • The 1790 Connecticut Census
  • The Barbour Collection – What’s In It and What’s Not


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